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Kevin Spacey Received Lifetime Achievement Award In Italy

Actor Kevin Spacey received lifetime achievement award. This honor follows on the heels of his recent court appearance in the United Kingdom, where he was charged with seven counts of sexual assault against a man in the early 2000s. He says they're all false.

Daisy-Mae Schmitt
Jan 18, 20230 Shares195 Views
In a ceremony in Turin, Italy, Kevin Spacey received lifetime achievement awardfor his life's work from the National Museum of Cinema.
The Museum of Cinema in Turin gave the two-time Oscar winner a "Stella della Mole" award in the presence of the museum's president, Enzo Ghigo, and the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Culture, Vittorio Sgarbi.
In his acceptance speech, Mr. Spacey thanked the institution from the bottom of his heart for having the "balls" to give him the award. There were about 400 people there, including some of the actor's friends who had come to Italy to show their support.
The actor is on trial for alleged abuse from the early 2000s. Since he was accused of sexual misconduct, Mr. Spacey hasn't worked in movies and his Oscars for American Beauty and The Usual Suspects have been taken away.

Kevin Spacey Received Lifetime Achievement Award

Kevin Spacey given lifetime achievement award in Italy days after UK court appearance

The actor thanked the National Cinema Museum in Turin, in northern Italy, for having the bravery to invite him during his first public speech since #MeToo allegations terminated his career on Monday. He achieved so by employing an evocative Italian expression.
Upon his retirement, Spacey received a lifetime achievement award from the museum. While teaching a master class, he discussed his most memorable parts and then presented "American Beauty," the film for which he won his second acting Oscar.
“I am truly blessed and grateful and humbled. And my heart is very full tonight toward the National Museum of Cinema for having had the “le palle” to invite me tonight,’’- Kevin Spacey
Spacey said, using the Italian word for a male body part that is often associated with courage. The audience cheered.
By presenting this award, they are making a strong defense of artistic achievement and for that they should be applauded.- Kevin Spacey
Stella della Mole winners include Dario Argento, Monica Bellucci, and Isabella Rossellini.
These reportedly marked Spacey's first public speaking engagements in five years. The two-time Oscar winner's star position on Netflix's "House of Cards" was taken away from him after sexual assault claims surfaced, and he has since had problems finding other work.
Spacey didn't talk about the accusations directly when he accepted the award or when he taught an hour-long master class. But, while acknowledging that many fans are loyal, he said, “the bond I share with them will not be easily broken by unrestrained, ever-shifting mobocratic ties.”
When he thanked his manager Evan Lowenstein for his help, he got emotional and said that Evan was "the brother I never had."
On Monday, Spacey was in the city of Turin in northern Italy to get a lifetime achievement award, teach a master class, and introduce a showing of the 1999 movie "American Beauty."
Spacey also said he was "enormously grateful" to Italian director Frank Nero, who cast him in his new movie "The Man Who Drew God," which was shot in Turin. When the movie is shown for the first time this week in Rome, Spacey will be there. Fans lined up after the master class to take selfies and have DVDs signed.
I actually miss him, and I think he had a great role in the cinema. He made Netflix what it is today. I am so happy to see that he is coming back, because we have to separate the man and the artist.’- Chiara Ottolini
Chiara Ottolini, referring to the enormous success of “House of Cards.” Mary Bicci took an hour-long train ride from Milan to see Spacey because she thinks he is one of the best actors of all time. She said:
When the scandal happened, I went into mourning because I knew very well that they would ostracize him right away.- Mary Bicci
Spacey faces 12 counts of sexual assault against four men, allegedly committed between 2001 and 2013, including during his time as artistic director at London's Old Vic theater. His trial is scheduled to begin in June. His denial of guilt was stated.
Spacey, now 63 years old, was found not guilty of sexually abusing actor Anthony Rapp, then 14, in 1986, when they were both relatively unknown Broadway actors. The case was heard by a federal jury in New York in October.
After slightly over an hour of discussion, the jury found that Rapp, who is now 50 years old, had failed to establish his claims. A Los Angeles judge sided with an arbitrator in August, ordering Kevin Spacey to pay $30.9 million to "House of Cards" producers for violating his contract by sexually assaulting staff members.
University of Iowa design student Elena Cortini was confused by the allegations she saw while viewing "American Beauty" for the second time. She mentioned that she enjoyed films and that she often reflected on how expertly Blade Runner was executed in 1999.
If he is putting is life back together as he said, good for him.- Elena Cortini


Kevin Spacey, an actor in Hollywood, gave his first public speech since allegations of sexual assault were made against him. The 63-year-old star of "American Beauty" got a lifetime achievement award in Turin for his work in movies.
The actor thanked the National Cinema Museum for having the "courage" to invite him to the event on Monday night. At the sold-out event, the two-time Oscar winner also gave a master class on acting.
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