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Joy Millward - Banksy's Wife

Joy Millward has earned the title of "Queen of Street Art" in the art world. Her career as a graffiti artist has lasted a very long time and has been quite successful. Millward has a history of working as a lobbyist for many politicians.

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Joy Millwardhas earned the title of "Queen of Street Art" in the art world. Her career as a graffiti artist has lasted a very long time and has been quite successful. Millward has a history of working as a lobbyist for many politicians.
Canningham is a rather tiny town, and she resides there. There, a significant portion of her salary is allocated to the purchase of food and beverages. There are many advantages to being married to a successful artist, and she is not the only one who reaps those benefits.
In the United Kingdom, Joy Millward is employed as a lobbyist. In 2005, she established Principal Affairs, a lobbying group that gives financial assistance to charitable organizations.
She is married to a working artist by the name of Robin Gunningham, a person whom many followers of the anonymous street artist Banksy believe to be that person. In 2008, an investigation that was published in The Mail on Sunday identified Gunninham as the street artist known as Banksy.

Quick Facts About Joy Millward

Name Joy Millward
Marital status Married
Date of birthUnknown
Husband nameBanksy
BirthplaceUnited Kingdom

Biography Of Joy Millward

Although information on Joy Millward's precise date of birth has not been made public, she is between the ages of 40 and 50. In the United Kingdom, Joy Millward is employed as a lobbyist.
Joy Millward, dubbed the "Queen of Street Art," has captured the attention of the art world with her colorful and provocative graffiti works. England's busy city of London, where Millward was born and bred, helped to mold her own creative vision and launch her into an extraordinary career.
Millward was exposed to a wide range of creative influences as a young child as a result of growing up in a neighborhood that was culturally diverse. She was captivated by the colorful street art that covered the city's walls, which ignited her enthusiasm for creative expression. In her adolescent years, Millward started experimenting with graffiti, using spray cans and stencils to make her imprint on the cityscape.
Despite the difficulties and problems that come with graffiti painting, Millward's unquestionable ability attracted notice right away. Bold colors and elaborate patterns made up her particular style, which became her trademark. In addition to its aesthetic appeal, Millward's artwork soon came to be recognized for the ideas it expressed about social justice, the environment, and the human condition.
Beyond her creative pursuits, Millward discovered that political activity appealed to her. She became a lobbyist for politicians after seeing the potential of art as a force for social change and using her influence to push for laws that supported environmental sustainability, equality, and inclusion. Her combined careers as an artist and an activist gave her a platform to spread her message and motivate others to change the world.
Joy Millward is revered today for her originality, tenacity, and uncompromising dedication to producing work that subverts social standards. She is regarded as an icon in the realm of street art. She became a visionary artist as a result of her early experiences and love of art and activism. She has inspired many generations to consider, conceive of, and believe in the transforming potential of art.

Joy Millward’s Husband - Who Is He?

In 2006, Joy Millward married Robin Gunningham, better known by his stage name Banksy, in Las Vegas. They left East London's Shoreditch soon after being married.
A contemporary art icon, Banksy is a contentious artist. He attended Bristol University and was reared in middle-class suburbia.
Robin was born in Bristol in 1973, which is also recognized as the place that has long been believed to be Banksy's stomping ground. He attended Bristol Cathedral School, a public school. Peter Gordon Gunningham, Robin's father, worked as a contract manager until he retired and moved to the Whitehall neighborhood of Bristol.
His mother, Pamela Ann Dawkin-Jones, is 67 years old and worked as a secretary for a corporate director. She was raised in the affluent neighborhood of Clifton, and he has an older sister whose name is Sarah.
The family relocated to a bigger house on the same block when Robin was nine years old. It was there that he spent his formative years and developed an interest in graffiti around that time.
Joy Millward And Her Husband Mr Bansky
Joy Millward And Her Husband Mr Bansky

Identity Of Joy Millward's Husband

Several sites have their own hypotheses about Banksy's identity, although it has never been officially established. He was characterized as a 28-year-old Caucasian man with a silver tooth and silver earrings by a journalist for "The Guardian" in 2003. Most people believe that Banksy started creating art after being expelled from school at the age of 14.
He may have also spent time in prison for lesser crimes. Graffiti is often illegal, which is one reason for Banksy's preference for obscurity. He was born and raised in Bristol before relocating to London somewhere in the year 2000.
The most well-known hypothesis holds that Banksy is Robin Cunningham. In 2008, Robin was recognized as Banksy. He was born on July 28, 1973, in Yates, England. These allegations have been supported by many of Robin's old classmates, and geographic profiling revealed that Banksy's well-known pieces seem to correspond to Cunningham's travels.
Banksy has at least one instance of being referred to as "Rob" by well-known Drum and Bass DJ Goldie. Despite all of this, there are still several more hypotheses about Banksy's genuine identity. Some people think he is Massive Attack member Robert Del Naja from the trip-hop group.
Del Naja was a graffiti artist before starting the band, and many people have called him a "close friend" of Banksy. Some people think he's the "Tank Girl" comics best-selling artist, Jamie Hewlett, from comic books. People started speculating on Twitter in 2020 that Banksy was really "Art Attack" host Neil Buchanan.
Regardless of who he really is, Banksy started his career in graffiti in the early 1990s, working with artists like Nick Walker, Inkie, and 3D and originally using a freehand method. However, he had changed to stenciling by the year 2000. This method reduced the amount of time needed to "tag" a wall and the risk of getting apprehended by the authorities.
After making this change, he gained considerably more notoriety in Bristol and London. "The Mild Mild West," his first known wall painting, featured a teddy bear tossing a Molotov cocktail against three police officers.

Notable Work Of Joy Millward's Husband

Early in the new millennium, Banksy's artwork started to appear in exhibits. The first was held in a tiny space in Los Angeles, and then there was an exhibition named "Turf War" in a warehouse in London. He developed a reputation for reinterpreting well-known paintings during this time.
A recreation of Monet's "Water Lily Pond," for instance, included trash and a floating shopping cart. He printed a sizable number of counterfeit 10-pound notes in 2004 with Princess Diana's image on them rather than the Queen's.
Tagging the Israeli West Bank wall was another impressive feat by Banksy. One of the most hazardous and well-protected locations on earth is here. By this time, a large number of prominent celebrities and affluent people were ready to participate.
For 25,000 pounds, Christina Aguilera bought an original and two prints. Soon after, other pieces quickly sold for roughly 50,000 pounds. The infamous "Banksy Effect" was in full swing, and several additional pieces went on to fetch prices in excess of 100,000 pounds.
A new benchmark was established in 2007 when one of his works brought in 288,000 pounds. After Hurricane Katrina, Banksy's artwork debuted in Louisiana in 2008.
Banksy and well-known London graffiti artist King Robbo got into a fight in 2009. The British Transport Police Headquarters is next to the wall painting that Robbo created, which is the earliest graffiti in London.
In 2009, Banksy vandalized the majority of this artwork, prompting Robbo to return and repair it. The exchange continued until Robbo began to vandalize several more pieces of Banksy's artwork elsewhere. The conflict was the focus of the television documentary "Graffiti Wars."
Another documentary on Banksy, titled "Exit Through the Gift Shop," was released in 2010 and was well-received. Banksy persisted in making hundreds of thousands of pounds from his artwork sales. He produced a pop-up store in 2013 with unique, signed paintings priced at $60 apiece.
It took many hours before visitors completely understood that the pop-up was being manned by an elderly guy and that the artwork was genuine. Banksy launched "Dismaland," a satire of Disneyland, in 2015. One of his works sold for more than a million pounds in 2018.
First Graffiti Art Of Joy Millward
First Graffiti Art Of Joy Millward

Some Interesting Facts About Joy Millward

  • It is well known that Joy Millward has the title of "Queen of Street Art."
  • She was born in London, England, and raised there throughout her childhood.
  • Millward was in her adolescent years when she discovered that she had a penchant for graffiti painting.
  • Her artwork is easily recognizable by its use of vivid colors and complicated patterns.
  • Messages relating to social justice and environmental concerns are often conveyed via Millward's graffiti.
  • She is well-known for the exceptional artistic style that she has developed over the years.
  • Millward's career as a graffiti artist has lasted a long time and has been quite successful.
  • In addition to her work in the arts, she is an active participant in political lobbying.
  • Millward is an advocate for diversity, equality, and environmental sustainability, and she utilizes her power to promote these causes.
  • She has faith in the ability of art to serve as a vehicle for positive societal transformation.
  • Their artwork of Millward has motivated people to challenge the standards of society and think in novel ways.
  • She has a deep dedication to producing work that is thought-provoking and keeps the audience interested.
  • The artwork of Millward has been shown in a number of museums, galleries, and other public places.
  • A whole new generation of street artists owes a debt of gratitude to her for influencing and inspiring them.
  • Her artwork is a manifestation of her desire for self-expression and to have a constructive influence on the world around her.

The Net Worth Of Joy Millward

It is believed that Joy Millward has a net worth of $5 million. Banksy, the spouse of Joy Millward, is a well-known graffiti artist and documentary filmmaker who has a net worth of fifty million dollars. Despite the fact that very little is known about his genuine identity, he is now considered to be one of the most acclaimed and well-known artists working today.

People Also Ask

What Kind Of Reputation Does Joy Millward Have In The World Of Art?

Joy Millward is deserving of the honorific "Queen of Street Art."

What Is The Length Of Time She Has Spent Working As A Graffiti Artist?

Her work as a graffiti artist has spanned a very long period, and she has had a good deal of success during that time.

In Addition To His Work As A Graffiti Artist, What Other Positions Has Millward Held?

Millward has served as a lobbyist for a number of different politicians.

Where Does Joy Millward Reside?

Canningham is a rather small town, and Millward calls it home.

What Is It That Millward Devotes A Significant Chunk Of Her Pay To In Canningham?

When she works in Canningham, a significant percentage of her paycheck goes toward paying for the town's provision of ingestible and drinks.

What Is The Title Of The Lobbying Organization That Joy Millward Founded In 2005?

She formed Principal Affairs in 2005, which is a lobbying firm that offers financial support to charity groups.


Joy Millward's ascension to the title of "Queen of Street Art" is evidence of her extraordinary skill, unshakable commitment, and creative vision. Her early exposure to the lively street art environment of London, where she was born and bred, sparked her love for graffiti and self-expression.
Millward's provocative and aggressive artwork, which is distinguished by vivid colors and elaborate motifs, rapidly attracted the interest of both art fans and activists. Her standing as a significant figure in the art world has been cemented by her talent for using her artwork to communicate strong messages about social justice, environmental concerns, and the human experience.
With her distinctive viewpoint and dedication to utilizing art as a catalyst for change, Millward has risen to the top of the street art movement, pushing future generations to defy expectations and believe in the transformational potential of creativity.
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