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John Legend Net Worth- Can You Afford Him For Your Wedding?


You could be in luck if you want your first dance song to be sung by the musician who first sang it. Why wouldn't global superstars like John Legend? However, can you afford him considering his net worth?

People in a wedding reception
People in a wedding reception

Considering that they offer their services on events, you probably have a chance to have them on your big day.

The only question now is, how much would it cost? To be specific, how much do you need to prepare to have the great John Legend sing for you or give a speech for your event? This is what we're going to help you with in the next sections.

John Legend Net Worth

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First, let’s talk about the net worth of John Legend since this will say a lot about the possible talent fee that you’ll need to pay.

John Legend in a suit
John Legend in a suit

For an overview, John Roger Stephens, better known by his stage name John Legend, is an Ohio-born American singer, songwriter, activist, actor, and record producer.

As of 2021, the topic about John Legend net worth is estimated to be at $75 million. This is already combined with Chrissy Teigen, his wife.

He managed to reach this net worth by engaging in several professions stated above.

In comparison, the actor had a big rise compared to his reported 2016 net worth of approximately $165,000. For a closer reference, his reported net worth in 2020 amounted to $45 million, which is still a lot but still shows a significant increase in 2021.

Fees To Consider When Hiring John Legend

Note that you’re paying more than just the appearance of John Legend in the event. Here are the specific fees that you need to consider altogether:

  • Talent Fee
  • Transportation and Travel Costs
  • Accommodation
  • Food
  • Production Costs

Now, the prices may vary depending on the booking agency that you transact with. There are also other variables, such as the type of event, its duration, your requirements, and the current rates set by John Legend and his team.

Rough Estimate Of Total Costs

Considering the demand and net worth of John Legend, as well as his skills, of course, Scarlet Events recommends preparing a minimum of $1 million.

This does not yet include the travel costs if you’re from a faraway city in the state or from a whole other country. Flights may cost more or less than $1,000 since you will be flying the singer’s whole team to your location.

Production costs should also be taken into account. This, though, may be discussed legally to ensure that you’ll get a fair share of your money.

Where To Book John Legend For Events

You will usually be able to book John Legend for various events through booking agencies. Some of the top companies that you should look into are:

  • Scarlet Events
  • Booking Entertainment
  • De La Font Agency

You’ll probably find more options by looking up booking sites in social media or your local offices. You can also directly contact John Legend’s manager and/or agency through their business emails.


All in all, it will cost more than $1 million to get John Legend to sing or give a speech at your event. You may have to allot bigger finances if you’re outside the US since you have to shoulder flight and other transportation fees.

In transacting for the process, make sure that you talk to a legitimate booking agency. Doing so will secure both your money and the event.

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