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How To Use TikTok For Your Business

How To Use TikTok For Your Business

Gone are the days of print ads as more social media platforms take the spotlight. We started off this revolution seeing the birth of social media influencers on Instagram and now, we have TikTok overtaking all other social media platforms with its immense growth in users.

Amandeep Coleman
Apr 09, 2021

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Jump Aboard The TikTok Hype With These Seven Tips

Gone are the days of print ads as more social media platforms take the spotlight. We started off this revolution seeing the birth of social media influencers on Instagram and now, we have TikTok overtaking all other social media platforms with its immense growth in users. Gathering both celebrity and normal users, TikTok is now dominating as a marketing platform with boundless potential. So, if you are a small or medium business looking to expand your influence, tapping into TikTok’s potential is sure to bring you towards your goal. You can even buy TikTok followers to boost your business’s presence!

What is TikTok about?

Before we go onto how a business can use TikTok to its advantage, we should understand the platform. Like they always say, you do not invest blindly. Considering TikTok as a marketing platform requires time and money so we should know about it as in-depth as possible.

When you are determining whether a marketing platform is suitable for your marketing plans, we need to consider one important thing, the target audience. If your business is dependent on younger folks, TikTok may just be the best platform for you. However, if your target group is in the older spectrum, there may be other platforms that are more suitable. According to Hootsuite, 41% of users are aged between 16-24 so if this is the optimal age for your business, then please go ahead to make plans.

How can I make it big on TikTok?

If TikTok has met your target audience’s needs, read up on our seven tips on how you can gain more exposure on the medium.

Collaborations with social media influencers

On platforms like TikTok that focuses more on videos, influencers become more imperative in a marketing plan. With the help of influencer endorsement, it is easier to reach out to your target audience. You can start by keeping an eye out for influencers who espouse the same values that your company goes by. Once you have found someone that you believe can be a long-term partner for your company, you should work out the details of the collaboration together and ensure that it is all recorded in black and white.

Collaborations with social media influencers

Interactive marketing is key to attracting an audience

For some rising niche brands, it might be more challenging to find influencers that are suitable. In these cases, if you have the resources for it, go ahead and strike out on your own with your own interactive content or interacting with users. On every platform, including TikTok, there is a comments section where you can directly interact with your followers. You could either comment on videos posted by users or you could take the time to reply to comments posted on your own content. Remember, as social media keeps us connected virtually, we need to make the effort to form a genuine connection with our target audience.

To be interactive is to be engaging

In order for comments to be generated on your posts, you would need compelling content to attract viewers first. To achieve this, you would need to keep up with the trends every day and always be ready to hop on the bandwagon when the opportunity strikes. Especially with the TikTok community where there are always many different challenges going viral. So, whoever the social media manager is, they will need to be versatile and adaptable in order to create content that galvanizes people to share, like, and comment.

Consistent postings help your algorithm rank

Laziness will not get you anywhere in life, and that is also true for TikTok. If you are the kind that posts infrequently, the algorithm on TikTok will most likely not recommend your account to users which could severely impact the outreach to non-followers. If you want to be able to cast your net out as far as possible, not only should you post compelling content, you should also be consistent with them. This also indicates to the target audience that you are not looking at one-off transactions but are looking to create a brand for your company. Posting three to five times a week is the golden number.

There is always a right time for posting

Why do buffet promotions only happen off-peak? Because of timing. Similarly, you will want to strike at the right time in order to reap the most benefits. If you post too early, your content will end up all the way at the bottom of the list because of the hundreds and millions of content being posted daily. Plus, there are peak timings where people’s screen time increases which allow you to rally more people to peruse your content. These timings are usually dinner time, lunchtime, and weekends where people are more relaxed.

There is always a right time for posting

Hashtags are still relevant and more so on TikTok

If you know about TikTok’s origin story, they rose to fame because of hashtag challenges. These challenges are relatable and engaging which gives people a compulsion to reenact their own version. This is why TikTok is still very much relevant on TikTok as content can be filtered according to it. If you are able to tap into trending hashtags that are related to your business, you should most definitely do so. Hashtags will help in reaching out to non-followers and if they are attracted by your posts, it is easier to retain them with other content on your profile.

Music makes the world and your business go round

The majority of TikTok’s content revolves around short snippets of music. Not only are these music addicting, but they are also ingredients for fun videos that users like to create. So, keeping aware of trending songs on TikTok will greatly help when creating your own content. Plus, there is also the ‘For You’ section which gives you direct insight on what is the latest hook for your target audience. With that, you can cash in on that and you will be able to get your content out to your desired target audience.


While it may seem intimidating to start up a new social media profile, the basics do not differ much from other social media platforms. Tiktok can be a great platform for you to show off your products and gain potential customers.

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