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Is Buying Digital Yuan A Good Idea?

China is among the first countries to develop a national digital currency, a project it has been working on since 2014.

Camilo Wood
Dec 08, 202215 Shares662 Views
China is among the first countries to develop a national digital currency, a project it has been working on since 2014. Eventually, the People's Bank of China concluded that issuing a fully government-regulated currency could benefit the Chinese economy. The main goal of creating this digital Yuan was to create a quick, safe and convenient payment solution that could compete with major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin while still keeping the digital Yuan the main currency in the country. The people's Bank of China has spearheaded work on the digital Yuan. This YuanPay Groupis a Central Bank digital currency that aims to replace some of the cash in circulation.
Moreover, the Chinese market is very advanced in cashless payments. Therefore, the digital Yuan would be a way to speed up the cashless process. This digital Yuan will be a legal tender in China, and people will pay interest will be paid on it.
Bitcoin and digital Yuan are not similar as this virtual currency is decentralized, meaning no central authority or financial institution controls the money. On the other hand, the Peoples Bank of China issues the digital Yuan. Hence it is centralized. Moreover, this virtual asset has an underlying technology known as the blockchain. However, it is pretty unclear what type of technology this virtual asset runs on entirely.
People are still undecided whether purchasing this electronic currency is a good idea. For instance, some governments claim that this digital Yuan exchange rate is inappropriate. However, the Chinese government has defended the exchange rate of this national currency as being accurate. Here is why we believe purchasing this digital Yuan is a great idea.

Higher Returns Potential

Many people invest in a product or asset to make a profit. However, a price increase only happens when the demand for this virtual currency increases. There are higher chances that people will adopt and use this digital Yuan massively. Therefore, the increased adoption and demand will increase the price. Purchasing this digital Yuan is excellent as it has higher potential returns.

Transactions are Less Costly

China is a highly developed country that hosts the world's most famous companies. People from all over the world ship products from China. There are a variety of online shopping platforms that many people utilize to enjoy better prices. With the availability of this digital Yuan, people can make payments without additional transaction fees. Also, transactions involving digital Yuan are fast and more secure. Therefore, people have no reason to worry about lost goods and transaction money.

The Government Backs Digital Yuan

The People's Bank of China issues this digital Yuan. Therefore, the government backs this cryptocurrency, ensuring it has a stable value. On the other hand, a lot of cryptocurrencies suffer from high volatility. But the Peoples Bank of China regulates the use of digital Yuan, meaning that the currency will likely come with fewer swings in price.

Financial Inclusion

Not everyone in China has the advantage of accessing banks and enjoys the benefits of banks, such as accessing loans. Through the development of the digital Yuan, China's central bank will have a more significant foothold in. Therefore, it will control the China's digital payments ecosystem. Moreover, this digital Yuan will allow China to bring some of its unbanked population into the mainstream economy; track money flows better, and fight financial crime.

The Bottom Line

Generally, purchasing this digital Yuan is a great idea. The Yuan is a strong currency, and there are no signs of weakness that may come up.
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