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Jessica Samko - As A Trucker Girl In Shipping Wars

Jessica Samko is a familiar face on a variety of reality series that aired on American television. Because she competed in the sixth season of the reality competition series "Shipping Wars," she first came to public attention as a consequence of her involvement. Both her amazing talent and her dogged determination helped her skyrocket to fame and build a name for herself in the media.

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Jessica Samkois a familiar face on a variety of reality series that aired on American television. Because she competed in the sixth season of the reality competition series "Shipping Wars," she first came to public attention as a consequence of her involvement.
Both her amazing talent and her dogged determination helped her skyrocket to fame and build a name for herself in the media.
Because Jessica Samko was born on June 1st, 1982, she is presently 40 years old. This is because her birthday is June 1st. The first of June is her birthday.
She is a transporter from the United States who gained notoriety after making an appearance on the reality television show Shipping Wars, which airs on the A&E network. She was successful in breaking into the mainstream by using the telephone.
Jessica is making the most of her position as a transporter and seizing all of the possibilities that come her way. At the moment, she thinks of the Pennsylvania town of Monroe as her permanent home.

Who Precisely Is This Jessica Samko?

On June 1st, 1982, Jessica Samko was born into this world. She was born in New York City, in the United States of America; her astrological sign is Gemini, and she is a citizen of the United States.
Because the media does not provide any information about her parents, no one is aware of who her parents are or where they are at this time. There is no information available concerning her schooling, and she has never disclosed any information about it to the public.
The only piece of information on her brother that has been reported in the media is that he goes by the name Buckzkowshki.
Even though she works in the media, she has managed to keep the specifics of her personal life private. She has said in many interviews that she grew up in New York with her family and went to school there.
Jessica Close Up Wearing Sunglasses
Jessica Close Up Wearing Sunglasses

Jessica Samko A Truck Driver Or An Actress?

She demonstrated that women can achieve the same levels of strength as men. Even though Jessica is a well-known celebrity, her day job is that of a truck driver, during which she moves goods from one location to another.
She operates the transportation company known as JMS Transport, and her job requires her to drive on hazardous highways while transporting items. The truck that she drove on the reality show is the same truck that she uses for her company, and it was a pretty large truck.
The truck in question is a typical one; it's a Volvo 780. She has also had her voice dubbed over in a different show called "The Road Warrior." She has her own transportation business and also works for other companies moving products.
Jessica is employed by the well-known company LandSt, which is in the business of moving products across North America. Jessica's current net worth is sufficient to qualify her as a wealthy lady.

The Untold Facts About Jessica Samko Life

  • On June 1st, 1982 in the state of New York, Jessica Samko was brought into the world by her parents. It has been about 39 years since she was born. Although the date of Jessica's wedding was not disclosed to the general public, she is now happily married.
  • Her husband's name is Derek Smith, and like her wife, he works as a truck driver. Jessica's career was Jessica's inspiration for starting her own business.
  • Their Cargo and Freight Company, often known as DMS, is solely owned and operated by her husband, Smith, who also happens to be the company's namesake.
  • Within his company, he serves as the Chief Executive Officer. Even though the public doesn't know the details of her marriage, it is thought that she and her partner are living a happy married life together.
  • There is no mention in any of the media of the specific time or day that her wedding will take place. Smith, Jessica's husband, has a lot of free time on his hands, and one of the things that he likes to do at that time is taken care of animals, particularly dogs.
  • They have decided to call their recently acquired canine buddies Butchy, Ceaser, and Pudge. Jessica enjoys dogs, much like a lot of other people, and she even has a tattoo of one of her dogs on one of her arms.
  • The tattoo is on one of her arms.
  • Jessica has several activities that she likes doing in her spare time, including driving trucks, racing automobiles, and riding motorcycles. She is almost always seen with her husband or partner in most situations.

Career And Professional Life Of Jessica Samko

Trucking is Jessica Samko's full-time career as of right now. Similarly, she became well-known after making an appearance on the American reality show Shipping Wars.
On January 10, 2012, she made her debut on the sixth season of the A&E reality show Shipping Wars, in which she competed as a truck driver for the first time.
In addition, the program was canceled in April 2015 after having aired for a total of seven seasons. The number of episodes of the reality show has recently exceeded the 100-mark.
Similarly, she smashed and proved that women, just like men, are capable of tackling the riskiest and most challenging occupations.
She also proved that women are capable of having a strong and tough attitude when it comes to working in male-dominated occupations such as driving a truck.
Aside from that, Samko is one of the rare celebrities who is known for the perilous hard labor of hauling things on the dangerous road, and not for her attractive lifestyle or star family. This makes her one of the most unique celebrities.
In addition, she is the owner of JMS Transport, where she has been driving a Volvo 780 since the year 2008. Aside from that, she's known as "The Road Warrior," which is a nickname. Newark, New Jersey is the location where she is now operating a Volvo 780 truck.
Jessica Samko With Her Golden Long Down Hair
Jessica Samko With Her Golden Long Down Hair

Jessica Samko In Shipping Wars

On January 10, 2012, Jessica Samko made her television debut as a truck driver on the sixth season of the A&E reality show "Shipping Wars." The show debuted on January 10, 2012.
Throughout the performance, Jessica maintained an upbeat and enthusiastic demeanor, and her voracious appetite for new information earned her a great deal of respect.
She is one of the very few stars of reality TV shows who has been praised for how good she is at her job, which is moving things over dangerous routes.
Her incredible performance blew everyone away with how much women can handle emotionally and physically when they put their minds to it, and she did it so gracefully.
In addition, the show ended in April 2015 after seven seasons, leaving the majority of its fans perplexed because there was no way for viewers to see their favorite episodes of the show on television after it was canceled.
The milestone of one hundred episodes has been accomplished by the reality show. Several other notable actors appeared in Shipping Wars, including Roy Garber, Jennifer Brennan, Jarrett Joyce, Robbie Welsh, and Marc Springer.
Throughout her career as a truck driver, Jessica gained a large amount of notoriety, and in 2012, she was presented with an award for "Most Beautiful Overdrives" by the publication Overdrive, which is aimed at truck enthusiasts. In addition to that, the moniker "Road Warrior" was given to Jessica.

Jessica Samko Early Childhood And Education

It is unknown about Jessica's family, including her parents and siblings, her early life, her schooling, and her academic accomplishments.
She had dreamed of working on a cruise liner, but in the end, she decided to pursue a career as a truck driver instead of pursuing that goal.
Click Of Jessics In Blond Hairs
Click Of Jessics In Blond Hairs

The Facts And Career Of Jessica Samko

Even after the program was canceled, Jessica remained a person of interest in the case. Some of the fascinating information that Jessica Samko shared may be seen below.
During her time on the reality program, she drove a 208 Volvo 780, in contrast to the majority of the other participants, who drove trucks with a class rating lower than 8.
Because the show was about truck drivers and businesses that carried goods that most other businesses wouldn't touch, Jessica decided to take part in it. In 2014, she was given the nickname "The Road Warrior" by her devoted following of music artists.
She also likes to go to live rock concerts because she loves the excitement they bring. She remains one of the most popular contestants in the now-defunct reality show Shipping Wars.
As long as one puts their mind to it, Jessica exemplifies that one can do anything if they are strong enough and work hard enough.

People Also Ask

Who Is Jessica Samko From Ship Wars?

Jessica Samko is an American reality television personality and star. She gained notoriety after taking part in Shipping Wars' sixth season.

Is Jessica Samko An Actress?

Jessica's quickly becoming well-known. She turns into a role model for those who doubt the strength of women. She has always had high aspirations

What Is Jessica Samko Net Worth?

Jessica's total wealth exceeds $500,000. JMS Transport, which Jessica also owns and operates, is a fantastic method for her to make a livelihood and maintain a comfortable lifestyle in Monroe, Pennsylvania.


Jessica Samko is married, although she has never openly discussed the nuances of her marriage. She could be experiencing a happy relationship with her partner, Derek Smith.
In addition, she keeps two pet pugs named Wilson and Oogie. Samko occasionally takes both pugs with her when she is on a transportation mission.
Jessica seldom publishes her photos on social media and has a relatively inactive profile. She does not, however, have an Instagram account. But you can access her Twitter profile, where she has more than 2.8 million followers.
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