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Lesser-known Wife of BasketBall Celebrity, Margot Kerr

Lesser-known Wife of BasketBall Celebrity, Margot Kerr

Everything to know about Margot Kerr

Tyreece Bauer
Jan 22, 2021

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Everyone in the basketball world knows Steve Kerr. He is an accomplished and renowned figure in the NBA and the coach of the Golden State Warriors. His achievements, which are more than impressive, have helped him earn thousands of die-hard fans.

As a head coach, he has won three championships. Moreover, as a player with the San Antonio Spurs and the Chicago Bulls, he has won five titles. Over the years, he has coached a lot of teams.

In short, his life, his career, and his accomplishments are more than well-documented. His fans seem to know him pretty well. His net worth, according to an estimate, is $18 million.

We even know about his father’s death.

Malcolm H. Kerr was a famous author and Steve Kerr’s later father. Just 18 months after he took the job as president of the American University in Beirut, the capital of Lebanon, he was assassinated. Some say they were the Islamic terrorists who carried this out.

His wife, Margot Kerr

Thanks to the celebrity culture of the 21st century, people now take interest in the family life of adored celebrities. Their parents, spouses, and kids also become the centre of attention of the public. Their children get high media attention ever since their birth.

Lesser information is available when it comes to Margot Kerr, his better half. Looking at the stardom of Steve Kerr, it is perplexing that the world does not know much about his wife.

So in this article, we will try to help our readers have a deep insight into the life, career, and personality of Margot Kerr.

Margot Kerr’s Family and Education

Born in 1967 (Tucson, Arizona), Margot Brennan has three siblings, whose names are Rachel, Chris, and Geoff. All of them were raised by their mother Karen. She also was an author and professor.

Margot Kerr attended Catholic High School. After graduation, she headed to the University of Arizona.

The Blind Date of Steve Kerr and Margot Kerr

Not only was Steve Kerr enrolled in the very same university, but he was also playing Basketball there. Bruce Fraser, his teammate, set them both up on a blind date in 1985.

It happened when both of them were Sophomores at the University of Arizona. The same Bruce Fraser is now the assistant coach of Steve Kerr. He is also known as the nickname Q.

Margot Kerr’s Thoughts

Margot Kerr thinks that he may have thought that both are nerdy, and a romantic spark will naturally come to them. She expressed this opinion in her interview with SF Gate. Her own words are here. “They will get along”.

The Great Wedding

That turned out to be true. Margot Kerr and Steve Kerr did get along, eventually. The matrimonial hindsight of Bruce Fraser was surprisingly accurate.

They started dating. Margot Kerr graduated a year ago. It happened because of Steve’s basketball redshirt the year before his senior season. Margot Kerr started a job in an advertising agency in Los Angeles. They tactfully managed a long-distance relationship for one year.

Finally, they got married on September 15, 1990. The wedding took place during a private ceremony in Ohio. Only close friends and family were there to grant good wishes and pray for the couple's healthy life ahead.

As stated earlier, the person responsible for this blissful marriage is an assistant player development coach in the Warriors.

Son-in-law from Heaven

After Margot’s sister went through a terrible accident, her mother, Steve’s mother-in-law called him the son-in-law from Heaven.

The horrible incident took place back in 1995. The crash occurred near Steamboat Springs in Colorado, as per The Los Angeles Times. Rachael Brennan was a former Amphitheater High School.

So she fell off the back of her friend’s motorbike. What added to the misery and trouble was her not wearing any helmet. They transported her to the hospital, where her coma lingered on for a total of three months. She was suffering from a horrific brain injury that doctors diagnosed as retrograde amnesia.

Steve was playing with bulls when Rachel was recovering. Before a game against Utah Jazz on Thanksgiving that night, Kerr requested his sister-in-law be mentioned on the TV. Stever Kerr knew for sure that Rachael and Karren would be watching and listening to his words thousands of miles away. No doubt, this was what that devastated patient needed that night.

Margot says that Karen also helped Rachel regain her memory. Her system was to give Rachel the assignments.

That Announcement from Paradise

Here are the words that the play-by-play announcer uttered that night.

“Steve asks us to send his love and best wishes to his sister-in-law, Rachel Brennan, who is recovering from a motorcycle accident at the University of Utah hospital.”

And then seven years after this incident Karren, mother of Margot Kerr said those historical words, in a memoir and in the book she wrote. The name of the Book was, ‘Being with Rachael’.

“If I had to order a son-in-law from heaven, it would be Steve. He’s funny, smart, a terrific father, and husband, as well as sensitive and perceptive.”

Definitely, these words were not about Basketball. They were only about Steve Kerr.

The Children

Stever Kerr and Margot Kerr are parents to three amazing kids. Their good names are Nick, Madeleine, and Matthew. Two out of three kids have inherited sports love from their father.

Here is what Nick told the Mercury News. “I guess really in college is when I decided one, I wasn’t good enough to keep playing after college, but two, that it’s really fun to stay around the game and influence other players, try to get them better as well as the fun part of being part of a team and trying to win.”

Her Soft Skills and Struggles

Steve Kerr has praised Margot's supporting nature in many sittings. Margot Kerr loves and cares about her family a lot. She never lifts her eyebrows when it comes to household responsibilities. She confidently deals with the hectic work schedule of her husband.

After graduation, Steve Kerr had a hard time finding a permanent spot on an NBA team. He kept moving around frequently, and Margot showed an extremely patient attitude.

Margot Kerr says, “As a family, it was like if he could do it, do it. It’s not like he had a career path laid out; wasn’t like he was going to law school or something. Honestly, he probably would have gone back to the U of A.”

Margot further explains Steve’s doubts about a career in Basketball. “He didn’t think he was going to play that long. He had done a year of grad school, he was going back in the summer. He was doing a sports administration program. He was taking summer classes and thinking of going back to grad school and being an assistant coach with Lute (Olson) or grad assistant.”

But eventually, Steve landed a spot on the Chicago Bulls during the 1992-93 season. And hereafter, the resilience of Margot Kerr and persistency of Steve started delivering its fruits. Steve Kerr stayed with the Bulls until 1998 and won three Championship titles. Also, he won the 3-Point Shootout at the 1997 All-Star Game.

Margot Kerr on Social Media

She seems to enjoy the results of her hard work and Steve’s exposure. She regularly interacts with the Warriors fan base on social media.

Margot Kerr is one successful woman behind every successful man.

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