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Monterey Park Shooting - Ten People Were Shot Dead During A Lunar New Year Party

A shooter remains at large after murdering at least ten people in one of California's bloodiest Monterey Park shooting near Los Angeles. Additional ten persons were injured, some of them are in severe condition.

Rhyley Carney
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A shooter remains at large after murdering at least ten people in one of California's bloodiest Monterey Park shootingnear Los Angeles. Additional ten persons were injured, some of them are in severe condition.
The incident occurred just after hundreds of people had congregated for a Lunar New Year celebration in Monterey Park, which has a big Asian population. The attacker opened fire on a crowded dance class in the city's center.
Captain Andrew Meyer said that when officers got at the site at 22:22 local time on Saturday (06:22 GMT on Sunday), individuals were pouring out of the area shouting. The victims were treated both inside and outside the Star Ballroom Dance Studio, according to the police.
Officers are searching for a man suspect between 30 and 50 years old who left the scene, but they have received conflicting descriptions of the assailant. Numerous witnesses are being questioned.

What Happened During The Incident

The LASD has provided limited facts concerning the incident. Shots were reported in the 100 block of West Garvey Avenue at 10:22 p.m. CNN reports a dancing studio and ballroom shooting. The sheriff's department hasn't revealed the business's name.
Officers located five more shooting victims in the premises. The Monterey Park Fire Department found five men and five women deceased. At least 10 others were hospitalized, some critically. No victims have been recognized or information published.
Seung Won Choi, owner of a seafood BBQ restaurant across from the incident, told the Los Angeles Times that three customers raced inside his restaurant and urged him to lock it. He said the gunman had several shots and reloaded after running out.
Sheriff Luna said officers had not recognized the firearm but did not think it was an assault rifle. The tragic gunshot was linked to a 20-minute incident at the Lai Lai Ballroom and Studio in Alhambra, California, two miles away.
In Alhambra, investigators are questioning hundreds of witnesses but think the man entered the ballroom with a pistol before others "wrestled the handgun away." Luna said the suspect fled. Witnesses spotted a white cargo vehicle police encircled in Torrance on Sunday morning. LA Times reported several shots.
The FBI's Los Angeles Field Office is investigating alongside the Monterey Park Police and the sheriff's murder division. According to the Gun Violence Archive, this is the 33rd mass shooting and fifth mass murder this year.
On Sunday afternoon, the Los Angeles Sheriff's Office issued images of the suspected shooter, identifying him as a murder suspect and armed and dangerous. The suspect was a 30-to-50-year-old Asian man. Police said that he was wearing a black leather jacket, beanie, and glasses when shot.

Suspect at large following mass shooting in Monterey Park

Shooting Near Lunar New Year Celebration

The city's Lunar New Year Celebration is one of the largest in all of Southern California, and the shooting occurred only a block away. Visitors at the event, which started on Thursday and was scheduled to end on Sunday, averaged over 100,000 daily in prior years.
Saturday marked the beginning of this year's festivities, which included carnival rides, traditional New Year lion and dragon dancers, and one-of-a-kind vendor booths. On Saturday, the event that was scheduled to end at 9 p.m. had already attracted thousands of attendees.
Supervisor Hilda Solis of Los Angeles County predicted that this year's Lunar New Year event at Monterey Park will become an annual tradition for the neighborhood. It was encouraging to see so many people out celebrating and reuniting with loved ones on Garvey [Ave] so soon after the epidemic ended. It was nice to be welcomed here.
The event is no longer happening since the city decided to discontinue it. All Lunar New Year celebrations in the region will have extra police protection, Sheriff Luna said. Chief Michel Moore of the Los Angeles Police Department tweeted that he will be speaking with event organizers and putting up extra patrols in Asian neighborhoods.
I encourage people to go out and enjoy the events.- Sheriff Luna

Final Words

Mass shootings are all too common in the United States; the incident at Monterey Park was the bloodiest since a shooter in Uvalde, Texas, murdered 19 pupils and two instructors in May 2022. In 1984, a shooter murdered 21 people at a McDonald's in San Ysidro, California, which is close to San Diego. This was the bloodiest shooting in California history.
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