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Danny Koker’s Greatest Asset, Korie Fera-Koker

There’s always a strong woman behind every man’s success, and Danny Koker is not an exemption to that. Meet Korie Koker, the woman behind the amazing career of Danny, and get to know her life apart from being his wife.

Amandeep Coleman
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Many wouldn’t know Korie Koker aside from being the wife of Danny Koker. She doesn’t receive much media attention, unlike his husband, but she seems alright with the setup. She made a name in her chosen industry, especially in business, together with her husband. And she continually serves as his lifetime support amidst his success in the entertainment industry.
Korie Fera-Koker was born on the 8th day of August 1965 in Las Vegas, Nevada. But they moved to Chicago, Illinois, for unknown reasons. She holds American citizenship and obviously belongs to white ethnicity. As of 2021, she is already 55 years old. She finished high school in Chicago and proceeded to enroll in college. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in broadcasting. She did not share any specific details on where she attended her high school and college education, but she had a degree and pursued work right after.
In terms of her family background, she also did not share many details about them, like their names or professions. But based on her social media accounts, she has a great relationship with her mother as she frequently posts pictures of her. She is not an only child since she was raised together with her brother.
In terms of her physical attributes, Korie is slim in physique, but her exact weight has not been disclosed to the public yet. She also stands 5 feet and 7 inches. This beautiful woman is with long-dyed hair and a mesmerizing pair of eyes that are blue in color.

Korie’s Career Journey

After obtaining her BA degree in broadcasting, she immediately pursued a career in the entertainment industry. Her first work was in the position of a camera operator. After a few years of hard work, she was promoted to production coordinator at a local television network. She was really good at what she was doing because, after a while, she was again promoted. She started serving as a promotion director. She became in charge of what events the network will promote during its airing. This upgrade in Korie’s career status made a huge leap in her net worth.
Korie was very passionate about her line of work, which is mostly in production. But after some time, she tried to pursue her other passion, which is in the music industry. She decided to become a musician and a singer in a band. Korie, together with her friends, founded a rock band, to which they are the members. But their journey as a rock band did not last that long, and they also did not receive much recognition. Their group got disbanded, but Korie still enjoys singing on different occasions.
After marrying the love of her life, Danny Koker, they decided to establish a business. The couple chose to venture into food and beverages, which gave birth to their restaurant named Count’s Vamp’d Rock Bar and Grill restaurant.This served as an outlet for Korie to continue her love for singing even after the disbandment of her band. There she collaborated with other rock bands, and they also hired them to perform in the restaurant on a given schedule. The couple also decided to try another line of business, which is a tattoo parlor. It was named Count’s Tattoo Company, where she is a co-owner together with her husband.

Korie Koker’s Husband, Danny Koker

Danny koker
Danny koker
Danny Koker was born Daniel Nicholas Koker II. He was brought to this world on the 5th day of January 1964, in Cleveland, Ohio, USA. He spent his childhood in Cleveland and Detroit together with her sister, Kim Koker. His father, Daniel Koker Sr., worked as an official in the Ford Motor Company. His mother is Mary Koker.
Danny’s TV career started when his family bought the Channel 33network, which was based in Las Vegas. There he began to appear in the show “Count Cool Rider.” After that, he became the host of the show “Saturday Fright at the Movies.” After years of hard work, he gained a lot of projects which contributed to his experience and skills. He later earned enough money to establish his own restoration shop, which he named Count’s Kustoms. In 2010, he was cast in the History Channel reality series “Pawn Stars.” And in 2012, he joined the main cast of another reality series from History Channel called “Counting Cars.” This show features Danny’s activities at “Count’s Kustoms,” where they find classic cars and transform them into their cooler version. This made the career Danny reach its peak for it made a great success in the TV network. The series is on its 9th season, which started in 2020.

Korie And Danny’s Marital Relationship

Korie and danny koker
Korie and danny koker
Korie and Danny share a happy life with each other even after more than 15 years of marriage. The couple met in Las Vegas, Nevada, they fell in love with each other and started dating. After a couple of years, the two decided to take things on a higher level. They exchanged their vows in a private ceremony, which was attended only by their closest friends and respective families. They did not disclose when the wedding happened and where it was held. They are both enjoying their married life and have no intention of raising any children. Well, of course, because they are already in their 50’s, but they never really planned to have any in the first place. They are currently residing in Las Vegas, Nevada, and living the best days of their lives.

Death Rumors Of Korie And Danny Koker

Korie and Danny did not face any serious allegations or controversies throughout their careers. But they once have been a victim of false death rumors. Korie had an accident, but there are no details on what kind of accident and how serious it was. But Korie was reported dead, and the news spread so fast among the media and public. It was definitely false since Korie is still alive up to this date. Danny also had death rumors, but it was confusion between him and his father, who was the one who actually died at that time. It is because they have the same name since Danny’s real name was Daniel Nicholas Koker II, while his father was the senior.

Social Media Presence

Korie still manages to have social media presence even though she prefers preserving a peaceful, private life. This is mainly because of her involvement with the entertainment industry. Korie has an account on Instagram and Twitter. She can be found on Twitter @KorieKoker. This account has more than 4,000 followers. Her Instagram account is @korie4rock, which has more than 1,100 followers. She had to make use of different social media platforms for various purposes. She utilizes these outlets to promote her upcoming projects for her supporters to catch up. And she also uses them to share her thoughts and pictures from her private life. And lastly, she posts various content relevant to her line of work.

How Rich Are Korie And Danny Koker?

Korie has been an active member of the entertainment industry and, at the same time, a successful businesswoman. She accumulated a total of net worth, which is estimated to be over $1 million. Danny Koker, being a famous TV personality, has earned a large amount of money after the success of his previous reality series, especially the Counting Cars.Danny earns a total amount of $100,000 per episode of the show. This makes his estimated net worth to be over $15 million.
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