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Independent Research Project Ideas - Topics You Can Start With

A research paper can be hard for people who have never written one before. You need to use clear, concise language and make sure your ideas are well organized. Here we will give you independent research project ideas. You also need to choose a topic that is interesting to the reader.

Paolo Reyna
Oct 27, 2022133 Shares2212 Views
A research paper can be hard for people who have never written one before. You need to use clear, concise language and make sure your ideas are well organized. Here we will give you independent research project ideas. You also need to choose a topic that is interesting to the reader.
With these projects, you and your students can learn about things related to the watershed that go beyond the chemical water tests you do every three weeks.
They give your students a chance to learn how to do research and use the scientific method, look at data and solve problems, and learn more about waterway topics that interest them.

What Is An Independent Research Project?

Independent Research Project: A Guide

Independent research is basically a thorough look into a question in the academic world. What you study and how you do research can vary a lot between academic disciplines and scientific fields, but all projects follow a step-by-step process to try to find the answer.
This could mean doing advanced data analysis, reading dozens of scientific papers, or designing and running an experiment. An independent research project:
  • Analyzes a scientific question
  • Answers the question by using a strict method.
  • uses the literature and scientific research that already exists
  • Has to do with writing a research paper or other academic work (such as a poster or academic presentation).
  • (Usually) needs guidance from a research expert in the field.

Independent Research Project Ideas


  • Talk about and analyze how a famous musician has changed pop music.
  • How has popular music changed in the last ten years?
  • How have women in music been portrayed in the media over the past ten years?
  • What is the purpose of a synthesizer?
  • How did music change so that different instruments and voices could be used?
  • How has technology that makes sound effects changed the music business?
  • Look at the advantages of teaching music in high schools.


  • Look at the benefits of having different people in schools.
  • Are charter schools good for the education system as a whole?
  • Keep track of how much college costs are going up and what that means for current students.
  • Talk about the good and bad things about standardized tests.
  • What's good about taking a year off between high school and college?
  • Which ways of spending money help students the most?
  • Does homeschooling give kids a chance to do well?
  • Should colleges and high schools make students get shots?


  • Are rehab centers more helpful than prisons?
  • Are congestion taxes useful?
  • Talk about how Trump's immigration policies and Biden's immigration policies are different.
  • Does affirmative action help people who aren't white?
  • Can a capitalist system really make things more equal?
  • Is a government with three branches good?
  • What caused politics to become so divided today?


  • Pick an invention from the past.
  • Talk about how it still affects the society today.
  • Pick a famous leader from history who lost power. What caused them to fail in the end?
  • What changes have happened in your country over the past 100 years?
  • Has the way the government handles national disasters gotten better or worse over time?
  • Talk about the history of the occupation of Iraq by the United States.
  • Tell us about the history of the conflict between Israel and Palestine.


  • What kind of limits, if any, should there be on abortion?
  • How does an MRI work?
  • How do people who don't get vaccines hurt the health of the country?
  • Think about the pros and cons of diet culture.
  • Should companies let their workers work out during work hours?
  • How much physical activity should an adult get each week?
  • Talk about what the obesity epidemic means for American society.


  • Since the internet came along, do you think students are smarter?
  • How has the internet changed from how it was first made?
  • Has downloading music helped the music business?
  • Talk about the pros and cons of making the internet more censored.
  • Look at how the Internet has changed the paper news business.
  • If the internet stopped working, what would happen?

Brain Health

  • What are the pros of working out every day?
  • Talk about how people's mental health has been affected by the pandemic.
  • What things lead to bad physical and mental health?
  • Look at how pop culture talks about mental health.
  • Talk about the good and bad things about having more counselors in high schools.
  • What does it do to the body?


  • How do black holes work?
  • What effects does cutting down trees have on climate change?
  • Talk about the EPA's biggest wins and losses.
  • Can reefs of coral be saved?
  • How has the water crisis in Flint, Michigan, changed life there?

People Also Ask

What Is The Meaning Of Independent Research?

In other words, the goal of independent research is not just to gather information but to answer a question. In contrast to independent study, independent research projects must be able to lead to new information.

What Are Independent Research Projects?

Individual Research Projects (IRP) are a way for upper-level students to earn one, two, or three credits outside of class by doing original research and making a substantial piece of work while being supervised by a professor.

What Is The Purpose Of An Independent Research Project?

Students in Math and Science can use Individual Projects to look into questions they have about the world around them, like how and why things work the way they do. Mentors help students find new ways to answer these questions through experimentation, research, and exploration.


By taking part in this independent research project, you will be able to show that you can do work at a professional level. To make high-quality work, you need to be able to organize your project well and set up systems or processes to make sure tasks are done and meet the agreed-upon standards.
Most likely, you can do this on your own. But if you need help or want to get some ideas for how to organize your work, there are some examples you can use.
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