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Living on Phuket: Your own villa on the beach or with Oceanview, from an architect

Living on Phuket: Your own villa on the beach or with Oceanview, from an architect

One of the most popular tourist destinations in Thailand is Phuket. Every year the flow of tourists increases, but also the interest in owning a home in Phuket exists among many nationals and foreigners.

Thomas Dixon
Last updated: Feb 02, 2022 | Jan 28, 2022

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One of the most popular tourist destinations in Thailand is Phuket. Every year the flow of tourists increases, it is starting again, now after the pandemic, but also the interest in owning a home in Phuket exists among many nationals and foreigners. A desire that is quite achievable, but requires the assistance of an expert. A renowned Luxury Villa Architect in Phuket is the best person to contact when it comes to realizing a dream home right on the beach. There are many reasons why Phuket is the perfect place to live. And once the right location has been found, construction of the dream home can soon begin.

Everything your heart desires - experience the beauty of Phuket

Thailand is big, but why is Phuket one of the most popular destinations for tourists and for Thais themselves? The reasons are many, but especially the good infrastructure is crucial for the fact that life here is associated with a special luxury.

In addition, the choice of areas is diverse and offers the right ambience for every taste. While in the south of the city tourism is booming and life is particularly active day and night, in the north of the city it is quieter, with a special focus on nature.

However, all locations have the friendly charm of a country in common, which can be felt particularly strongly here. Those who live in Phuket are often among the better-off and enjoy the high standard of island life, which comes with all the amenities of a big city. Phuket's health care system is extremely advanced, and there are also international schools, so families with children from abroad are also welcome here. Sandy beaches are spread all over Phuket and therefore the desire for a villa on the beach is especially trendy.

Enjoy privileges in your own villa

In Phuket, you will come across numerous privileged villas that are characterized by beauty, the local culture and splendor. Whether modern and stylish or extravagant and ostentatious, especially the hills of Phuket are ideal as a domicile for the dream home.

The Leading Real Estate Agency for Luxury Villas and Beachfront Land is one of the first contacts when wishing to own a dream villa in Phuket. As an experienced company, people will find advice and commitment here, who want to consider permanent living in one of the most beautiful places in the world.

But not only for self-users the villa in Thailand can be a special highlight. The investment is also worthwhile for other reasons, even if the domicile is only used for vacation trips. The sought-after location ensures that vacation accommodation is fundamentally in demand among tourists. Measured against the tax requirements of many other countries, investing in real estate in Thailand is significantly cheaper than in broad parts of the Western world.

The most beautiful regions for a dream house in Phuket

Phuket is strongly divided into a southern and a northern part, with all locations having the advantage of impressive sandy beaches. While the northern part of the region is particularly high on water sports, the southern beaches are popular with families and tourists. Where you ultimately decide for your villa in Phuket therefore depends largely on your individual needs.

The north in Phuket for quiet and tranquil living dreams

If you like it quieter and more dignified, but no less luxurious, you are in good hands in the north of Phuket. The places Kamala, Kalim, Bang-Tao and Surin are the regions that have developed into real insider tips in the last four years. Bang-Tao is one of the few northern locations that is characterized by tourism. Decisive for this is the location and the facilities with impressive beaches. Especially lifestyle can be enjoyed at the Catch Beach Club, which is considered the most beautiful beach club in Phuket, magically attracts tourists.

A little more off the beaten track are Kalim, Kamala and Surin, also lined with magnificent beaches and populated by elite villa owners.

Much quieter is the residential area of Laguna, which is home to a conspicuously large number of luxury accommodations. Here you will find magnificent residential villas and stately residences. Laguna is characterized by numerous lagoons and smaller bays and beaches. Water sports enthusiasts will always find ideal conditions here, due to the climatic conditions. Many villa owners enjoy sailing and golf in Phuket.

The south of Phuket - lively region for villa owners

Also in the south of Phuket numerous elegant and luxurious villas line the mountains and beaches. Overall, however, there is much more tourism and general hustle and bustle here. The most popular and globally known residential area in southern Phuket is Patong, which is also home to Bangla Road, considered Thailand's nightlife mile. The Patong area is home to two of Thailand's largest shopping malls, which are also heavily frequented by tourists.

The general average of society is rather younger, though quite wealthy. Some of the richest villa owners in Thailand have settled here for the long term.

Why are more and more millionaires attracted to Phuket?

Building stately villas is not uncommon among wealthy people, but where does the global interest in owning a home in Phuket come from? Not only people from Thailand, but from all over the world are increasingly interested in investing in an architectural masterpiece. The famous Maya Bay is not far from Phuket and has recently just reopened after a long nature recovery lockdown which was caused by mass tourism.

The most relevant reason is simply convenience. In Phuket there is no bad traffic, no exhaust fumes, no traffic jams, because here you are in the middle of the center, even if you are actually just in nature. The infrastructure is more optimized than in most other countries in the world. While other cities in Thailand have been much less developed, in Phuket the focus has been on high-tech standards for decades, without compromising the special character of the city.

Although the hustle and bustle is sometimes more dominant here, it is above all the central locations in Phuket that are the focus of attention, even among the better-off. The unique view of the ocean, the eternally smiling population and incomparable fauna not only immediately captivate tourists, but also inspire people who have lived in Phuket for many years. Perfection in real life, you can only find that in Phuket.

Source: LuxuryTrees

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