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Jill Latiano - Glenn Howerton's Wife, Net Worth, Height, Weight, Life, Career, Family

Among the topmost very highly talented people list, one gem is Jill Latiano. She is very highly talented and skilled who chose to create her fame and career in multiple things.

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Among the topmost very highly talented people list, one gem is Jill Latiano. She is very highly talented and skilled who chose to create her fame and career in multiple things.
JIll Latiano instagram post
JIll Latiano instagram post

Short Look In The Life Of Jill Latiano

This legend was born on the 17th of September, 1981, in Manhattan in the city of New York. She is 40 years old. She never disclosed any information regarding her parents, siblings, and educational qualifications, which is a thinkable question of not disclosing. However, the only known data is her father’s name, i.e., Bob Latiano.
Her entertainment industry career started, initially as a dancer in 1999, in the New York Knicks for four years; later to which she joined as a hostess in “Fashion is Focus,” which is a New York media series between the years of 2003 to 2005.
Her first appearance in the big-screen industry of the entertainment industry began as a guest, when she acted in a single episode in the year 2004, in the “Sex and the City.” She also made her appearance later in a number of TV Series and cast in movies. Some TV series names are CSI: NY, Rescue Me, Ugly Betty, Moonlight, Drake & Josh, and Community.
And the names of some movies are Epic Movie, released in the year 2007; Lower Learning released in the year 2008, Fired Up released in the year 2009, Kalamity, a psychological thriller released in the year 2010, etc. However, her first lead role was in “The Virgin of Akron,” released in 2007.
JIll Latiano instagram post
JIll Latiano instagram post
Her best and most famous performance was in the American comedy-drama series “Rescue Me” as Geneva, and alongside in the movie namely “Fired Up” as Haley. Her most recent appearance was in “The Devil We Know.”
Jill is most attached to her father and dedicated the 8th episode of “It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia” 12th Season to the beautiful memories of him, whom she lost at the age of 71 in the year 2016. Her Twitter account clearly shows her keen interest in environmental and social justice activism.

Jill Latiano Career

After starting her professional career as a professional dancer for the group named New York Knicks in the year 1999, Jill Latino has grown up to be a big star now. She is recognized as one of the best actresses in the Hollywood industry. She has also served as a TV Host for the period of 4 years in the NYC Media show Fashion in Focus.
When she was working as a TV host in the NYC Media show, she grabbed her first acting opportunity as a guest in the TV Series named Sex and the City. After this, she got many roles as a guest in many TV Series, which shaped her acting career.
In the year 2007, her struggles gave him the gift in the form of the first lead role in the movie The Virgin of Akron, and from there, she never stopped. She showed great performance in movies like Lower Learning, Epic Movie, Fired Up, and Kalamity.
One of the important turning points in her life was the movie Lower Learning which she did in the year 2008, and this was the movie that helped her gain fame in the audience.
JIll Latiano selfie
JIll Latiano selfie
Some of her major works are in the movie Legit and Casual as Amy, which were released in the year 2014 and 2015, respectively.

Jill Latiano Family, Husband, And Children

Jill has a happily settled, lovely family of 4 members. She got married to Glenn Howerton, her very long-time boyfriend, on the 8th of September 2009. Glenn has a net worth of $20Million and works as an American actor, screenwriter, and producer. He played the role of Dennis Reynolds in “It's always sunny in Philadelphia” alongside his wife.
JIll Latiano husband and kids
JIll Latiano husband and kids
Her husband took birth on 13 April 1976 in Japan but originated from America. He can speak a number of languages, including French, Spanish, Korean, and English, because of growing up in a number of places including Alabama, London, Montgomery, and South Korea as his father, namely Glenn Franklin Howerton Jr, served the nation by joining the Japan Army as a great fighter.
She has two children. The elder boy, namely Miles Howerton, was given to them by God in September 2011. The younger son of her, namely Isley Howerton, took birth in August 2014.
JIll Latiano in a magazine
JIll Latiano in a magazine
They never faced any controversies and managed to keep their nose out of rumors as there are none. They both are also well known for maintaining a perfect balance within personal life and work life.

Jill Latiano Net Worth

She has a current net worthof 2.5 Million USD as of now, which she accumulated from her hard work and dedication of years through dancing, acting, and great contribution to the modeling industry. She never revealed her salary. She lives a luxurious lifestyle with her husband and children in the poche city of New York.
JIll Latiano mother's day post
JIll Latiano mother's day post
The net worth of her husband is 20 Million USD alongside a handsome annual salary of 4.5 Million USD.

Jill Latiano Height And Weight

She has a mesmerizing height of 5 feet and 9 inches with a bodyweight of 55Kg. She always maintained her beautiful figure and curves even post-delivery of babies due to her healthy genes combined with active workout routines. Her breast size is 35 inches, waist size 25 inches, hips 25 inches. Her eyes are dark brown in color, along with gorgeous brown hair.
JIll Latiano with Glenn Howerton
JIll Latiano with Glenn Howerton


How Did Glenn Howerton And Jill Latino Meet?

Glenn Howerton and Jill Latino met each other in the year 2006. The couple exchanged vows in front of their friends and family members.

What Is The Net Worth Of Jill Latiano?

The net worth of Jill Latiano is around 2.5 Million USD.

Where Is Jill Latino From?

Jill Latino is from Manhattan, United States.

Who Is The Wife Of Glen Howerton?

Jill Latiano is the wife of Glen Howerton.
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