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Living The Life Of The 1% On Your Next Vacation


Most people like the idea of living a life better than their own. Enjoying luxury experiences as part of your day-to-day life sounds amazing, but this isn’t achievable for most people when they are trying to get by. Of course, though, when you save up for something like a vacation, it makes sense to reach as high as you possibly can. To make this easier for you, this article will be exploring some of the best ways to enjoy the life of the 1% when you are on your next trip.

It’s always worth keeping in mind that your budget plays a significant role in the options you have available. This article will be exploring vacation options that fall into a range of different price points, giving everyone the chance to squeeze more luxury out of their next vacation.


Glamping is one of the single best ways to enjoy a luxury vacation without spending a fortune in the process. You will usually stay in a tent or a similar alternative, but your experience will be very different to the one you would have if you took your own tent out into the wild.

Glamping sites have been designed with luxury in mind, providing guests with features that are more akin to a 5-star hotel than the wilderness. This means that you will have access to hot showers, restaurants, and great entertainment, along with all of the smaller background services that you would receive in a normal hotel. What’s best, though, is that this type of vacation is usually much cheaper than spending your break in a hotel.

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You may need to do some research to find glamping sites that appeal to you, but it will be well worth your time. Many of the companies offering this sort of service take a very different approach to what they have on offer.


While Airbnb isn’t always a great service for communities, it can provide travellers with the means to see places that they would never have had the chance to see. You can stay in luxury apartments, penthouses, and even mansions using services like this, and this can make it easy to enjoy an amazing trip.

Airbnb can suit just about every price point, though you will need to do some work to find the best luxury accommodation the site has to offer. You may also have to pay a little bit more to get exactly what you want. It’s worth exploring all of the options a city has to offer when you’re using a tool like Airbnb, as it can be all too easy to miss great options if you don’t give all of the adverts you find a chance.


Now it’s time to explore an option that only the most dedicated of vacationers will be able to afford. Chartering a yacht can give you the chance for a truly luxurious experience, offering the chance to live a life that very few people get to enjoy, even if it is only for a week or two.

You can charter a yacht around the world, your home country, or somewhere far away, and you will get the chance to enjoy an unparalleled experience in the process. You will sleep on the sea with the stars above your head on beds that feel far more comfortable than what you have at home. During the day, you will have access to great food, drinks, and entertainment, and it can all be enjoyed from your private boat.

Using a yacht as your vacation accommodation is becoming increasingly popular. Loads of companies are popping up offering this sort of service, and this means that you need to make sure that you do some research before you make plans for your trip.

Why Plan A Luxury Vacation?

Many people choose to go on vacations that cost as little as possible. In reality, though, saving a little bit more to turn your trip into something more luxurious can be a great way to improve the whole thing. But why would you want to plan something like this?

  • Better Value: Luxury vacations can often end up being better value than discount ones, as you will receive a much better experience without having to spend too much more. This makes this type of vacation worth it for most people.
  • Better Memories: Even if it proves to cost a lot more, a luxury vacation has the potential to help you to build better memories of the time you spend away from home. This is great for anyone who wants to keep their vacation alive in their minds.
  • Great For Adults: Luxury vacations aren’t always the best for families, but they can be great for adults who are travelling without kids. This gives professionals, singles, and couples the chance to enjoy a vacation without a child in sight.
  • An Easier Experience: Ease and luxury can be viewed as synonymous in some respects, and this means that a luxury vacation will usually be much easier than a regular one, making it well worth your time if you want a true break.

Working to make sure that you get to enjoy a luxury vacation is easier than many people expect. There are loads of different forms of accommodation that can be perfect for this, but you need to make sure that you are doing plenty of research to find the very best choices for you. Of course, though, this will only get easier as you book more breaks, giving you the chance to make the most of what you learn.

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