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Mason Gooding Movies And TV Shows - Love, Victor To Scream VI

Discover the captivating worlds of Mason Gooding movies and TV shows. Explore the diverse roles and stories crafted by this talented artist in the entertainment industry.

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Mason Gooding, born on November 14, 1996, stands as an illustrious American thespian. As the offspring of the esteemed actor Cuba Gooding Jr., he etched his mark with a recurring stint in the television panorama through the series "Ballers" in 2018. Subsequently, he assumed a prominent role in the realm of teen drama with his star turn in "Love, Victor" spanning from 2020 to 2022.
Explore the diverse roles and stories crafted by Mason Gooding movies and TV shows in the entertainment industry. Adding cinematic feathers to his cap, he graced the film "Booksmart" in 2019 and skilfully embodied the character Chad Meeks-Martin in both "Scream" (2022) and its subsequent instalment "Scream VI" (2023).

Early Life

Mason Gooding entered the world on November 14, 1996, amidst the vibrant cityscape of Los Angeles, California, born to Sara Kapfer and the renowned actor Cuba Gooding Jr. Positioned as the middle child among three siblings, his familial ties extend to the illustrious legacy of his paternal grandfather, the former lead singer of the R&B band The Main Ingredient, Cuba Gooding Sr.
Furthermore, thespian blood runs through his veins, with actor Omar Gooding standing as his uncle. The roots of his paternal lineage trace back to Barbados, adding a touch of international flair to his heritage.
Navigating his formative years, Gooding became a student-athlete at Windward High School in California, dedicating four years to varsity football. His journey through high school, marked by a dual passion for football and theater, culminated in graduation in 2015. Although his initial inclination leaned towards an immediate foray into acting post-graduation, a pivotal visit to his father's film set in New York prompted a detour.
Motivated by this experience, he opted to pursue higher education at New York University's Tisch School of the Arts, where he delved into the realms of dramatic writing and psychology.
However, the allure of the acting world proved irresistible, leading him to make the bold decision to drop out during his junior year, fully committing to the pursuit of an acting career.
Mason Gooding Laughing in an episode of the Kelly Clarkson Show
Mason Gooding Laughing in an episode of the Kelly Clarkson Show


Mason Gooding, an American actor, entered this world on November 14, 1996, in Los Angeles, CA, as the offspring of Sara Kapfer and Cuba Gooding Jr. His educational journey led him through the halls of schools in California, culminating in his graduation from Windward High School in the same state. Currently, he treads the academic path as a matriculating student at the esteemed Tisch School of the Arts at New York University.
In 2017, while still navigating the academic corridors of college, Mason Gooding embarked on a transformative journey in the realm of acting. Securing both a manager and an agent, he swiftly began to carve a niche for himself in the entertainment landscape. His inaugural breakthrough manifested in HBO's dramedy Ballers, where he shared the screen with the charismatic Dwayne Johnson.
In 2019, Gooding made a significant mark in the realm of comedy films, co-starring in Olivia Wilde's acclaimed production, Booksmart. This cinematic venture showcased his early prowess as an actor, setting the stage for a promising career in the entertainment industry.
The trajectory of Gooding's burgeoning career soared further in 2018, marked by his first major film role in the acclaimed Booksmart, a cinematic venture directed by Olivia Wilde in her directorial debut. This marked a pivotal milestone, solidifying his presence in the film industry.
Continuing his ascent, Gooding delved into the realm of television in 2019, assuming the character of Andrew in Love, Victor, a television spinoff derived from the 2018 film Love, Simon. Originally conceived for Disney+, the series found its home on Hulu in 2020, allowing Gooding to showcase his versatility on the small screen.
Transitioning seamlessly between roles, Gooding demonstrated his commitment to his craft in Netflix's Christmas-themed romantic comedy, Let It Snow, later in the same year. The intersection of his passion for acting and athletic prowess was evident as he adeptly transitioned from football, his high school forte, to basketball for a role.
The year 2020 brought a new chapter for Gooding as he became a fixture in Freeform's sitcom, Everything's Gonna Be Okay. This marked another dimension of his talent as he navigated the nuances of comedic storytelling.
September 2020 witnessed Gooding stepping into the chilling universe of Scream, earning the role of Chad Meeks-Martin in the fifth instalment of the iconic horror franchise. Directed by Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett, the film hit theaters on January 14, 2022, further cementing Gooding's presence in the cinematic landscape.
Venturing into innovative platforms, Gooding graced the world of scripted podcasts in late August, featuring in Electric Easy alongside Kesha and Chloe Bailey. This musical neo-noir science fiction show unfolds in a futuristic Los Angeles, exploring the intricate dynamics between humans and robots, known as "electrics."
As the podcast premiered on August 30, 2021, Gooding's journey in the podcasting realm marked yet another facet of his diverse artistic endeavours. Demonstrating continuity in his cinematic ventures, he reprised his role as Chad Meeks-Martin in Scream VI, released on March 10, 2023, signalling an ongoing chapter in his cinematic narrative.


  • 2019 - Booksmart as Nick Howland
  • 2019- Let it Snow as Jeb
  • 2022- Scream as Chad Meeks-Martin
  • 2022- I Want You Back as Paul
  • 2022- Moonshot as Calvin Riggs
  • 2022- Fall as Dan Connor
  • 2023 - Scream VI - Chad Meeks-Martin

TV Shows

  • 2017- Spring Street as Opera House Bartender (Episode: Whatever You Did, It’s in the past)
  • 2018- Ballers as Parker Jones (3 Episodes: Recurring Role)
  • 2018- The Good Doctor as Billy Cayman (Episode: Empathy)
  • 2020- Everything’s Gonna Be Okay as Luke (4 Episodes)
  • 2020- Star Trek Picard as Gabriel Hwang (Episode: Stardust City Rag)
  • 2020-2022- Love, Victor as Andrew Spencer (21 Episodes)
  • 2022 - How I Met Your Father as Ash
Mason Gooding and Rachel Hilson in Love, Victor
Mason Gooding and Rachel Hilson in Love, Victor

Booksmart (2019)

Mason Gooding assumed the role of Nick Howland. The narrative delves into the lives of Amy and Molly, longstanding confidantes, now high school seniors poised for attendance at Ivy League institutions. Despite their academic prowess, their standing among peers is far from popular, notably Molly, who holds the title of class president.
Amy, under Molly's encouragement, endeavours to pursue a romantic interest in a girl named Ryan. The eve of graduation sees Molly facing her classmates, proudly announcing her acceptance into Yale.
However, the revelry is met with revelations as their peers disclose admissions to prestigious universities and elite employment prospects despite their seemingly carefree lifestyles. This revelation fuels Molly's fury, prompting her to assert that they should have cherished their high school moments more. Amy reluctantly agrees to attend a graduation celebration hosted by their peer Nick.
Navigating the unknown address, Molly summons the aid of Jared, an affluent classmate with an attraction to her. Instead of reaching the intended destination, they find themselves aboard Jared's yacht, accompanied only by his drug-addled companion Gigi, who offers them strawberries before leaping off the vessel.
Amy suggests their departure, but Molly invokes a "Malala," a term signifying unequivocal support for each other's desires. A rideshare, unexpectedly driven by their principal Jordan Brown, becomes the backdrop for Molly's unconventional method of preparing Amy for potential intimacy with Ryan, watching explicit content inadvertently broadcasted through the car speakers.
Arriving at what they believe to be Nick's party, they discover it's, in fact, a murder mystery event at George's residence. The revelation that the strawberries were hallucinogen-laced and discovering they had tripped into plastic fashion dolls unfolds. Gigi reappears, disclosing Molly's concealed affections for Nick.
Amy staunchly advocates continuing the pursuit for Molly's connection with Nick. A video of Nick's party reveals pizza boxes, and through coercing the pizza delivery person, they acquire the address. With a mere 2% battery, Molly contacts Miss Fine, their favoured teacher, securing transportation to Nick's celebration.
To their astonishment, a warm reception awaits them upon arrival. As Amy interacts with Ryan, Molly engages in beer pong with Nick. Amy witnesses Ryan's flirtation with Nick, leading to a heartbroken confrontation.
A tumultuous exchange unfolds between Amy and Molly, marked by Amy's revelation of a planned gap year and resentment toward Molly's perceived control. Amy, seeking refuge in the bathroom, encounters classmate Hope. Initial discord transforms into intimacy until an abrupt bout of nausea disrupts their connection.
Meanwhile, Jared and Molly engage in a sincere dialogue, unveiling the layers of their personalities. The arrival of law enforcement scatters the partygoers. Unable to locate Amy, Molly is chauffeured home by "Triple A," a popular but misunderstood student, fostering a bond over shared experiences of societal stereotyping.
Graduation day dawns with Molly discovering classmates applauding Amy's diversionary tactics at the party, allowing everyone to escape arrest while she faces the consequences. Molly visits Amy in jail, offering an apology for her manipulative actions, fostering reconciliation. Unveiling the pizza delivery man's criminality, they exchange crucial information to secure Amy's release, using Jared's car to attend graduation.
Molly, seizing the moment, kisses Jared on stage and delivers an improvised valedictorian speech, earning a standing ovation.
Days later, as Molly aids Amy in preparing for her Botswana trip, a visit from Hope adds a poignant layer. Driving Amy to the airport, tearful goodbyes take an unexpected turn when Amy decides there's time for a shared indulgence in pancakes, leading to an ecstatic decision to savor the moment before her flight.

Let It Snow (2019)

Mason Gooding acted as Jeb. This story centres in the tranquil confines of Laurel, Illinois, a serendipitous encounter unfolds on a wintry Christmas Eve between Julie Reyes and burgeoning music luminary Stuart Bale aboard a stationary train. Stuart, momentarily misjudging Julie as an ardent fan while attempting to retrieve his misplaced phone, unintentionally offends her, despite sincere apologies.
The train's halt due to snow-covered tracks prompts Julie to disembark, with Stuart opting to accompany her. A lunch invitation at the local diner, Waffle Town, is reluctantly accepted by Julie. Amid a playful sledding escapade, Julie confides in Stuart about her acceptance to Columbia and her gravely ill mother.
The impending loss of a scholarship looms if she delays her departure. A familial rendezvous introduces Stuart to Julie's grandfather, fostering camaraderie over shared admiration for Mick Jagger. The household engages in a jubilant dance to Jagger's tunes, momentarily interrupted by Julie's mother's coughing fit.
Stuart, misunderstood yet well-intentioned, proposes medical assistance, causing a momentary rift. Clarifying his genuine concern, Stuart almost shares an intimate moment with Julie before his publicist intervenes.
Simultaneously, Waffle Town employee Dorrie navigates intricate relationships involving her best friend Addie, apprehensive about a potential breakup, and Kerry, a previous romantic liaison. Emotional theatrics ensue in the diner, with Dorrie attempting to mediate but failing.
Later, in a clandestine encounter, Dorrie and Kerry share a passionate kiss, unveiling an unexpected romantic liaison. Tobin, contemplating a confession to his confidante Angie, plans to do so at a party, but a misadventure ensues, involving a stolen keg and a ditch.
Keon's attempt to organise a party faces parental interruption, leading to an alternative venue at Waffle Town. Julie's mother implores her to seize the Columbia opportunity, emphasising life's exceptional offerings.
The narrative converges at Keon's successful soirée, with Duke and Tobin acknowledging their mutual affection. Apologies and reconciliations mark the evening, culminating in Julie and Stuart's tender kiss and plans to meet in New York.

Scream (2022)

Twenty-five years after the notorious killing spree orchestrated by Billy Loomis and Stu Macher in Woodsboro, the echoes of horror resurface when high school student Tara Carpenter becomes the target of Ghostface, suffering a vicious attack that lands her in the hospital.
Upon learning of Tara's assault in Modesto, her estranged older sister, Sam Carpenter, is notified by Wes Hicks, one of Tara's friends. Accompanied by her boyfriend Richie Kirsch, Sam returns to Woodsboro to stand by Tara's side at the hospital. There, she reconnects with Tara's circle of friends, including Wes, Amber Freeman, twins Chad and Mindy Meeks-Martin, and Liv McKenzie.
The night takes a darker turn when Vince Schneider, Liv's ex-boyfriend and Stu's nephew, falls victim to Ghostface. Sam confides in Tara about hallucinations involving Billy, her biological father discovered during her teenage years. The revelation of Sam's true parentage led to her parents' separation and subsequent estrangement from Tara.
Seeking assistance in quelling the new wave of terror, Sam and Richie approach Dewey Riley, divorced from Gale Weathers. Dewey, in turn, contacts Gale and Sidney Prescott, alerting them to Ghostface's ominous return. The trio, along with Martha, Randy Meeks' sister, gathers at Mindy and Chad's home.
Mindy deduces that Ghostface is crafting a "requel," utilizing Tara and her friends as the new generation and exploiting Sam's link to Billy to intertwine with the legacy characters. The relentless killer claims more lives, including Wes and Sheriff Judy Hicks, leaving a trail of horror in their wake. Dewey reunites with Gale, and Sidney arrives in town following Dewey's tragic demise.
Tara and Richie face a Ghostface assault at the hospital, narrowly saved by the timely arrival of Dewey and Sam. Despite their escape, Dewey falls victim to Ghostface's relentless pursuit. Sidney implores Sam to join forces against the killer, but Sam opts to depart with Richie and Tara.
The trio is trailed by Sidney and Gale to Amber's residence, which unveils itself as the former home of Stu, the site of the original Woodsboro massacre. As a party unfolds in Wes' memory, Ghostface strikes again, targeting Chad and Mindy. Revelations surface as Amber unveils herself as the assailant, with Richie as her accomplice.
Chaos ensues as Sam and Tara are attacked, leading to a confrontation in the kitchen, reminiscent of Sidney's past struggles. The truth unravels as Richie and Amber confess to being Stab film series enthusiasts who sought to resurrect the "original cast" for a new killing spree, intending to craft material for an improved Stab film.
In a climactic showdown, Sam embraces her lineage, confronting Richie with determination. Tara, despite her injuries, intervenes in Amber's assault, ensuring justice prevails. The night concludes with Tara and the Meeks twins en route to the hospital in ambulances, gratitude expressed by Sam towards Sidney and Gale for their assistance.
Gale, promising to refrain from exploiting the events in a new book, opts for a tribute to Dewey. Sam joins Tara in the ambulance, and the harrowing night's events unfold in a news report.

FAQS - Mason Gooding Movies And TV Shows

Born in 1996 to Sara Kapfer and Cuba Gooding Jr., this individual, the middle sibling, has a brother, Spencer (1994), and a sister, Piper (2005). After starting at NYU, he left in his junior year to pursue an acting career. Nephew of Omar and April Gooding.

How Did Mason Gooding Get His Facial Scars?

As a toddler, I endured a facial injury caused by Pitch Black, a dog. My scar became a prominent conversation topic throughout elementary school, with people consistently inquiring about its origin, the circumstances surrounding the incident, and whether it would be a lifelong mark.

How Old Is Mason Gooding?

Born on the 14th of November 1996. He’s 27 years old.

Who Is The White Actor That Looks Like Cuba Gooding Jr?

Lookalike Terrence Howard and Cuba Gooding Jr.

How Did Mason Gooding Start Acting?

In 2017, during his college years, Gooding secured representation with a manager and an agent, initiating his foray into the world of acting. His breakthrough came with a significant role in the HBO dramedy "Ballers," where he starred alongside Dwayne Johnson. Following this success, Gooding landed his inaugural major film role in 2018's "Booksmart," directed by Olivia Wilde in her directorial debut.


Mason Gooding has emerged as a notable American actor, making his mark in both television and film. From his early role in HBO's "Ballers" to the teen drama "Love, Victor," Gooding displayed versatility. Noteworthy film credits include "Booksmart" (2019) and his portrayal of Chad Meeks-Martin in "Scream" (2022) and its sequel "Scream VI" (2023). Initially torn between football and theater at New York University, he ultimately dropped out to pursue acting. With diverse roles in sitcoms, podcasts, and horror franchises, Gooding continues to establish himself as a promising and dynamic talent in the entertainment industry created his own imaginary franchise Mason Gooding movies and TV shows.
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