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Lesly Brown: What You Need to Know About Her

The article takes a look at the life of Lesly Brown, Pat Sajak's wife.

Paolo Reyna
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A lot of people have made enduring footprints in their respective careers. One of them is Lesly Brown-Sajak, born, Lesly Brown on the 18 of February 1965 in Maryland, USA.
Leslie is a photographer and a former Playboy model. She is an American national and wife to Pat Sajak, a television personality and the host of ‘Wheel of Fortune’, the television game show. Leslie is arguably one of the most beautiful women to ever grace the big screen: her iconic picture with the Playboy franchise, however controversial it proved to be when it first came out, has remained a statement in the fashion world.


Born to a dentist father, Michael Brown, and mother, Maria Brown, Lesly Brown is one of the three daughters of the Brown family. Her two sisters are Wendy and Kelly.
Brown and Sajak got married in the year 1989 in a private ceremony with a little over 150 people in attendance, including Sajak’s co-host, Vanna White. The union is blessed with a child in the first year of marriage. The star-studded couple went on to have two children together. Brown, at some point, considered a career as a practising lawyer but the desire to have more time for her family, to stay at home, and give her children the taste of motherhood, prevailed and defined her choice of photography as a career.

Early Life And Career

A Marylander, Lesly attended the University of Maryland, where she studied television production for her Bachelor’s degree.
At one point, she nursed the desire to pursue a law degree and even left modelling for it. But since she has had a secret, yawning desire to pursue a career in the world of glamour and showbiz, life brought her something, quite different from her ambitions in law.
With a towering 5’8 feet height, dark brown hair, brown eye coluor, and hourglass figure, she ventured into modelling where she enjoyed some success, going on to be crowned Miss Georgetown and subsequently appearing in the ‘Playboy’ magazine in the year 1988. In that photograph, which appeared in the pictorial edition of the magazine’s Women of Washington, and has since become iconic, Lesly was clad in a pure red brassiere, matching red panties, and a white garter belt with stockings.
In 1997, she began to make several key appearances in the show ‘Wheel of Fortune’ until the April of the same year when she and Alex Trebek (who was formerly the host of Jeopardy) replaced Pat Sajak and Vanna White as the hosts of ‘Wheel of Fortune’.
In 2008, she made an appearance in an episode of ‘Wheel of Fortune’ to promote her Wheel-themed jewellery which she also designed.

Meeting Pat Sajak

In 1988, the 23-year-old Lesly Brown met Pat Sajak at a newly established sports bar in California. A mutual friend introduced them to each other. Lesly was 18 years younger than her would-be husband.
During this time, she was also nursing an ambition to become an actress. In the first few months, the relationship was strictly at a platonic level.

Relationship With Pat Sajak

On their relationship, Pat Sajak has admitted that during their meeting "There was no electricity in the air." For the rest of the months that followed, they communicated frequently over the phone. Their conversation was not romantic in any way. This could be partly due to Pat Sajak’s reservation since he had divorced from Sherrill Sajak two years ago.
However, as the year turned, events took a dramatic turn in the spring of 1989, when the two felt that there was an evident attraction between them that was way more than their friendship.
Pat Sajak had to come out clear with his feelings for Lesley when she featured in the syndicated show, ‘The Dating Game’, and won a spot to go on a date with a bachelor in Mexico. Sajak’s reaction to the news was laced with jealousy. Although he let her go on the trip, he knew that when she returned, there was no way he would allow the same mistake to repeat itself. As soon as Lesly Brown returned to the United States, Sajak met her at the airport and made the final decision that this was the woman he would be spending the rest of his life with.
Armed with a finely cut marquise-shaped diamond ring, Sajak proposed to Lesly on Labor Day. The two married in 1989 on New Year’s Eve, a year after they first met each other. The venue was in Annapolis, Maryland, in a 19th-century Catholic church. It was a small affair, with only 150 guests and Dan Miller, Pat Sajak’s longtime friend, serving as best man. One incredible thing about the couple was that throughout their dating period, Lesly’s parents, who barely watched television, had no idea that Pat Sajak, their son-in-law, was a famous TV personality, with his show, ‘The Pat Sajak Show’.
On September 22, 1990, Lesly and Sajak welcomed their first child, Patrick Michael James Sajak. Their daughter, Maggie Marie Sajak, arrived four years later on January 5, 1995.
The two children have unique personalities. Patrick, 29, is said to take after his mother’s nature. He enjoys a more conservative lifestyle and keeping a more private life than his sister.
Maggie, on the other hand, is 25 years old and enjoys experimenting sounds with musical instruments, including guitar and piano. So far, she has written songs and releases some singles for her teeming fan base.
They live together in Severna, Maryland, and also maintain another home in Los Angeles, California.
Through the years, Pat Sajak has had an illustrious career, enjoying the longest television run on Wheels of Fortune, spanning over 35 years on center stage. Lesly has been with him all along, giving him all the support that he needed to run such a major show.
Pat Sajak also has investments in the Golden Baseball league with teams of Arizona, California, British Columbia, Nevada, and Utah all-inclusive. He also supports Young America’s Foundation financially and is a columnist on Human Events.


For one who started life in the modeling world, Lesly maintains a private lifestyle today. She lives in Severna Park with her family and stays away from social media. She does not have an account on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
Throughout her career, there was no single controversy that could be traced to her.
Despite her illustrious career in showbiz, age, and the need for privacy, Lesly is yet to completely fade from the public. In 2012, she was a spokesperson for Sandals Emerald Bay. Her works in nature photography are displayed on “Leslie Brown Visible Style”. On May 29, 2019, she appeared in the 7,000th episode of ‘Wheel of Fortune’.
Today, Pat Sajak worships with the Churches of Christ and is a fan of the Washington Capitals NHL team. But there’s no information whether she shares the same religious affiliations with her famous husband.


Lesly enjoys traveling and photography and she now spends a great deal of her life pursuing these passions.
She loves the colors blue, green, and white while apple pie and noodles make up her favorite food. She counts Will Smith and Emma Watson amongst her favorite movie stars.

Net Worth

As a photographer, Lesly earns well. Although there’s no knowledge about her exact earnings, there’s an estimation that it is somewhere between the range of $1.3 million to $1.5 million, beginning at the end of 2018.
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