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Karsanj - First Iranian Tool Designed Specifically For Basic Education Consultants

There are several ways to define a knowledge management system. For some, it's a platform for teaching and learning. For many others, it's a tool for quickly solving difficulties.

Kaleem Kirkpatrick
Jun 29, 202233578 Shares1049301 Views
There are several ways to define a knowledge management system. For some, it's a platform for teaching and learning. For many others, it's a tool for quickly solving difficulties. Simply put, a knowledge management system is a platform or application that allows you to share information.
You can, for example, produce articles, papers, and guidelines using a knowledge management system. You may then make these available to your customers or workers to assist them in resolving frequent product difficulties.
It doesn't matter if you're trying to teach your consumers how to use a product. Alternatively, train your personnel on how to deal with various scenarios. We can all agree that having a knowledge base may benefit all sorts of organizations in a variety of ways.

Karsanj Reviews

Because there are no schools in some far areas of Iran, many knowledge-based businesses are considering putting both virtual and offline classrooms together using the Internet and technological technology. Various firms have established online systems in recent years to conduct distance learning, take examinations, and receive student exercises, including the system.
Karsanj gives users and schools access to three services. The three services supplied to schools under this system are virtual and online classrooms, absentee examinations, and defining and receiving student exercises. Schools interested in accessing the Karsanj site's amenities can register on this platform to access the system's services.
Karsanj Application for mobiles screenshot
Karsanj Application for mobiles screenshot

Why Karsanj Is Important

Many institutions have held their online lessons offline or virtually for the past two years owing to the coronavirus outbreak in the country. At the start of absenteeism and online schooling, there were no adequate mechanisms to utilize to conduct absentee courses, which made it difficult for students to study and professors to teach.
However, this problem was gradually rectified with the introduction of various educational systems, to the point where there are now a variety of sites that can be utilized by many schools so that they may have their own virtual and distant courses with ease and efficiency.
The Karsanj system at was one of the systems developed by a private corporation so that schools could register if they needed the system's services and facilities in order to run their virtual and online classes as efficiently as possible.
Karsanj is one of the greatest services, making it simpler for kids to study on the Internet and allowing school teachers to teach all educational topics to students without the burden of virtual education.
Schools can access the Karsanj website's services by completing the registration form and following the registration process at Students and instructors will be able to access this virtual network after registering in the network of Iran's leading schools.

Karsanj Login

The work meter system's primary use is to provide online classes for various institutions and universities. To access the aforementioned services, each school must first register with the system and complete the service request form.
By enrolling in school and paying the membership cost, each student will be assigned a username and password, allowing them to access the trading system's features. Students must first log in to the Karsanj website at in order to utilise the Karsanj system's services.
Students will be taken to the user page and will be able to access the system's capabilities if the username and password submitted are accurate. Students may complete a range of lesson plans and track their study hours each week, in addition to engaging in virtual tests and courses.

Karsanj App

Karsanj is a top school network where you may stay up-to-date on the work that your high school assigns you and share images, videos, or PDF files with the instructor or other school officials. The application is linked to the Khan download site.
Other elements of the tachometer include:
  • Taking a test over the internet.
  • Online courses are being held.
  • Takabaf can be uploaded in the form of photographs, PDFs, or videos.
  • There is no need for a complex space.
Due to current sanctions, the iPhone version has been withdrawn; if you wish to access the PC version's services, you can go to the Karsanj website.


Karsanj is a strong and effective instrument that may assist the schools in implementing scientific-educational management. It is the result of combining experience and expertise with current technology.
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