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Jung Won Chang Movies And TV Shows - From Screen To Stardom

We embark on a movielike journey through Jung Won Chang movies and TV shows, delving into the various facets of this multifaceted artist who continues to leave a lasting impact in the realm of the entertainment industry.

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Jung Won Chang is a South Korean actor who was born on September 1, 1989, in Daegu, South Korea. The South Korean actor is under Kingkong by Starship. He made his acting debut in 2016 with the television series “Ms. Temper & Nam Jung Gi”.
He graduated from Hanyang University’s Department of Theatre and Film. Starting with a stage play in 2012, “How to Sincerely Apologize to Other People,” he later took on minor roles in the 2017 film “The Battleship Island” and appeared in dramas like “Her Private Life” (2019) and “Poong, the Joseon Psychiatrist” (2022)
The South Korean actor is under Kingkong by Starship. He made his acting debut in 2016 with the television series “Ms. Temper & Nam Jung Gi.” We embark on a movielike journey through Jung Won Chang movies and TV shows, delving into the various facets of this multifaceted artist who continues to leave a lasting impact in the realm of the entertainment industry.
Jung Won-Chang in a movie scene with a lady
Jung Won-Chang in a movie scene with a lady

Shark: The Beginning (2021)

During middle school, Cha Woo-Sol (Kim Min-Suk) endured bullying from Bae Seok-Chan (Jung Won Chang). When he switched to a different high school, he thought he had escaped the torment, only to find Bae Seok-Chan transferring to the same school. Unable to endure the bullying any longer, Cha Woo-Sol lashes out with a pen, leading to a 3-year sentence in juvenile prison.
In prison, Cha Woo-Sol crosses paths with Jung Do-Hyun (Wi Ha-Joon), a former MMA champion imprisoned for avenging his family's murder. Desperate to survive inside and seek revenge against Bae Seok-Chan, Cha Woo-Sol persuades Jung Do-Hyun to teach him how to fight. Meanwhile, Bae Seok-Chan faces the consequences of the pen attack, giving up boxing due to his injuries and awaiting Cha Woo-Sol's release to settle the score.

Midnight (2021)

Jung Won Chang was an additional character who acted as a police officer. The film also subtly critiques a societal tendency to marginalize women and disabled individuals compared to able-bodied men.
This theme becomes particularly evident in the later stages of "Midnight," where the protagonist, Kyung Mi, a young deaf woman played by Jin Ki-joo, struggles to seek help in a crowded street. Her pleas are often dismissed in favor of her pursuer, the charismatic serial killer Do Shik (Wi Ha-Joon, known for his role in Squid Game and delivering a standout performance as the antagonist), who manipulates the situation by casting doubt on her credibility.
Kyung Mi becomes an unwitting victim when she interrupts Do Shik’s attack on another young woman, So Jung (Kim Hye-Yoon). So, Jung's controlling brother, Tak So (Park Hoon), had warned her about staying out late, and unfortunately, events unfold in a way that proves him somewhat correct.
The film commendably portrays women as resilient, resourceful, and compassionate, while many male characters are depicted as either thugs, fools, or, in Do Shik's case, outright killers. The script skillfully weaves in the deafness of Kyung Mi and her mother (Kil Hae-yeon), using it not as a defining trait but as a unique perspective.
The film creatively employs sound and silence to convey the auditory experience of the deaf characters and heighten tension. However, the director tends to indulge in excess during the final act, leading to a prolonged and somewhat over-the-top conclusion. Nevertheless, even this extravagance adds an intriguing layer to the overall narrative.

Poong, The Joseon Psychiatrist (2022)

Jung Won Chang acted as Jo Shin Woo (Royal Inspector / Tae Hak's adopted son). Yoo Se-Poong (Kim Min-Jae) serves as a physician for the royal family but finds himself entangled in a conspiracy within the palace. As a result, he is expelled from the royal grounds and takes up residence in the peculiar yet enchanting Gyesu Village.
In this unique setting, Yoo Se-Poong encounters Seo Eun-Woo (Kim Hyang-Gi) and Gye Ji-Han (Kim Sang-Kyung). Embracing his new role, Yoo Se-Poong evolves into a doctor who not only addresses the physical ailments of his patients but also tends to their emotional and mental well-being.
Set during the Japanese colonial era, approximately 400 Korean individuals are coerced into forced labor on Battleship Island for coal mining, and they strive to escape their dire circumstances.

The Battleship Island

Jung Wan-Chang acted a bit. During the Japanese colonial era, roughly 400 Korean people, who were forced onto Battleship Island to mine for coal, attempted to escape. Lee Kang-Ok (Hwang Jung-Min), a bandmaster at Kyungsung Hotel, decides to journey to Japan to protect his daughter.
However, he is forcefully drafted onto Battleship Island under pretenses, deceived by promises of being sent to Japan. On the island, Kang-Ok goes to great lengths to safeguard his daughter from the challenging conditions.
Choi Chil-Sung (So Ji-Sub) emerges as the top fighter in Kyungsung (the former name of Seoul). Despite causing disruptions on Battleship Island, he possesses a warm and compassionate heart.
Park Moo-Young (Song Joong-Ki) is a member of the Korean Independence Group. Risking his safety, he infiltrates Battleship Island with the mission of rescuing a fellow member of the independence movement.

The Dude In Me (2019)

Jung Won Chang acted as Min-Woo's friend 7. Dong-Hyun (Jin Young) is a high school student who, one fateful day, takes a fall from the rooftop and collides with Pan-Soo (Park Sung-Woong), a passerby. Unknowing to Dong-Hyun, Pan-Soo is a member of a criminal organization. Upon waking up in the hospital, the two men are astonished to realize that they have undergone a mysterious phenomenon - they have swapped bodies.

0.0MHz (2019)

Jung Won Chang acted as Tae-Soo. They were seen as members of a supernatural exploration club going into a haunted house.

Extreme Job (2019)

Jung Won Chang is a Busan branch customer. The story is about a narcotics investigation team composed of five detectives: Detective Squad Chief Go (Ryoo Seung-Ryong), Detective Jang (Lee Ha-Nee), Detective Ma (Jin Sun-Kyu), Detective Young-Ho (Lee Dong-Hwi), and Detective Jae-Hoon (Gong Myung).
Tasked with dismantling a criminal organization, they adopt undercover roles. Initially working at a chicken restaurant, the unexpected happens when the restaurant gains widespread acclaim for its delectable chicken. The detectives, caught off guard by the eatery's sudden popularity, find themselves in a situation far beyond what they had anticipated.

I Can Speak (2017)

Jung Won Chang acted as an English language institute student. The story talks about a Civil Servant Park Min-Jae (Lee Je-Hoon) experiences a transfer to a new district in Seoul. Dedicated and principled, he diligently addresses civil complaints at his new ward office, particularly from the grumpy elderly resident Na Ok-Boom (Na Moon-Hee).
Attempting to pacify her, Park Min-Jae finds himself inundated with her grievances. Meanwhile, Na Ok-Boom, who works at a tailor shop, spends her free time practicing English. Discovering Park Min-Jae's fluency in the language, she requests English lessons from him. Her motivations for wanting to learn English unfold, adding a layer of intrigue to their unique connection.

The Uncanny Counter (2020-2021)

Jung Won Chang acted as Shin Hyeok-U. The story talked about a covert group known as "Counter '' who is on a mission to track down malevolent spirits, operating undercover as employees in a noodle restaurant. The team comprises individuals with unique abilities:
So Mun (Joe Byeong-Gyu), the youngest member, possesses exceptional physical strength, a gift developed after a childhood car accident that left him with a limp. Ga Mo-Tak (Yu Jun-Sang), a former police officer, lost his memory in an accident seven years ago. Despite this, he remains a righteous individual.
Do Ha-Na (Kim Se-Jeong) can detect evil spirits from vast distances and read memories by touching people. Chu Mae-Ok (Yum Hye-Ran), the restaurant's chef, serves as the anchor of the team. Choi Jang-Mool (Ahn Suk-Hwan) is Korea's first "Counter" and manages the group's expenses. Together, they form a formidable force against supernatural threats.

When The Camellia Blooms (2019)

Jung Won Chang acted as a reporter. The story is about Dong-Baek (Kong Hyo-Jin), a single mother in the small town of Ongsan, who manages the bar-restaurant Camellia while caring for her son, Pil-Gu (Kim Kang-Hoon). Despite being the subject of local gossip for being an orphan, a single mother, and the proprietor of a frequented bar, Dong-Baek remains resilient.
The local police officer, Hwang Yong-Sik (Kang Ha-Neul), harbors deep affection for her. The return of Dong-Baek's ex-boyfriend, Kang Jong-Ryeol (Kim Ji-Suk), a famous baseball player who once concealed their relationship, adds a twist to her life. As Dong-Baek seeks happiness, a darker threat emerges—Ongsan is haunted by a serial killer, and Dong-Baek might be a target.

Her Private Life (2019)

Jung Won Chang acted as Kim Yoo-Sub. The story talked about Sung Deok-Mi (Park Min-Young) who serves as a curator at an art gallery and harbors a secret passion as a devoted fan of idol group member Shi-An, managing a fan website dedicated to him. This adoration has led to personal heartbreaks, prompting Sung Deok-Mi to channel her focus solely into her job and her private life as a fan.
The arrival of Ryan (Kim Jae-Wook) as the new gallery director, a once-renowned painter who no longer practices his art, introduces a new dynamic. Uninterested in people generally, Ryan discovers Sung Deok-Mi's fan activities and her admiration for Shi-An, sparking his interest in her.

My Horrible Boss (2016)

Da-Jung (Lee Yo-Won) holds the title of the youngest team leader in the cosmetics industry but carries the distinction of being divorced three times. Unconcerned about others' opinions, she possesses a fiery temper. Nam Jung-Gi (Yoon Sang-Hyun) holds the position of section chief in the same cosmetics company.
In stark contrast to Ok Da-Jung, he exhibits a timid and pleasant personality, incapable of uttering anything that might discomfort others. Despite his amiable nature, Nam Jung-Gi manages to elicit strong reactions from Ok Da-Jung, making her temper flare.

Drama Special: So Close, Yet So Far (2018)

Jung Won Chang acted as Coach Heo. The story talks about Young-Joo (Park Yoo-Na), a member of the national female curling team, who faces challenges when she starts experiencing ringing in her ears, leading her to become a substitute player. Returning to her hometown, she encounters Sung-Chan (Kim Min-Suk), a former member of the national male curling team and someone she had a crush on in the past. Their paths intertwine, and they decide to team up as partners in mixed doubles curling, embarking on a new chapter of their lives together on the ice.
Jung Won-Chang in a movie scene wearing a school uniform
Jung Won-Chang in a movie scene wearing a school uniform

TV Shows

  • Poong, The Joseon Psychiatrist (2022)- Jo Shin Woo (Royal Inspector / Tae Hak's adopted son)
  • The Mentalist- Lee Soo Bi (Support Role)
  • Poong, The Joseon Psychiatrist (2022)- (Royal Inspector / Tae Hak's adopted son)
  • The Uncanny Counter (2020)- (Mayor's son) Support Role
  • My Country: The New Age (2019)- (Ep. 6) Guest Role
  • Ms. Temper & Nam Jung Gi (2016)- Support Role


  • Seoul Ghost Stories (2022)- (The Wall) Main Role
  • Spring Is Gone by Chance (2022)- Unknown
  • Midnight (2021)- (Police 3) Support Role
  • Shark: The Beginning (2021)- (Bae Seok Chan) Main Role
  • 0.0MHz (2019)- (Tae Soo) Support Role
  • The Battleship Island (2017)- Bit part
  • The Dude in Me (2019)- (Min Woo's friend #7) Bit part

Jung Won Chang Movies And TV Shows - FAQs

What Is Jung Won Chang's Most Iconic Movie Role?

Jung Won Chang’s most Iconic Movie Role is Shin Hyuk Woo, Main Role in The Uncanny Return (2021) with over 8.2 rating on MyDramalist

Is Jung Won Chang Involved In Any Upcoming Projects?

The Korean star hasn’t been confirmed to be included in any upcoming projects.

What Sets Jung Won Chang Apart In The Entertainment Industry?

The South Korean actor is under KINGKONG by STARSHIP.

How Does Jung Won Chang Connect With His Fans?

Jung Won Chang Connected to His Fans Through Is Instagram handle, Jung_wonchang.


Jung Won Chang, a rising star in South Korean entertainment, has seamlessly evolved from his debut in "Ms. Temper & Nam Jung Gi" to an actor with diverse roles in both movies and TV shows. From "Shark: The Beginning" to "The Battleship Island" and "Midnight," his performances showcase a remarkable range.
As a member of KINGKONG by STARSHIP, Jung Won Chang movies and TV shows, his commitment to storytelling and acting shines through. With roles in popular shows like "The Mentalist" and significant dramas like "The Uncanny Counter" and "Poong, The Joseon Psychiatrist," Jung Won Chang continues to leave a lasting impact, solidifying his position as a captivating figure in the South Korean entertainment scene.
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