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Man Who Shot Lady Gaga's Dog Walker Gets 21 Years In Prison


The man who shot Lady Gaga's dog walker gets 21 years in prison. Officials stated that the individual who shot and injured Lady Gaga's dog walker while attempting to steal her French bulldogs last year accepted a plea deal and was sentenced to 21 years in prison on Monday.

The Theft

According to the authorities, the connection to Lady Gaga was merely a coincidence. The value of the French bulldogs, which is a breed that can run into the thousands of dollars, was the motivation for the theft, and the investigators do not believe that the thieves were aware that the dogs belonged to the musician.

According to the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office, James Howard Jackson, one of three men and two accomplices who participated in the violent robbery and its aftermath, pleaded no contest to one count of attempted murder.

Jackson was one of three men and two accomplices who participated in the robbery and its aftermath. On Monday, it was not immediately clear which attorney was Howard's representative in court.

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Ryan Fischer, who was walking the dog of the pop star at the time of the attack, sustained serious injuries and spoke to the court on Monday to give an impact statement. He also posted the statement on Instagram.

It's hard to believe that it's nearing two years since I was taking Asia, Koji and Gustav out for an evening stroll when — in an instant — I suddenly found myself fighting with everything I had to protect those dogs from being stolen. But it wasn't enough: I was beaten, strangled, shot and left to die bleeding out on a sidewalk and gasping for my life. And Koji and Gustav were gone.- Ryan Fischer

Prosecutors have stated in the past that Jackson and two other individuals went "looking for French bulldogs" on February 24, 2021, while they were driving around Hollywood, the city of West Hollywood, and the San Fernando Valley. They discovered Fischer in the company of the pop star's other three animals.

During the robbery that took place just off of the famous Sunset Boulevard, Jackson shot Fischer. Two of the dogs were taken during the robbery. The dog walker's screams were captured on camera by a doorbell camera in the area:

Oh, my God! I've been shot! Help me! I'm bleeding out from my chest!- Ryan Fischer

These are some of the cries that can be heard.

In subsequent social media posts, Fischer referred to the violent incident as a "very close call with death." In the statement he released on Monday, he mentioned that he is still recovering from the shooting, both mentally and physically. He had to have a portion of his lung removed, and he is still going through physical therapy at this point.

Fischer also directly addressed Jackson in the statement, saying that he forgives Jackson as well as the other individuals who were involved in the assault. You have completely changed the course of my life, and I am aware that I will not be able to fully move on from the night you shot me until I have told you those things.

Jennifer McBride, who was also charged in connection with the crime, was the one who handed over the stolen dogs several days later.

A reward of $500,000 "with no questions asked" was being offered by the pop star at the time in the event that the dogs could be returned to him.

According to the statement released by the district attorney's office on Monday, Jackson also admitted to the charge of inflicting great bodily injury and to a previous strike. The office of the prosecutor did not immediately comment on the previous strike's nature.

The office said in a statement:

The plea agreement holds Mr. Jackson accountable for perpetrating a coldhearted violent act and provides justice for our victim. Howard had been charged with attempted murder, conspiracy to commit a robbery and assault with a semiautomatic firearm.- The District Attorney's office

A clerical error resulted in Jackson's early release from jail earlier this year, despite the fact that he should still have been there. Nearly five months after his initial capture, he was found again.

Harold White, a further conspirator, entered a plea of no contest on Monday to a charge of being an ex-felon in possession of a firearm. The following year, White, who had a romantic connection to McBride at the time of the crime, will be sentenced. The case involving McBride is still open.

In the immediate aftermath of the shooting, it was alleged that the couple made attempts to assist White's son, Jaylin White, in evading arrest.

At the beginning of this year, Jaylin White and Lafayette Whaley entered a plea of no contest to the charge of robbery.

Final Words

Last year, Whaley drove Jackson and the younger White around looking for the expensive dogs. Prosecutors previously stated that Jackson and White jumped out and attacked Fischer. They assaulted and choked the dog walker, and Jackson pulled out a semiautomatic gun and fired, striking Fischer once before fleeing with the trio.

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