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Lethality Caitlyn - Memorize Its Runes And Items In The Game

The armor build for Caitlyn, known as Lethality Caitlyn, is primarily intended for just one thing - one-shotting opponent champions.

Elisa Mueller
Jul 16, 20228 Shares523 Views
The armor built for Caitlyn, known as Lethality Caitlyn, is primarily intended for just one thing - one-shot opponent champions.
Sniping enemies with your Q, E, and R buttons is more important than auto-attacking.
But first, if you don't know about this, Caitlyn is a character in League of Legends (LoL), while lethality is the new armor penetration into the character. So, it means Caitlyn with better armor.
In League of Legends season 12, playing as a Lethality Caitlyn is one of the most enjoyable builds you can play!
In this article, all of the runes, gear, and tips you'll need for playing Lethality Caitlyn and really carrying games in League of Legends S12 are discussed.
Once you make the decision to play in this manner, you won't need any prior experience because you'll already be familiar with everything that's required of you.
Therefore, without further ado, here is how you should play the League of Legends champion Lethality Caitlyn in season 12!

Lethality Caitlyn Mobafire Details

Caitlyn's win ratio47.52%
Catylin's pick rate8.66%
Lethality Caitlyn Rating9.2/10
Lethality Caitlyn MID shot technique shown
Lethality Caitlyn MID shot technique shown

Lethality Caitlyn S12 Runes

Dark Harvest

The secret to playing Caitlyn lethally is Dark Harvest. It acts as a keystone that changes size based on how many stacks you have at the end of the game.
In essence, you obtain an enemy champion's soul when you have damaged them to less than 50% of their HP.
And the more soul stacks you have, the more damage you'll do to opponents with low HP.
Using Caitlyn's R alone, you may one-shot foes in Dark Harvest.
Additionally, as Caitlyn's Ace in the Hole is a point-click ability, you almost always succeed in killing your target if it has less than 50% health.

Cheap Shot

Caitlyn's W and cheap shot work together to improve her damage.
When you trap an opponent's champion, you can inflict additional true damage to your target based on their level.
However, the fantastic thing about this rune is that it has a 4-second cooldown and is practically constantly active.

Eyeball Collection

An intriguing rune that benefits you early on is the eyeball collection.
Every time you help or eliminate a champion, it gives you an extra AD. The eyeball collection offers you a total of 18 AD when it is fully piled.

Ultimate Hunter

The second-most crucial rune for Caitlyn's lethality is the ultimate hunter.
You don't focus on auto-attacking or kiting, so Cait's ultimate is where most of your damage comes from.
Ultimate Hunter is also very helpful because it makes Ace in the Hole last for 20–30 seconds longer.
In other words, you may practically always spam Caitlyn's ultimate!


Another useful rune that blends seamlessly into Caitlyn's overall lethality playstyle is transcendence.
First of all, by level 8, it bestows a total of 10 haste abilities.
Additionally, after level 11, it resets the 20% of your skills' cooldowns that remain upon a kill or assist.
Simply put, this means that when you're fighting with a group, your basic skills will recharge faster and you'll have more chances to use them.


A great rune for the early game is scorch. When you use an ability on your target, it causes extra magic damage to be dealt to them.
With Caitlyn's Q, it works well for poking throughout the laning phase and only has a 10-second cooldown.
Lethality Caitlyn character with pink hair and Lethality Caitlyn weapon
Lethality Caitlyn character with pink hair and Lethality Caitlyn weapon

Alternative Runes

The above rune list is the recommended one for 99 percent of the games.
If you truly have trouble getting lethality Caitlyn to operate, you might take a look at any of these alternatives.
  • Early on, bone platingis effective against assassins.
  • You get higher life and mana regeneration in the lane with Biscuit Delivery.
  • Time Warp Tonicworks in conjunction with Biscuit Delivery to keep you afloat in the lane.
  • Restores mana after taking down a champion with Presence of Mind.


Duskblade Of Draktharr

You want the epic item duskblade of Draktharr in 99 percent of games. It offers 20 attack haste, 18 lethalities, and 60 attack damage.
Additionally, for each legendary item you acquire, your overall ability to haste rises by 5. But in addition to the obvious advantages, Duskblade offers a fantastic passive.
First of all, it slows down the enemy and deals additional damage to the first enemy hit.
Additionally, when you get a kill or an assist, you become truly invisible, which makes it difficult for adversaries to find you.
For weak champions like Caitlyn, this is quite helpful.


Your apparent upgrade to Tear of the Goddess is manamune/muramana. Always remember to buy Tear as soon as possible, particularly on your first Recall.
As you gain more mana, Manamune raises your overall AD. The item is ideal because you'll be using Caitlyn's skills a lot!
League of legends season 12 2022 wallpaper with characters
League of legends season 12 2022 wallpaper with characters

Axiom Arc

The focal point of Caitlyn's lethality build is the axiom arc. Do not misunderstand; you can play Lethality Caitlyn without it and succeed.
On the other hand, Axiom Arc's passive lets you reset your ultimate and use it twice in a single team fight.
Not only that, but the item gives you all the stats you need—AD, lethality, and ability haste.
As it was mentioned earlier, R is the main cause of your harm.
You'll also get to employ your sniper a lot more often thanks to Axiom Arc. Build it forever, then!

The Collector

When you play lethality Caitlyn, the collector should frequently be your fourth major item.
It increases your damage, lethality, critical strike percentage, and execution mechanics. You obviously want to secure more kills for your ultimate, which is what it does for you.

Serylda's Grudge

The offensive item that gives Caitlyn the most lethality in the late game is Serylda's grudge.
Because it makes you 30% more deadly and increases damage and armor penetration, your damage is greatly increased.
It also helps your teammates because it slows down adversaries for 1 second when you use this on them.

The Ionian Boots Of Lucidity

All things considered, Ionian boots of lucidity are the best boot upgrades. Early on, you can purchase 20 haste abilities for 950 gold.
Because of this, the time it takes for your abilities to be ready to use again will be greatly reduced, letting you use them a lot more often.

Somehow Lethality Caitlyn works on Durability Patch??

Optional Items

Depending on the situation, there are a few things that can help Lethality Caitlyn a lot.
Always keep in mind that you can create any of these components after completing the Duskblade of Draktharr, Manamune, and Axiom Arc core builds.
  • The Edge of Nightspell equips you with a magical shield that deflects the initial magic spell.
  • You can deal with shields and champions who are shielding by using Serpent's Fang.
  • When you are killed, your Guardian Angelwill revive you and give you armor.
  • Your armor penetration is increased even further by Lord Dominik's Regard.

People Also Ask

Does Duskblade Work On Caitlyn?

Damage from a Duskblade can be substantial. As it is mentioned, Duskblade can be effective in games if the enemy has little armor or health. For Caitlyn, it is a lot more specialized. Enjoy putting it to work!

What Lane Is Caitlyn Good For?

This pick is frequently used in the Bottom Lane position due to its lane phase.

Is Caitlyn A Precision?

Precision is the central theme of both Caitlyn's runes and her entire mantra.


Playing Lethality Caitlyn is unquestionably very different from playing her with the standard ADC build.
Although the mechanics and champions are the same, you must approach your gameplay differently. Additionally, consider yourself a magician rather than a shooter.
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