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The Beautiful And Renowned Costa Rican Actress Maribel Guardia


Her real name is Maribel del Roco Fernández-Garca, a Costa Rican-Mexican film actress, singer, television presenter, model, television actor and theater actress. She was born on May 29, 1959.

What Is Maribel Guardia Known For?

Maribel Guardia Miss Universe And Maribel Guardia In The Present
Maribel Guardia Miss Universe And Maribel Guardia In The Present

Maribel Fernández Garca was born on May 29, 1959, in San José, Costa Rica. Terror and Black Lace (1985), La Alacrana (1986) and Mujer de cabaret (1986) are some of her notable roles (1991). Joan Sebastian was her ex-husband.

Joan Sebastian, her co-star in the soap drama Tu y yo, had a four-year relationship with her (1996). Marcos Julián (Julián Figueroa) is their only child. In the Mexican media, she is one of the most talked about women. "La Bella" is what they call her (the beauty).

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In June 1988, she released her first album as a singer. An ex-Miss Universe 1978. In the same competition, she was awarded the title of Miss Photogenic. Televisa gave me a scholarship to attend Sergio Bustamante's Academy to study acting. In 1978, she was crowned Miss Costa Rica. Additionally, she competed in the Miss World pageant in 1978. A photographer's favorite, she was a semi-finalist.

The reason she used the stage name Guardia was to avoid confusion with another actress with the name Maribel Fernández, with whom Televisa had a working relationship.

What Nationality Is Maribel Guardia?

Maribel Guardia With A Beautiful Dress And Smiling
Maribel Guardia With A Beautiful Dress And Smiling

The actress holds two passports. She is a dual citizen of Costa Rica and Mexico. Sergio Bustamante offered the beauty queen the opportunity to start a career in Mexico while she was at the peak of her modeling career. In the end, she took the offer and returned to Mexico, saying goodbye. It was her decision to stay in Mexico, and she became a Mexican citizen as a result.

How Old Is Mexican Actress Maribel?

Maribel Guardia will be 61 years old in 2021. On the 29th of May every year, she has a birthday party.

Maribel Guardia Career

Throughout her career, Guardia has been in numerous films, television shows, and commercials. Her social media renown and impressive fortune are a direct result of her enormous popularity. When she relocated to Mexico in 1980, Guardia's acting career took off. With Manuel "El Loco" Valdés as her co-star, she made her television debut in 2013. She was able to land a variety of positions in the country's entertainment business because of her performance on the television show.

She has appeared in the following TV shows: Temptation (1986) with Cristina Carbajal and Florencia Rondán in Marina Prisonera de amor (1989), The two of us (19996-1997) were Estela Daz Infante Serafin Estela D'Az (1999) as Carmen's Time Travel Adventures (2001) adventure and love are what Flor del Huerto Misión SOS stands for (2004-2005) Ximena Aranda is known With the devil and the guapos (2007-2008) in the role of Rosario Ramos / Rosella di Yano My heart's nirvana (2010) Pilar Alarcón de Arrioja is known as A family that has had good fortune (2011-2012) Corona de lágrimas was written by Isabella Ruiz (2012-2013) in her role as Julieta Vasquez Julieta Michel, a muchacho italiana (2014-15), is getting married.

How Rich Is Maribel Guardia?

It's estimated that Maribel Guardia has a net worth of $10 million. She has made a fortune as a model, actor, and TV personality because of her vibrant and diversified profession. Wealth has allowed her to have a comfortable life.

Maribel Guardia Relationships

Maribel Guardia habla de su matrimonio con Marco Chacón / Maribel Guardia's marriage

The model from Costa Rica and Mexico has been married twice. For a short time in her life she was married to a well-known musician and actor known as Joan Sebastian. The duo has appeared in numerous films together. Marcos Julian is the name of their kid. Their four-year marriage ended in divorce after only one year of marriage. Marco Chacon proposed to her and they got married a few months later. From the countless Instagram photographs, it looks that everything is going swimmingly for the couple, who have been married since 2010.


Maribel Guardia is undoubtedly one of the actresses most loved by her fans, apart from her beauty that characterizes her, the actress, model and singer has been able to perform the responsibilities very well in her work life and also her personal life.

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