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Lima News: A Great Source For Local News Coverage 

Lima News: A Great Source For Local News Coverage

Lima, Ohio was the home of the Lima News newspaper. For the years 1898-99, 1912, and 1919-77, this database contains a fully searchable text version of the newspaper. A computer-generated index may be used to browse or search for newspapers.

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Last updated: Sep 10, 2021 | Aug 30, 2021

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Lima, Ohio was the home of the Lima News newspaper. For the years 1898-99, 1912, and 1919-77, this database contains a fully searchable text version of the newspaper. A computer-generated index may be used to browse or search for newspapers. The index's precision varies depending on the quality of the source pictures. The pictures in this newspaper may be viewed consecutively or by following links to particular images found in the search results. A newspaper's name may have changed throughout time, and the period range it covers may not always be constant. This database's date range may not always reflect the whole published set available. For additional information on other accessible newspapers, contact the local library or historical organization in the region where your relatives resided.

Newspapers may be a useful source of genealogical information about historical events in our ancestors' lives. The pictures in this newspaper may be viewed consecutively or by following links to particular images found in the search results. A newspaper's name may have changed throughout time, and the period range it covers may not always be constant. They provide a wealth of information about vital statistics (birth, marriage, and death announcements), obituaries, local news, biographical sketches, legal notices, immigration, migration, and shipping information, and other historical items that help us place our forefathers in the context of their time.

Newspapers are written for a broad audience, serve a specific geographic area, and maybe geared toward a certain ethnic, cultural, social, or political group. Newspapers document the occurrences of local community events on a daily or even weekly basis. They function virtually as a journal of events that occurred in a certain area. Because newspapers are usually geographical in scope, they are not restricted to governmental areas; therefore, they may contain reports of local residents' weddings, even if they take place in a nearby county or even another state. Newspapers may sometimes serve as a partial replacement for civil documents that aren't available. An obituary, for example, might have appeared in a newspaper even if no civil death records were available.

Newspapers are not constrained by the same rules or procedures that more "official" media are. Furthermore, since newspapers are unofficial sources, they may offer a lot of incidental information that isn't documented anywhere else, even if they're only supplementing public documents. A newspaper report of a wedding, for example, could say that it took place at the home of the bride's parents, perhaps even identify them; it might mention the groom's profession, or it might say that the event was part of a double wedding in which the bride's sister was also married. These kinds of information are unlikely to appear on a marriage certificate from the local courthouse.

While newspapers published in big cities are often focused on international, national, and state issues, they may include useful information about local people and should not be overlooked. Small rural or community newspapers, on the other hand, are frequently rich in genealogical and historical information and are focused on local people and their immediate environs.

Lima News Basic Description

The Lima News is a daily newspaper serving the Ohio counties of Allen, Auglaize, Hancock, Hardin, Logan, Mercer, Putnam, Shelby, and Van Wert. Lima, Ohio, is home to the newspaper's headquarters. It was published for the first time on July 21, 1926.

Until 2012, when it was sold to Ohio Community Media, an associate of the private equity firm Versa Capital Management, the daily was owned by Freedom Communications, a privately held California-based business whose flagship publication is the Orange County Register. Lima News had a libertarian editorial stance on topics while it was owned by Freedom Communications.

Versa formed Civitas Media in 2012, combining Ohio Community Media, the Freedom publications it had purchased, Impressions Media, and Heartland Publications. In 2017, Civitas Media sold its Ohio newspapers to AIM Media Midwest. Newspapers are fantastic resources that should not be overlooked.

The Lima News is a daily newspaper that publishes news, sports, and events in the Ohio counties of Allen, Auglaize, Hancock, Hardin, Mercer, Putnam, Shelby, and Van Wert.

Since 1884, The Lima News has served the Lima region, reaching over 79,000 daily newspaper readers! Lima News is one of the most important sources of information for Lima residents and shoppers. The Lima News is an award-winning newspaper that covers the news that affects your life and the communities where you raise your children.

Specialty publications and auxiliary items are also available from The Lima News to suit the requirements of communities in the Lima area.

AIM Media Midwest acquired The Lima News in 2017. Jeremy L. Halbreich, chairman and CEO, said, "We are the top information source in our communities." "We gain the confidence and support of local readers, viewers, companies, and advertisers because of our proven integrity and our committed and thorough commitment to fair and trustworthy journalism."

Lima News is the most reliable source of local news in West Central Ohio. For local news, high school sports, weather, business, and lifestyle topics, we cover Lima and Allen County, as well as all neighboring counties. We have a daily readership of 78,000 readers and a Sunday circulation of 97,000 readers.

Lima News also produces a number of glossy publications, organizes a number of well-attended events, and distributes a number of special edition inserts about local events.

The Lima News Stand On Century-old Yet Strong Foundation

LIMA, Peru — The Lima News has been reporting on the local community and its events for more than a century, with origins dating back to the late 1800s. The readership of the newspaper is now as big as it has ever been.

The Lima News has had a long and arduous history as it has progressed through the decades, and the paper's first incarnation is a far cry from what will be printed in 2020.

"The newspaper industry has evolved throughout its 136-year existence, just as other companies have across the country," Publisher Kirk Dougal said. "When I look at the newspaper today, I realize that we have more readers and consumers of our news and information than ever before when you combine print and digital goods. That seems to be a good sign. "

Despite some of the challenges of the previous century, the paper's circulation remains robust, particularly when considering its internet audience. had 28.9 million visits in 2019, with an average of almost 80,000 views and 27,000 visitors each day. These figures are up 11.5 percent over last year's internet readership.

The Lima News, as we know it now, first appeared on the masthead on July 21, 1926, although the paper's origins go back to the nineteenth century.

The First Edition Of Lima's Newspaper

 The Daily Democratic Times was published in 1884, and by 1920, it had amalgamated with a competitor daily, The Lima Daily News. Both publications were produced in Lima in the nineteenth century, with the Lima Daily News occupying the location currently occupied by downtown Lima's "The Met."

When a fire damaged the Daily News' Main Street workroom in 1909, the daily relocated to 121 E. High St. A fire destroyed the High Street site four decades later, costing $75,000 in damage, although the structure was ultimately rebuilt to update it according to 1950s standards.

The Lima News Printing

Today, The Lima News and its printing plant are housed in a 53,000-square-foot facility at 3515 Elida Road, where they relocated in 1995. The Lima News had to subcontract its printing to other printers in the area after the press suffered catastrophic damage while producing newspapers in June 2017.

However, the paper's name and location aren't the only things that have changed throughout time. The ownership of the newspaper has also changed. Lima News has had four distinct corporate owners since its inception, including Freedom Newspapers, Inc. in 1956 and Civitas Media in 2012. AIM Media Midwest, the paper's current owners, purchased it in 2017.

For more than 135 years, Lima News has served Lima and West Central Ohio as a daily newspaper. AIM Media Midwest is the owner of Lima News. Every day, the newspaper is delivered to over 20,000 homes, reaching over 45 percent of Allen County inhabitants.

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