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Laura Marano Movies And TV Shows - FromWithout A Trace To Austin & Ally

Examine the various roles and narratives that Laura Maran movies and TV shows has created for the entertainment industry.

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Laura Marie Marano, born on November 29, 1995, stands as an American thespian and vocalist of distinction. Renowned for her portrayal as Ally Dawson in the Disney Channel series "Austin & Ally," Marano's artistic journey extends beyond the conventional. As one of the inaugural classmates in "Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader?," she exhibited intellectual prowess.
Her cinematic ventures include a noteworthy stint in "Without a Trace," spanning three seasons, and participation in "Back to You." Marano graced the indie film realm with her presence in "A Sort of Homecoming" and embraced Disney Channel's charm in the Original Movie "Bad Hair Day." Further, she adorned the A Cinderella Story franchise in its fifth installment, titled "A Cinderella Story: Christmas Wish."
Examine the various roles and narratives that Laura Marano movies and TV showshave created for the entertainment industry.
Venturing into the digital landscape, Marano contributed to the Netflix repertoire with her roles in "The Perfect Date" and the interactive romcom "Choose Love." In 2015, she inked a deal with Big Machine Records, marking a musical journey highlighted by the release of her debut single "Boombox" on March 11, 2016, and "La La" later that year. Demonstrating autonomy, she released the single "Me" independently on October 5, 2018, adding another layer to her multifaceted career.

Early Life

Born in Los Angeles, California, Laura Marie Marano is the younger daughter of Damiano Marano, a college professor, and Ellen Marano, a former actress who owns the Agoura Children's Theatre. Her father, who is of Italian descent, adds a cultural layer to her heritage. Introduced to the world of acting at her mother's theatre, Marano, at the tender age of five, expressed a keen interest in pursuing acting professionally, a passion shared with her older sister Vanessa, also an actress.
Marano's journey into the arts expanded as she started learning to play the piano at the age of nine. Despite her burgeoning career, she maintained a balance, attending traditional school while working, even during her full-time engagement on "Austin & Ally." Reflecting on this, Marano shared, "I go to an actual high school, and my friends there have been so supportive.
It's nice to be surrounded by really supportive friends when I'm not working." In 2015, demonstrating her commitment to education, Marano enrolled at the University of Southern California, majoring in Philosophy, Politics, and Law. This pursuit underscores her dedication to a well-rounded life, embracing both the arts and academia.


Between 2003 and 2010, Laura Marie Marano embarked on a prolific acting journey, making her debut at the tender age of five. Commencing at the Stage Door Theater, she contributed to various productions, honing her craft. Marano's on-screen presence burgeoned with commercials and minor roles in notable series like Ghost Whisperer, Medical Investigation, Huff, and Joan of Arcadia. Notably, she portrayed the young Keira Knightley in The Jacket and had a brief appearance in Superbad.
Television became a significant canvas for Marano, with standout roles in Without a Trace and other noteworthy shows. Her versatility shone through as a regular on the Fox game show, Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader? and as Gracie Carr in the FOX sitcom Back to You. The Sarah Silverman Program featured her in multiple episodes, initially cast as the young Sarah Silverman and later expanding her role as a girl coached by Sarah to win a beauty pageant.
In Dexter, she portrayed the younger version of Debra Morgan, and in Heroes, she embodied Alice Shaw, the childhood iteration of Diana Scarwid's character. Marano's early years in the entertainment industry showcased her adaptability and proficiency, leaving an indelible mark on both the big and small screens.
From 2011 to 2016, Laura Marie Marano's trajectory in the entertainment landscape continued to flourish, marked by her portrayal of Ally Dawson in the Disney Channel series Austin & Ally. In 2013, she ventured into music, contributing four solo tracks and a duet with Ross Lynch for the Austin & Ally: Turn It Up soundtrack album. Notably, "Me and You" ascended to the sixth spot on the U.S. Billboard Kid Digital Songs chart.
Further showcasing her musical prowess, Marano collaborated with Ross Lynch on the festive duet "I Love Christmas," featured in Disney Channel's Holidays Unwrapped album. The song made its mark on the U.S. Billboard Holiday Digital Songs chart, reaching number fifty.
In 2014, Marano diversified her talents by lending her voice to Rachel in Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja and taking on roles in Fish Hooks and Liv and Maddie. She also starred in the music video "Somebody to You" for The Vamps and Demi Lovato. The following year saw her signing a record deal with Universal's Big Machine Records and starring in the Disney Channel Original Movie, Bad Hair Day.
As Austin & Ally concluded in 2016 after four successful seasons, Marano ventured into radio with her own talk show, For the Record with Laura Marano, debuting on Radio Disney. The weekly show chronicled her music journey, featuring insightful interviews with guest stars like Nick Jonas, Ariana Grande, and Zendaya. This period marked a dynamic phase in Marano's career, seamlessly blending acting and music pursuits.


  • 2003- Finding Nemo
  • 2005- The Jacket as Young Jackie
  • 2006- Ice Age: The Meltdown
  • 2007- Superbad as Young Becca
  • 2015- Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip as Hotel Babysitter
  • 2017- Lady Bird as Diana Greenway
  • 2019- The Perfect Date as Celia Lieberman

TV Shows

  • 2003-2006- Without a Trace as Kate Malone
  • 2004- Joan of Arcadia as Emily
  • 2005- Medical Investigation as Brooke Beck
  • 2005-2006- The X’s as Scout Y
  • 2006- Ghost Whisperer
  • 2006- Huff as Amelia
  • 2006 - Dexter as Young Debra
  • 2007- Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader? as herself
  • 2007-2008- Back to you as Gracie Carr
  • 2007-2010- The Sarah Silverman Program as Healther Silverman / Young sarah Silverman
  • 2008- Ni Hao, Kai-Lan as Mei Mei
  • 2008- Gary Unmarried as Louise Brooks
  • 2009- Heroes as Young Alice Shaw
  • 2009- Little Monk as Cousin Lauren
  • 2010- True Jackson, VP as Molly
  • 2010- FlashForward as Young Tracy
  • 2010- Childrens Hospital as Haley
  • 2011-2016- Austin & Ally as Ally Dawson
  • 2014- Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja as Rachel
  • 2014- Fish Hooks as Girl Hamster #2
  • 2014- Liv and Maddle as Fangs
  • 2015- Bad Hair Day as Monica Reeves
  • 2015- Pickle and Peanut as Veronica
  • 2015- Girl Meets World as Ally Dawson
  • 2016- Mère et Fille, California Dream as Herself
  • 2019- Super Simple Love Story as Nellie
  • 2020- Day by Day as Ellie
  • 2020- Robot Chicken as Evie, Linda, Titanic Waitress
  • 2021- Nickelodeon's Unfiltered as Herself
Laura Marano wears a beautiful jean jacket in The perfect Date while Reuniting with Noah Centineo
Laura Marano wears a beautiful jean jacket in The perfect Date while Reuniting with Noah Centineo

Superbad (2007)

Laura Morana acted as Young Becca. The story unfolds with Seth and Evan, lifelong companions and high school seniors on the brink of separate college journeys, find themselves entangled in a night of escapades. Jules, Seth's romantic interest, extends an invitation to a house party, prompting a mission for alcohol orchestrated by their friend, Fogell, armed with a fake ID.
Despite Fogell's success, a confrontation with a robber leaves him unconscious. Upon the arrival of police officers Slater and Michaels, Seth and Evan mistakenly believe Fogell is under arrest. Instead, the officers agree to chauffeur "McLovin" to the party.
Meanwhile, Seth is struck by a car outside the liquor store. In exchange for their silence, the driver promises to take them to another party. Simultaneously, Slater and Michaels engage Fogell in a ride-along, forging an unexpected bond.
Neglecting their duty, they indulge in drinking, misuse sirens, and even discharge their weapons at a stop sign. The subsequent party sees Seth improvising with alcohol-filled detergent bottles, leading to comical encounters, including a stained leg incident and Evan serenading a group of intoxicated men. A confrontation over dancing with the host's fiancée sparks a brawl, prompting a police intervention.
Seth and Evan manage to evade the situation, setting the stage for a night of unforgettable chaos. Seth starts berating Evan for leaving him, saying that although they had agreed as kids to attend college together, Evan was accepted into a more challenging program. After deciding that Seth has been holding him back for years due to his selfishness, Evan responds that he no longer wants Seth to slow him down.
As they start arguing again, Seth gets struck by the police cruiser that Slater and Michaels are driving once more. They're going to blame Seth for the crash, but as soon as Fogell gets out of the car, Evan runs away, and Seth and Fogell get away with the alcohol. All three eventually arrive to Jules' party.
Seth is furious when Fogell accidentally tells him and Evan that they will be rooming together in college during the party. Becca wants to have sex with Evan but declines since she is intoxicated.
Meanwhile, Seth gains popularity from his descriptions of the night's shenanigans. Fogell walks upstairs to have sex with the lovely foreign exchange student, Nicola, after making an impression on her. Seth tries to kiss Jules while intoxicated, but she refuses him since she doesn't drink and doesn't want Seth around when he's intoxicated.
After feeling that he has lost all hope of a relationship with her, he faints and unintentionally hits Jules in the head, giving her a black eye. Michaels and Slater smash the party. After waking up, Seth flees with an inebriated Evan.
Nicola flees when Slater interrupts her and Fogell during their sexual encounter. Fogell leaves them, and Slater shouts at him for it, but Michaels corrects him, saying they were only interfering. They apologise and admit that they were aware that Fogell was underage all along, but they nevertheless went along with it to prove that police officers could have fun too.
They stage his arrest outside to make up for it and give Fogell the impression that he's a "badass." After they get back together, they blow up their automobile with a Molotov cocktail and Fogell shoots it with Slater's gun. During a sleepover at Evan's, Seth tells Evan that he found out weeks before that Evan and Fogell were going to live together while attending college.
Evan acknowledges that he fears living with strangers but does not want to share a room with Fogell. They make amends with one another and then get back together. When Seth and Evan go to the mall the following day, they run into Jules and Becca.
After admitting their inebriated actions, Becca and Seth part ways with the girls. Seth goes shopping with Jules to get makeup for the black eye he gave her, and Becca goes shopping with Evan to get a new duvet to replace the one she puked on while intoxicated.

Alvin And The Chipmunks: The Road Chip (2015)

Laura Marano acted as the Hotel Babysitter. This story talked about the Chipmunks, Alvin, Simon, and Theodore Seville, along with the Chipettes – Brittany, Jeanette, and Eleanor – who have moved to a new house and organized a surprise birthday bash for Dave. The celebration also doubles as a farewell party for the Chipettes, who are set to be guest judges on American Idol.
Alvin, much to Simon's dismay, goes all out, inviting numerous people and celebrities. Dave reluctantly agrees to take them mini-golfing. During the outing, the Chipmunks encounter Samantha, Dave's girlfriend, and her son Miles.
Unfortunately, Miles mistreats the Chipmunks physically. Later, the Chipmunks discover an engagement ring at home and mistakenly believe that Dave plans to propose to Samantha. Alarmed at the thought of having Miles as a step-brother, they attempt to steal the ring but fail.
Dave is tasked with producing a record for pop artist Ashley Grey in Miami and decides to bring Samantha along. The Chipmunks and Miles, though initially planning to sabotage the proposal, decide to join them in Miami. To trick their neighbor Ms. Price into thinking they're home, they use drugged squirrels dressed as them.
During their journey, a series of misadventures unfold, including an emergency landing in Austin, Texas, and clashes with Air Marshal James Suggs, who harbors resentment towards the Chipmunks. Their journey eventually leads them to New Orleans, where they bond with Miles over shared experiences. They raise money by busking, perform at the Mardi Gras parade, and get Dave's attention, who is watching the broadcast.
In Miami, Alvin reveals he stole the ring, derailing the proposal. Miles, hurt by their actions, is nearly hit by a car, but the Chipmunks save him. Realizing their mistake, they return the ring, only to discover it was intended for Dave's friend Barry.
As an apology, they sing a new song for Dave and officially accept Samantha and Miles into the family. Dave adopts the Chipmunks, forgiving them, and they return the ring to Barry, who successfully proposes to his girlfriend, Alice. Meanwhile, Suggs is freed from an elevator and escorted out of the hotel by security guards.

The Perfect Date (2019) As Celia Lieberman

Laura Marano acted as Celia Lieberman. The story talked about Brooks Rattigan, a teenager aspiring to get into Yale, who faces financial challenges that hinder his college dreams. His father preferred him to attend the University of Connecticut, where he received a full scholarship.
Working at a sub shop with his friend Murph, Brooks seizes an opportunity to pose as the boyfriend of Celia Lieberman, a wealthy classmate's cousin. He discovers his talent for adapting to different personalities in the dating scene. With Murph's help, Brooks creates an app that markets him as the perfect plus-one for various occasions.
As he successfully navigates the dating world, Murph feels neglected and ends their partnership. To win over the snobby Shelby, Brooks sets his sights on her, with Celia's assistance. They plan a fake breakup to pursue Shelby and Franklin Volley, respectively.
While Brooks' business thrives, Celia arranges an interview for him at Yale but becomes upset when she learns he lied to the Dean. Celia realizes Franklin isn't right for her but doesn't share this with Brooks. During the fake breakup, she is hurt by his words, thinking it's part of the act.
Shelby, drawn to Brooks, invites him to her school formal. However, their differences become apparent, and Leah, a girl who used Brooks' app, exposes its true nature. Shelby, offended, leaves when Brooks admits he's not from a wealthy town and needs money for Yale.
Brooks seeks guidance from his dad and reevaluates his priorities. He decides to accept UConn's offer, realizing he doesn't want to pretend to be someone else for Yale. Reconciling with Murph and writing a letter to Celia, Brooks reflects on his past ambitions and acknowledges the true essence of his identity.
Celia visits him, they reconcile, and the film ends with a party at the sub shop, where Brooks and Celia share a kiss, and Murph reveals his admission to UConn. They dance together, marking a new chapter in their lives.
Laura Marano wearing a white dress with her Vanessa Marano at the MTV -jpg
Laura Marano wearing a white dress with her Vanessa Marano at the MTV -jpg

Laura Marano’s Family

Laura Marano shares a familial connection with her older sister, Vanessa Marano. Notably, they portrayed on-screen sisters in recurring roles on "Without a Trace" in 2002, adding a unique dynamic to their professional collaboration. Vanessa Marano, Laura's elder sister, gained prominence as the main character "Bay Kennish" in ABC Family/Freeform's "Switched at Birth."
In a poignant moment in Season 3, Episode 17, titled "Girl With Death Mask (She Plays Alone)," Bay encounters an estranged family member for the first time. During this pivotal scene, she is presented with a photograph of her paternal aunt who tragically passed away at the age of 18 due to an aneurysm. In a remarkable twist of reality mirroring fiction, the girl featured in the photograph is none other than Laura Marano herself.
The Marano sisters seamlessly blend their real-life connection with on-screen narratives, creating a nuanced and interconnected portrayal of family ties in the world of entertainment.


In August 2013, Laura Marano assumed the role of UNICEF's Trick-or-Treat Ambassador, actively encouraging children to channel their Halloween spirit into a philanthropic endeavor. The campaign aimed to inspire youngsters to raise funds on Halloween, contributing to UNICEF's crucial work in supporting children worldwide. Laura expressed her enthusiasm for the initiative, stating, "I'm so excited to celebrate Halloween this year by encouraging kids to support UNICEF's lifesaving work.
The Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF campaign is a fun, easy way for kids to learn about world issues and to help other kids who are less fortunate."
Building on her commitment to positive causes, in August 2014, Marano took on the role of ambassador for the Disney and Birds Eye Vegetables campaign, titled 'Step up to the plate.' This campaign sought to foster a healthy approach among children in the United States, urging them to explore nutritious food choices, particularly vegetables.
In April 2019, Laura Marano extended her support to Childhelp during National Child Abuse Prevention Month by hosting a fashion show. This event not only showcased her dedication to philanthropy but also contributed to raising awareness about child abuse prevention—an important cause that aligns with the values of compassion and advocacy that Marano actively promotes.

FAQS - Laura Marano Movies And TV Shows

Did Ross Lynch And Laura Marano Date?

Yes, Ross Lynch and Laura Marano, the actors from "Austin & Ally," have explicitly stated on multiple occasions that there was no romantic relationship between them off-screen. Despite their convincing portrayal of a couple on the show, they have consistently emphasized that their connection has always been that of close friends and colleagues. The confirmation from both actors helps dispel any rumors or speculations about a romantic relationship between them during the filming of "Austin & Ally."

Was Laura Marano In Finding Nemo?

Laura has done many voice-over jobs including the commercially successful animated films, Finding Nemo (2003) and Ice Age: The Meltdown (2006). She has recurring roles on the Nickelodeon shows, The X's (2005) and Ni Hao, Kai-Lan (2007).

Is Laura Marano Older Than Ross Lynch?

Having to list the actors' ages from oldest to youngest, Calum is older than Ross and Laura by almost five years, Raini is in the middle, and Ross is precisely one month younger than Laura. Actress Laura Marano signed a record deal with Big Machine Records, the same record label as Taylor Swift.

Did Ross And Laura Actually Kiss?

Well remember that first time, cause for the longest time, they wouldn't let us kiss, for whatever reason," Ross explained. "So finally Laura and I were like, 'let's just kiss,' it's less awkward that way anyway. Well what happened was, I had this, do you remember that day, I had a big zit."


Laura Marano, a versatile American actress and singer, gained fame as Ally Dawson in "Austin & Ally." From a prolific start at five, her career expanded to voice-over work and music, signing with Big Machine Records. Laura Marano movies and TV shows have created entertainment in industry.
Simultaneously, she pursued education, majoring in Philosophy, Politics, and Law. Her journey reflects adaptability and talent.
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