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Kristen Strout - A Car Advertising Model Who Will Drive You Insane

Kristen Strout is a professional model and social media influencer who rose to fame because of the promotional pictures she took of herself in a bikini and a car. On Instagram, where she has more than 910,000 followers, she has become a phenomenon thanks to the revealing selfies she shares.

Candice Burns
Aug 03, 202284 Shares1650 Views
Kristen Stroutis a well-known personality and an internet icon thanks to her success on social media.
After publishing her images on social networking sites like Instagram, she quickly garnered a sizable following there.
She is famous for the promotional pictures of her in a bikini and the automobile.
In addition to that, she is a well-known spokesmodel, a model for automobile advertisements, and an Instagram star.
On Instagram, where she has more than 910,000 followers, she has become a phenomenon thanks to the revealing selfies she shares.
She spent the first five years of her life in Central Florida with her family after moving there from Portsmouth, Virginia, where she was born.

Who Is Kristen Strout?

Kristen Strout wearing a gray long sleeves
Kristen Strout wearing a gray long sleeves
Kirsten Strout, who is now known as one of the busiest models in Florida, first gained prominence as a car advertising model and as a contender in bikini contests.
She is also an American spokesmodel and a social media influencer, and her millions of admirers affectionately call her R1 Vette Babe.
She has amassed more than 910,000 followers on her Instagram account since she began uploading images there.
The gorgeous diva also maintains careers as a designer and an investor in real estate, and in the past, she was a member of the Orlando Fantasy of the Lingerie Football League, where she played the position of safety.
Strout began her life in Portsmouth, Virginia, in the United States of America, but when she was five years old, she relocated to Central Florida with her family.
After receiving her undergraduate degree in Biochemistry from the Rochester Institute of Technology, she went on to acquire a graduate degree in Computer Science from the University of Central Florida.
After graduating, Strout began a job in marketing, but when she turned 21, she began playing in The Lingerie Football League for the Orlando Fantasy.
As a result of the team's decision to feature her in their calendar and on the official LFL football, Strout was given the opportunity to compete in a bikini competition, which kicked off her career as a model.
Strout identifies as both a country girl and a tomboy at heart.
She has a passion for motor vehicles and enjoys listening to rock music and riding her Yamaha R1 motorcycle.
She continues to collaborate with some of the most well-known brands and businesses around the globe, and her image can be seen adorning the covers of calendars and magazines all over the world.

What Is Kristen Strout's Age?

On April 12th, 1988, Kristen Strout entered the world.
She was born under the sign of Aries and is now 34 years old.
Her ethnicity is a mystery, however, she is an American citizen.
Her nationality is American.
In addition, she has not divulged very much information about her childhood, her parents, or her siblings.

Kristen Strout Professional Career

Kristen Strout wearing a white crop top and riding a black motorcycle
Kristen Strout wearing a white crop top and riding a black motorcycle
After graduating from college, Kristen went straight into the workforce, beginning her career in marketing.
In addition to that, she is a participant in the league for lingerie football.
After a certain point in her life, she started taking part in bikini competitions, where she quickly became a winner and maintained her career as a model.
In a similar vein, she started working in the real estate industry as an investor and designer in April 2016.
In addition to that, she is a designer and a real estate investor in Nashville, Tennessee, where she currently resides.
She has become well-known for the commercial photoshoots she has done in bikinis and automobiles.
In a similar vein, she revealed in July 2019 that she would be holding a fan contest in which she would give away two tickets to see Zedd.
In addition to this, she has a passion for the outdoors, rides a Yamaha R1 motorbike, and was formerly the owner of a C7 Corvette.
In a similar manner, she worked as a model on her own and uploaded many of her photographs to her Instagram account, which was called '@r1_vette_babe23.
Her Instagram account has more than 910 thousand followers at the moment.
In a similar vein, she updates an Instagram feed that is focused on racing and automobiles.
There, she has managed to accumulate over one thousand followers while having only seventeen posts.
She has a stake in the real estate company Down to Flip Houses.
In addition to that, she publishes her architectural designs only on an Instagram account that she maintains.
She is employed in the fields of Interior Design and as a model for automobile advertisements.
Additionally, she competes in auto races.
Bikini Coast International is an event that she has competed in.
She regularly posts promotional content including her swimsuit and her automobile.
In addition, she has been a model for such companies as Fashion Nova, Rock Solid Stabilization, BCI Swimwear, Rose Forever, Chevy Silverados, SRE Promotion, and Corvette, amongst others.

What Does Kristen Strout Look Like?

Kristen is a young woman who captivates people with her beauty and charm.
She has maintained her height of 5 feet 3 inches, making her completely unimposing.
In addition, she has a weight of approximately 115 pounds (50 kilograms).
She maintains a lean body form that is perfectly proportioned.
The circumferences of her chest, waist, and hips are respectively 32, 23, and 34 inches.
Additionally, she has a bra size of 32D.
In addition to that, she has beautiful light hair and eyes that are hazel.

Instagram Presence Of Kristen Strout

Kristen Strout wearing a maroon two piece swimsuit in a pool
Kristen Strout wearing a maroon two piece swimsuit in a pool
Kristen is involved in the community life of a few different websites.
As of the year 2022, the number of individuals who follow her Instagram account (@r1_vette_babe23) is almost 910 thousand.
As a direct consequence of this, she currently has more than 1,150 photos and videos posted to her Instagram account.
Additionally, she has garnered more than 3600 followers on her second account, which is (@kristenstroutracing).
In addition to that, she has provided an account for her Houses @dtfhouses business with around 2987 followers.
Her account has not been verified at this time.
Her official Facebook profile has close to 32,000 people following it.
Similarly, she is also active on TikTok under the handle "@r1_vette_babe23," where she has garnered a following of 190.9K users.
On her TikTok account, where she has also released hot and sensual films about other fascinating topics, she has been responsible for videos that have gone popular on the internet.
The aggregate number of likes for her videos hit 530.6K in total.

Is Kristen Strout Dating Someone?

According to the information in our files, the American model who is 34 years old is almost certainly unmarried at this point.
When it comes to the details of her private life, Kristen Strout chooses to keep a low profile and makes it a priority to avoid the spotlight whenever possible.
Kristen may not be seeing anyone who is known to the public, but she may be seeing someone behind the scenes, and those specifics have not yet been made public.
Therefore, it's probably not a good idea to draw any conclusions too quickly.
She has never indicated how much she enjoys life in that location, despite the fact that she is an active user of Instagram.
On the other hand, due to the fact that she is a skilled and attractive woman, throughout her life, she is likely to receive a lot of attention and potential suitors.

How Much Money Did Kristen Strout Earn?

Kristen Strout wearing maroon lingerie and raising her arms
Kristen Strout wearing maroon lingerie and raising her arms
As of the year 2022, Kristen Strout has a total net worth of $1 million.
In addition to that, she is able to maintain a comfortable standard of living thanks to the work that she does.
In addition to the income she receives from modeling, she also makes a respectable living from the endorsement of various items on her many social media sites.
In addition, she is the proud owner of both a sports bike and a sports automobile, both of which were significant financial investments on her part.
In addition to riding a Yamaha R1, she has a C7 Corvette.
She can afford to live an extravagant lifestyle.
Additionally, she is the proud owner of a home as well as additional wealth.

People Also Ask

How Old Is Kristen Strout?

In addition to being a well-known Instagrammer, Kristen Strout is also a model for car commercials and a bikini contestant.
On 12 April 1988, Kristen Strout was born.
In 2022, Kristen Strout is 34 years old.

What Sign Is Kristen Strout Most Compatible With?

An Aries, Kristen Strout's sign is controlled by Mars's influence.
Leo and Aquarius are the two most compatible signs for Aries.
Those born under this zodiac sign are drawn to the thrill of the chase and tend to fall in and out of love just as rapidly.

What Size Bra Does Kristin Kristen Wear?

Kristen is an attractive and lovely woman. She stands at just 5 feet 3 inches tall.
As a result, she weighs in at roughly 50 kilograms.
In terms of her physical appearance, she is both voluptuous and slender.
Her bra size is 32D, as well.


Kristen Strout is an American social media celebrity, Instagram star, spokesmodel, automobile advertising model, and competitor in bikini competitions.
She was born and raised in the United States.
Images of Kristen Strout posing in bikinis and automobiles have earned her a significant amount of likes and comments.
When she turned 21, she joined the Orlando Fantasy of the Lingerie Football League to show off her athletic prowess.
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