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How to travel comfortably, and confidently


Traveling - whether by car, plane, train, or boat - can bring with it a whole host of challenges, whatever your age, gender, physical ability, or size. Especially when things don't go to plan, it can have a huge effect on our overall enjoyment of the holiday and how we feel about ourselves. However, there is a way that you can look forward to your holiday, even before you’ve arrived: it just takes a little preparation. Don’t worry, though, as we’ve pulled together the best advice to make journeys as comfortable and easy for every kind of passenger.

Plan Ahead With Packing

First things first, pack well in advance! That way, you’ll be less inclined to forget anything and can also invest in new clothes and essential accessories. Knowing in advance what you’re going to be doing on holiday can help you to plan outfits, too. For example, if it’s a simple case of sitting back and chilling with a good book, you might want a bandeau swimsuit to prevent any tan lines. Or, if you’ll be getting wet at a local waterpark, you might find that more traditional swimsuits are best. Alternatively, maybe you just don’t feel your best in a two-piece swimsuit. Well, there are plenty of other options including tankinis, plus size swim shorts and even swimsuit dresses - meaning everyone can feel their best on holiday. What’s more, pocket-sized fans and cooling pads can also make the heat more bearable and are really easy to fit into your handbag. Of course, if rain's on the horizon, you might want to buy a raincoat or umbrella beforehand instead of looking for one whenever you go. Packing cubes and compartments, as well as vacuum storage bags, can also make packing easier. While you probably want to take a few different outfits, depending on the weather, this can take up more space but vacuum clothing bags can give you it back.

Get In Touch With The Travel Company

Maybe someone in the group struggles with lots of stairs? Or perhaps you yourself require extra legroom or wider seating? Even if you’ve traveled with the company before, it can be beneficial to research the options available. Then you can get in touch and request these modifications for your next trip. Some airlines even have bigger seats on certain rows, so you can recline in relative comfort, and you can also ask about seat-belt extenders, or whether you're allowed to take your own. Travel companies will be able to advise on specific seat dimensions and whether the window or aisle seat would be best for your individual requirements.

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For accessibility needs, you may also find that getting in touch with the accommodation beforehand to ask for a bottom bunk bed in a hostel or for a double bed instead of a single bed in a hotel can help.

The assurance of having checked and confirmed that certain resources are available means that you can let your hair down knowing that everything is already sorted before you've even stepped foot on the plane (or whatever other mode of transport you're on!).


Follow Similar Accounts

It's always nice to get recommendations from someone that’s been before and it can even help you to feel more confident if you’ve never been to a certain place. Kirsty, a plus-size creator, even revealed that she follows other plus-size creators to find places that are welcoming and to discover fun activities that are accessible to anyone.

As well as this, she said following other plus-size accounts actually boosts her confidence as it shows the whole world is open to everyone - regardless of size, age, or gender. This is a great bit of advice for anyone, though. You could message a few social media accounts for some advice on the best places to go, things to take, and even the most accommodating travel companies.

It's definitely worth scoping out what's available on the market and taking heed of advice from other travelers with similar needs. This is beneficial because it can provide new alternatives to improve your comfort whilst traveling and also because it help you find a better bang for your buck.

Travel in a plane
Travel in a plane

Dress Smart

By this, we don’t mean getting out your most expensive suit. But instead, think about what sort of clothing is going to be comfortable and make you feel happy for a few hours. Think loose clothes and layers. After all, there’s nothing worse than your jeans digging into you, and being too cold or too hot can be just as annoying. Feet and ankles can swell on long-haul flights too so try to keep your shoes on so that there’s no risk of you not being able to get them back on when you’ve landed.

With these tips though, your journey should go ahead smoothly, stress-free, and comfortably!

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