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King Charles III Celebrates First Trooping The Colour As King

King Charles III celebrates first Trooping birthday parade, during the parade, King Charles III rode on horseback to check on the men. Since 1760, the parade has been called Trooping the Colour. The event, which was also called the King's birthday parade, took place on June 17.

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King Charles III celebrates first Troopingbirthday parade, during the parade, King Charles III rode on horseback to check on the men. Since 1760, the parade has been called Trooping the Colour. The event, which was also called the King's birthday parade, took place on June 17. Even though the king's real birthday is in November, this annual party has long been thought of as his official birthday.
It happens just a few weeks after the King was crowned on May 6. At that event, soldiers marched through central London in scarlet coats and bearskin fur hats while military bands played music.

King Charles III Celebrates First Trooping The Colour

At his first Trooping the Colour as king, members of the royal family stood by him. On Saturday, the 74-year-old King's birthday was marked at Trooping the Colour, an event that has been a part of the royal calendar for decades. This year was the first time the celebrations were held in honor of King Charles. This was because Queen Elizabeth died in September.
During the parade through London, King Charles rode on a horse named Noble while wearing the usual bearskin cap and the Welsh Guards' tunic. The monarch wears the dress of the regiment whose flag is being presented or "trooped" that year.
Charles rode in the parade on a horse, which was the first time a British king had done so since 1986. The last time Queen Elizabeth rode during Trooping the Colour was 37 years ago. Since then, she has chosen to ride in a carriage instead. It was a sad event because it was the first time in seven decades that someone other than the late Queen Elizabeth II was given a trooping service.
Elizabeth's Platinum Jubilee, which happened in 2022 and celebrated her 70 years on the throne, was one of the biggest Trooping events in recent years. It would be the last time she would watch hundreds of horses and troops do battlefield drills to the sound of military music. This was an annual show of Britain's hard power. After the military show on the day of the crowning had to be cut short because of bad weather, the royals got to see a longer one.
Around 70 planes from the Royal Navy, British Army, and Royal Air Force took part, including planes from the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight, the C-130 Hercules on its last formal flight, and modern Typhoon fighter jets with red, white, and blue finale from the Red Arrows.
After the parade, the royal family went back to Buckingham Palace and stood on its famous balcony to watch about 70 military planes and helicopters fly by. Prince George, the future king, who is nine, Prince Louis, who is five, and Princess Charlotte, who is eight, joined the rest of the family on the balcony. The boys were wearing red ties and blue blazers, and Charlotte was wearing a sailor suit with red trim. People who had gathered outside the palace and on The Mall, the street going up to it, cheered for them.
Trooping the Colour is a ceremonial event that takes place annually in the United Kingdom to celebrate the official birthday of the British monarch. While the British sovereign's actual birthday may fall on any day of the year, the Trooping the Colour ceremony is held on a Saturday in June, usually the second Saturday.
The tradition of Trooping the Colour dates back to the 17th century during the reign of King Charles II. In those times, it was customary for military units to display their colors (flags) so that soldiers could recognize their own units during battle. This practice eventually evolved into a ceremony where regiments would parade their colors to demonstrate their loyalty and allegiance to the reigning monarch.


Since becoming king, King Charles III celebrates his first Trooping. Princes Louis, George, and Charlotte, along with other royals, stood on a rooftop at Buckingham Palace to watch a flyby in honor of their grandfather's official birthday. Planes were used to make out the King's initials, CR, in a surprise tribute. At Horse Guard's Parade and the Mall in London, a lot of people watched the event.
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