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Exploring Most Affordable Places To Live In The US


The greatest towns to settle down in the United States south of the Mason-Dixon line provide most affordable places to live in the US and a variety of cultural amenities at reasonable prices, making them ideal for city residents on a budget. Several U.S. states, including Alabama, Texas, and Tennessee, consistently rank among those with the lowest cost of living.

It's important to keep in mind the trade-offs if you're considering migrating to an area with a lower cost of living. Although low costs of living are appealing, they may not be worth it if finding work is difficult, salaries are low, or there are few things to do in the region. Consider making a longer trip to any of these low-cost potential new homes.

5 Most Affordable Places To Live In The US

Hickory, New York

There are numerous opportunities for outdoor recreation in Hickory. The Catawba River attracts rafters, tubers, kayakers, and canoeists during the summer. There are trails that lead to the summits of Bakers Mountain and Table Rock. Greenways serve to connect trails for mountain biking, running, and walking.

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Charlotte, home of the NBA's Charlotte Hornets and NFL's Carolina Panthers, as well as the minor league baseball Hickory Crawdads, is an hour's drive away.

Rents are low and home prices are below the state average, making it relatively inexpensive to live here. However, there is still a limited supply of houses on the market, making it difficult to find suitable housing. Although local efforts are being made to increase new home construction, rising demand and rising local construction costs continue to drive up home prices.

In addition to the standard county tax, local governments levy additional property taxes. In North Carolina, income is also subject to state taxation.

Decatur, Illinois

It has a cost of living that is 22.0% lower than the United States average. There are 102,432 people in the metro area. The median income for a family is $46,807. Unemployment is at 5.7% and the median house price is $110,800.

The metropolitan region that includes Decatur, Illinois, is well-known as a major hub for agriculture and industry. Even though the company's headquarters for Archer Daniels Midland (ADM(opens in new tab)) were relocated to Chicago in 2013, a significant portion of ADM's business is still conducted in this central Illinois city.

Construction and mining equipment giant Caterpillar (CAT(opens in new tab)) is headquartered there (opens in new tab). Decatur is also home to a major corn-processing facility operated by Tate & Lyle (TATYY(opens in new tab)), a United Kingdom-based manufacturer of food additives.

Metro Decatur's housing, healthcare, utility, and transportation prices are all much lower than the national average by a factor of two to one. Illinois is one of the least tax-friendly states for middle-class families, but these savings may help make up the difference (opens in new tab).

It's safe to assume that the roughly 2,000 students at Millikin University and the nearly 4,000 students at Richland Community College all enjoy Decatur's distinction as one of the cheapest locations to live in the United States.

McAllen, Texas

McAllen is one of the cheapest U.S. cities, although it's expensive. McAllen-Edinburg-Mission has 29.3% poverty. That's almost double Texas' 14.3% and the U.S.' 12.8%.

Due to its position on a key migratory path, birdwatching is popular in McAllen. Quinta Mazatlan, a luxury birdhouse with over 15 acres of birding habitat, should not be missed. The International Museum of Art & Science specializes on Latin American art.

McAllen is one of the most affordable U.S. cities. Housing is 45% cheaper, healthcare is 19% cheaper, and groceries are 16% cheaper than the national average. Given summer temperatures in the upper 90s, homeowners spend more for utilities.

However, Texas' taxes aren't terrific (opens in new tab). How can a state without income tax not make the "most tax-friendly" list? The median property tax rate is seventh-highest in the nation.

Augusta, Georgia

Augusta, Georgia, a tiny community on Georgia's border with South Carolina, is regarded as one of the most affordable and secure locations in the United States.

Those who value safety and economy will appreciate the area's low crime rate and reasonable cost of living. Two hours is all it takes to go to Atlanta, a vibrant metropolis, from Augusta.

Volunteering at a homestay in Clarkston, Georgia, outside of Atlanta, is a great way to save costs when traveling around the Peach State.

Boise, Idaho

Idaho's capital city, like many others, ranks well for both safety and affordability. The city of Boise is well-known for its low crime rate and its many opportunities for outdoor recreation.

Living costs in this Pacific Northwest up-and-comer are far lower than in established metropolises like Seattle and Portland. If you are willing to trade some of your time for a place to stay, you may be able to locate a labor exchange in the states of Oregon and Washington.

10 Most Affordable Places to Live in the US

Where Is The Best And Cheapest Place To Live In The USA?

Lake Side Park is located near Fort Wayne, Indiana, which was recently recognized as having the lowest overall cost of living in the United States. Niche included a ranking of the cheapest areas to live in the United States in its study. Fort Wayne, Indiana, which had previously held the number one slot in each of the three years before this one (2021, 2019, and 2018), ranked first on the list.

People Also Ask

What US City Has The Lowest Cost Of Living?

If you're seeking for an economical location to live in the United States, the following five cities are the most affordable.

  • Maxton is a town in North Carolina. Monthly expenses average $1,025 (48.8% less than the national average)
  • Mercedes, Texas
  • The city of San Benito, Texas
  • Booneville, Mississippi
  • Marion, Virginia

What Is The Safest And Cheapest Place To Live In The United States?

Final ThoughtAugusta, a tiny city in Georgia not far from the state's border with South Carolina, is often regarded as one of the safest and least expensive U.S. metro areas. Those who value safety and economy will appreciate the area's low crime rate and reasonable cost of living.

Which State Is Safe To Live In USA?

The ten least violent states in the United States are (in order) New Hampshire, Vermont, Wyoming, Maine, Rhode Island, North Dakota, South Dakota, Hawaii, Idaho, and Alaska. As one of the 50 states, New Hampshire has the lowest murder rate in the US, with only 20 killings recorded in all of 2016.

Final Thought

The affordability of a place is based on more than just the cost of housing. It also affects how much money you make. SmartAsset determined the most affordable areas in the United States by comparing the median annual family income to the sum of five costs associated with home ownership, such as mortgage payments and property taxes, spread out over a five-year period.

Half of the most affordable 10 places in the country are located in the South. Of course, while looking to purchase a property, cost shouldn't be your only concern. Think about how your way of life will change because of your new surroundings.

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