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5 Game Changing Hunting Techniques For Ingenuous Hunters - The Secret To Success

Are you an ingenious hunter looking for the secret to success? Look no further! This article reveals the 5 best game-changing hunting techniques that will help you catch more prey and become a more successful hunter.

Tyrese Griffin
Oct 12, 20236412 Shares90310 Views
Discover the hidden gems of hunting mastery! Uncover the 5 game-changing techniques that have been the secret to success forIngenious Hunters. Elevate your skills, and step into the world of elite hunting with this exclusive guide. Are you ready to take your hunting game to the next level? Dive into this eye-opening article where we unveil the 5 closely-guarded techniques that have transformed ordinary hunters into ingenious success stories.
These techniques encompass the art of stealth, precision, and strategy. From mastering the art of camouflage to leveraging cutting-edge technology, you'll discover how to outwit your prey like never before. Whether you're an experienced hunter looking to up your game or a novice eager to embark on a thrilling hunting journey, these secrets hold the key to a more fruitful and satisfying hunt. Revolutionize your hunting experience and achieve unparalleled success in the wild. The path to hunting glory begins here!

Ingenious Hunter - League Of Legends

Ingenious Hunter is a rune in League of Legends that grants item haste and reduces the cooldown of item actives. It is a popular rune for many champions because it can help them to use their item actives more often and to greater effect. This rune focuses on reducing the cooldown of items and trinkets, helping you use them more frequently and effectively during a match.

Key Features Of Ingenious Hunter

  • Cooldown Reduction -Ingenious Hunter provides a significant reduction in the cooldown of active items and trinkets. With each unique takedown (eliminating an enemy champion), the cooldown is reduced even further.
  • Item Diversity -Ingenious Hunter is versatile because it benefits a wide range of items and trinkets. Whether you're looking to reduce the cooldown of offensive items like Hextech Rocketbelt or crowd control items like Shurelya's Battlesong, this rune enhances your itemization choices.
  • Map Control - This rune is particularly useful for champions who rely on vision control. By reducing the cooldown of your vision-based items like Warding Totem (trinket) and Control Ward, you can maintain better map awareness and control key objectives.
  • Late-Game Impact - As the game progresses and team fights become more frequent, Ingenious Hunter shines. With a lower cooldown on your impactful items and actives, you can turn the tide of a battle with well-timed engages or saves.

When To Take Ingenious Hunter

Ingenious hunter holding a sword
Ingenious hunter holding a sword
Ingenious Hunter is a good rune to take for champions who rely on their item actives to play effectively. It is also a good rune to take for champions who want to get more value out of their item actives. In League of Legends, the decision of when to take the Ingenious Hunter rune depends on your champion, role, and itemization choices.
Some junglers benefit from Ingenious Hunter, especially those who build jungle items with active abilities or who rely on specific active items for successful ganks and team fights. Champions like Hecarim (with Hextech Rocketbelt) or Amumu (with Frostfire Gauntlet) can make use of the reduced cooldowns to clear jungle camps faster and have their actives ready for ganks.
Ingenious Hunter becomes increasingly valuable as the game progresses. In the late game, team fights and objective control become paramount, and having your crucial item actives available more frequently can make a significant difference.
Ingenious Hunter is also worth considering if your champion heavily relies on specific items with active abilities. For example: Champions who build items like Goredrinker, Everfrost, or Serpent's Fang may find Ingenious Hunter valuable.

5 Hunting Techniques For Ingenious Hunters

Ingenious hunters all items cooldown before and after buffs
Ingenious hunters all items cooldown before and after buffs
In League of Legends, hunting techniques refer to strategies and tactics that players use to secure kills on enemy champions. These techniques are essential for gaining an advantage in the game by eliminating opponents and earning gold and experience. Here are five hunting techniques for ingenious hunters in League of Legends, described in detail:

1. Bush Ambush

  • Description - This technique involves hiding in a brush (bush) and waiting for an unsuspecting enemy champion to walk by. When the enemy enters the brush, you quickly engage them to secure a kill. This works best for champions with strong burst damage or crowd control abilities.
  • Usage -To use this technique effectively, you should have good vision control by placing wards in the brush or nearby areas. Also, pay attention to the enemy's movements and engage when they are isolated or low on health.

2. Jungle Invasions

  • Description - Invading the enemy jungle involves sneaking into the opponent's jungle to steal their camps and potentially catch the enemy jungler off guard. This can lead to kills and disruption of the enemy team's resources.
  • Usage - Coordinate with your team to invade the enemy jungle early in the game. Ward key areas to track the enemy jungler's movement and engage when you have a numbers advantage. Be cautious and have an escape plan in case things go south.

3. Roaming

  • Description -Roaming is the act of leaving your lane and moving to other lanes to gank and secure kills. It's often done by mid laners and supports to influence other parts of the map.
  • Usage -Before roaming, push your lane or ensure it's in a stable position to minimize losing farm and experience. Communicate with your team to coordinate ganks. Timing and map awareness are crucial for successful roams.

4. Vision Control

  • Description -Controlling vision involves placing wards strategically to gain information about the enemy's movements. This information helps you set up ambushes, catch out-of-position enemies, or secure objectives like Dragon or Baron Nashor.
  • Usage - Invest in control wards and place them in key locations such as river entrances, jungle buffs, and objectives. Use sweeper trinkets to clear enemy wards, denying their vision. Coordinate with your team to take advantage of vision advantages.

5. Pincer Attacks

  • Description -Pincer attacks involve surrounding the enemy from multiple directions to trap and eliminate them. This technique is particularly effective during team fights or skirmishes.
  • Usage - Communicate with your team to coordinate pincer attacks. Engage from different angles simultaneously to split the enemy's attention and make it difficult for them to escape or fight back. Be wary of the enemy's positioning and cooldowns to execute this tactic successfully.
These hunting techniques require a combination of map awareness, communication with your team, and the ability to seize opportunities when they arise. Mastering these strategies will make you a more effective hunter in League of Legends and help your team secure victory.

Pros And Cons Of Ingenious Hunter

Ingenious Hunter is one of the five rune options in the Domination rune treein League of Legends. It provides unique benefits related to item cooldown reduction and active item usage. Here, I'll describe the pros and cons of taking the Ingenious Hunter rune in detail:


  • Active Item CDR -The primary benefit of Ingenious Hunter is the cooldown reduction it provides for active items. With each stack (earned by getting takedowns on enemy champions), you can reduce the cooldown of your active items like Hextech Rocketbelt, Zhonya's Hourglass, Guardian Angel, or support items like Shurelya's Battlesong or Hextech Rocketbelt.
  • Versatility -Ingenious Hunter can benefit a wide range of champions in various roles. It's particularly useful for support champions who rely on actives like Locket of the Iron Solari or Redemption, but it can also be valuable for junglers, assassins, mages, and even some marksmen who build items with active abilities.
  • Late-Game Power - As you accumulate stacks, Ingenious Hunter becomes more potent. Late in the game, when team fights and objectives are critical, having lower cooldowns on your active items can give you a significant advantage.
  • Synergy with Certain Builds -Some champions or item builds benefit greatly from reduced cooldowns on their active items. For example, champions like Ekko or Fizz with Hextech Rocketbelt can use the active for engage and escape more frequently.


  • Dependency on Takedowns -Ingenious Hunter requires you to secure takedowns on enemy champions to gain its benefits. If you're not actively participating in fights and securing kills or assists, you won't stack this rune quickly, limiting its effectiveness.
  • Takes Time to Scale -To maximize the rune's effectiveness, you need to stack it up by participating in fights and securing takedowns. It may take some time before you start seeing significant cooldown reductions on your active items.
  • Alternative Rune Choices -Domination tree offers other viable rune options like "Relentless Hunter" (for out-of-combat movement speed), "Ravenous Hunter" (for spell vamp), or "Ultimate Hunter" (for ultimate ability cooldown reduction). Depending on your champion and playstyle, these alternatives may be more appealing.
  • Not Ideal for All Champions -Some champions do not rely heavily on active items or do not build them at all. For these champions, Ingenious Hunter offers limited value, making it a less optimal choice.

Champions And Roles For Ingenious Hunter

Ingenious hunter enhances gameplay
Ingenious hunter enhances gameplay
Here is a detailed description of the champions and roles that benefit the most from Ingenious Hunter:

1. Support Champions

  • Role - Support
  • Champions - Champions in the support role often benefit the most from Ingenious Hunter. They frequently build active items like Locket of the Iron Solari, Redemption, Mikael's Crucible, and Shurelya's Battlesong to provide utility and protection to their team during skirmishes and team fights.

2. Assassin And Burst Mage Champions

  • Roles - Mid Lane, Jungle
  • Champions - Assassins and burst mages who build items like Hextech Rocketbelt, Zhonya's Hourglass, and Everfrost can make excellent use of Ingenious Hunter. Lower cooldowns on these items allow them to engage, escape, or combo their abilities more frequently, increasing their kill potential and survivability.

3. Tank And Initiator Champions

  • Roles- Top Lane, Jungle, Support
  • Champions- Some tanky champions and initiators like Malphite, Amumu, or Leona may opt for active items to engage fights or provide crowd control. Ingenious Hunter helps reduce the cooldowns on items like Randuin's Omen, Gargoyle Stoneplate, or Shurelya's Battlesong, enabling them to engage more frequently and support their team.

4. Enchanter And Utility Supports

  • Role - Support
  • Champions - Enchanters like Janna, Lulu, and Nami who focus on buffing and healing their allies can also benefit from this rune. Active items like Redemption or Mikael's Crucible are common in their item builds, and reduced cooldowns allow them to provide more utility and healing in crucial moments.

5. Hybrid Champions

  • Roles- Various
  • Champions - Some champions can be versatile and adapt their roles based on the game's needs. Champions like Senna (ADC/Support), Sona (Support/Mid), or Pyke (Support/Assassin) may incorporate active items into their builds, making Ingenious Hunter a viable choice.

6. Junglers With Active Items

  • Role- Jungle
  • Champions - Junglers who build active items like Hextech Rocketbelt, Goredrinker, or Turbocharged Hexperiment can make use of Ingenious Hunter to enhance their ganking and team fight potential.

How To Build Ingenious Hunter

To build Ingenious Hunter in League of Legends, you will need to take the following steps:
  • Go to the rune page for the champion you want to play.
  • Click on the Domination rune tree.
  • Click on Ingenious Hunter.
  • Click on Confirm.
Ingenious Hunter is a Tier 3 rune, so you will need to take two other runes from the Domination tree in order to take it.
Some popular runes to take with Ingenious Hunter include:
  • Cheap Shot
  • Taste of Blood
  • Relentless Hunter
  • Ultimate Hunter
  • Ghost Poro
  • Eyeball Collection
The best runes to take with Ingenious Hunter will vary depending on the champion you are playing and your playstyle.
Here are some tips for building Ingenious Hunter:
  • Consider the other runes in the Domination tree and how they will synergize with Ingenious Hunter.
  • Think about the items you plan to build on your champion and how Ingenious Hunter will interact with those items.
  • Experiment with different runes and see what works best for you.

Frequently Asked Questions About Ingenious Hunters

How Much Does Ingenious Hunter Give?

Gain 20 (+6 per Bounty Hunter stack) item haste, up to 50 at 5 stacks. Earn a Bounty Hunter stack whenever scoring a takedown against an enemy champion, up to one per unique champion.

Does Ingenious Hunter Work On Spellblade?

Having ingenious hunter allows for q aa aa q to proc spellblade twice easily. This allows for a slight DPS increase with spellblade.

What Does Ingenious Hunter Affect?

Passive, Reduces the cooldown of item actives by 10% (+ 6% per Bounty Hunter stack). This effect also applies to trinkets. Earn a Bounty Hunter stack for each unique enemy champion killed.

What Is Hunter Best For?

Hunters are excellent survivalists. This survivability comes from their versatility. Hunters have the potential for exceptional solo damage, but they can just as easily inflict debuffs on enemies to setup their teammates for the killing blow. Their focus on speed and precision make them good damage dealers


Ingenious Hunter is a versatile rune option in League of Legends that caters to champions who rely on active items to impact the game. It excels in various roles, with support champions benefiting the most due to their frequent use of utility items. This rune offers a unique advantage by reducing the cooldowns of active items, enabling champions to engage, disengage, and provide crucial utility to their team more frequently.
However, Ingenious Hunter comes with the requirement of earning takedowns on enemy champions to stack it effectively, making it crucial for players to stay active in team fights and skirmishes. Overall, Ingenious Hunter adds a layer of strategic depth to champion choices and itemization, offering a dynamic playstyle that rewards players for utilizing active items effectively in the ever-evolving landscape of League of Legends.
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