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4 Must-Know Betting Systems To Effectively Manage Your Bankroll

In gambling, a betting system is a style of placing bets on games. Whether in casino games or sports betting, its primary goal is to efficiently and effectively achieve good bankroll management.

Tom Mohamed
Aug 11, 2022122 Shares2259 Views
In gambling, a betting system is a style of placing bets on games. Whether in casino games or sports betting, its primary goal is to efficiently and effectively achieve good bankroll management.
Other betting systems are straightforward but less profitable, while others require losing streaks but are very lucrative if you stick with it to the end. There are several kinds of betting systems that are strategically designed based on what gamblers want to achieve. Here are some of them.

Fixed Wagering

Fixed wagering is the best bankroll management system for amateur gamblers, who usually don’t want to press their luck. In this system, you’ll be risking the same amount on each bet, no matter how much you’ve recently lost or won.
Generally, its risk amount is based on your starting bankroll percentage, typically between the 1-2% range. It’s prudent enough that you’re unlikely to lose hard-earned profits from catching a recent losing streak, causing you to wipe out your entire bankroll.
However, after 100 bets with a 1% risk of your starting bankroll, you’re likely only seeing 10% bankroll growth most of the time. And that’s around a 55% success rate only. So seeing significant increases in your bankroll through fixed wagering will require a lot of time and patience.


Another beginner-friendly approach is the Martingale betting system. You’ve probably even used it already without realizing you’re doing so. It’s a strategy where you double your losing bets until you win. Then if you win, you’ll start the same process again.
When you get to play online casinoor any other online casino games, the Martingale system is very popular with games with approximately 50/50 propositions, such as Blackjack, roulette, or slots. It’s usually used on bets with high odds because when you eventually win, you’ll win big.
Moreover, doubling your wager following every loss can help you quickly recoup your lost bets. It’s somehow safe because when you only double your money, the profits will always be equal to your first wager every time you win. So even if you’re losing at first, you lose nothing once you win. Hence, it’s very beginner-friendly.
As long as you won’t experience long losing streaks, this system can progressively increase your bankroll. Unfortunately, losing streaks are usually inevitable when using this system. Even worse, there’s a tendency that you’re going to wager huge money to cover your losses and to get back to even, eventually exhausting your bankroll.


Like Martingale, the Fibonacci system is also a progressive system in which your bet size is adjusted depending on your previous win or loss. But unlike the former, the latter only tries to recoup your previous two bets.
Specifically, as its name implies, this system is based on the Fibonacci sequence, starting with the numbers 1 and 2. In this sequence, every number is typically the sum of the previous two numbers (1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 24, and so on).
So in applying Fibonacci in your bets, your bet size should start with 1. Then, if you win, move to the following number in the sequence (remember it’s the sum of the two numbers before the current number). Otherwise, move down two steps if you lose.
However, since it only recoups two previous bets, it reduces the losing streak risks, reducing your winning rate. Also, Fibonacci takes more losing bets than Martingale. For example, based on the Fibonacci sequence, you bet 10-10-20-30-50-80-130-210-340. As you can see, it takes eight consecutive losing bets to reach $340. In contrast, if it’s Martingale, it only takes five losing bets in a row to get $320.
Additionally, you’ll still be down even if you win your 9th bet. For example, let’s use the same 10-10-20-30-50-80-130-210-340 bet and say you win the 340. It covers only the 130 and 210 bets, not the six previous bets. It will take time to recoup your entire loss.

All-In Approach

The best thing about an all-in approach is that your bankroll doubles every time you win a bet. So compared to risking your bankroll just by 5%, you’ll obviously make much more on a winning bet.
The thing is, you have to wager your entire bankroll on each bet to make an all-in. In other words, if you lose, all your money will be gone, which also means there’s no chance to apply your edge anymore.
Even if you’re able to get winners at a 60% rate, you’re likely to last a few bets before you lose one in time and then lose your entire bankroll. So it’s a promising yet dangerous practice. If you’re going to do it once, you’ll probably do it again. And one among those times, you’ll lose it all.


Choosing the right betting system allows you to earn more money in the long run. But bear in mind that gambling isn’t just a game of skills. It’s also a game of random chance. No matter how great your betting strategyis, there’ll be a time when you lose money unexpectedly. It’s not because of your skills, but because the odds are just against your favor this time. If this is the case, step back and try again next time.
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