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How To Repost Something On Tiktok? From Duet To Remix

Discover effective ways on how to repost something on TikTok with this comprehensive guide. Learn to use features like Repost, Duet, screen recording, and Remix, and understand the etiquette of asking for permission. Enhance your TikTok experience by exploring various methods to share and engage with exciting content on the platform.

Kaleem Kirkpatrick
Jan 14, 2024448 Shares13174 Views
As one of the most popular social media networks, TikTok is always adding new features to keep users engaged. The platform has lately introduced a new function known as the "Repost" button. So, how to repost something on TikTok?

What Does Reposting Mean On Tiktok?

TikTok's repost feature allows you to repost TikToks from other users' TikTok accounts to share with your audience. The reposting tool works similarly to Twitter's "retweet" feature in that it allows you to curate material from others to share with your own audience while crediting the original poster. TikTok began testing the "Repost" button in January 2022, with the feature formally appearing in May 2022.
TikTok's video repost function is a popular tool that allows users to share their favorite videos and start a conversation based on the content of others. This can be a huge help in increasing traffic and reach, resulting in unrivaled social media growth. If you want to know how to repost something on TikTok, keep reading.

Tiktok Reposting Instructions

  • Select the TikTok video you want to repost.
  • Right-click the "Share" button (an arrow icon) and select "Repost."
  • If you choose, you can add a comment to your repost that will appear as a caption above the original owner's TikTok username.

How Can Reposting Help Your Account?

Reposting TikTok content has numerous advantages for both reposters and authors. This is a win-win situation!
As a TikTok creator, you may use the repost button to attract more people to your videos and, as a result, build your following. Video reposts allow other users to recognize your accomplishments and help exceptional material reach a wider audience. This could even propel you closer to viral status!
Those who utilize TikTok may also find the repost button useful. When you repost another user's work, you can increase engagement and start conversations about subjects and niches that are important to you. As the saying goes, a rising tide lifts all boats.
Reposted videos can also be a simple way to begin expanding your community as well as locate other successful TikTok creators who may be interested in cooperating with you in the future. Hello, new prospects for advancement!

How To Delete Repost Tiktok?

Although some users have found the new feature useful, others have complained that the location of the TikTok repost button always allows them to share movies that they did not mean to share, which is quite unpleasant.
If you wish to erase or delete a TikTok repost that you mistakenly reposted, you can do so with a few simple clicks.
To delete the repost on TikTok, simply hit the Share button again, and then click on the "remove repost" button. A pop-up will appear, and you can then tap on "remove" to delete the repost from your TikTok account.
If "repost" button is not available, you can try these methods:

Use The Duet Feature To Repost On TikTok

TikTok's Duet feature is a powerful tool that allows users to collaborate with and respond to other videos on the platform. Here's a detailed guide on how to use the Duet feature for reposting:

Find The Video You Want To Repost

Begin by scrolling through your TikTok feed or utilizing the search function to locate the video you wish to repost.

Tap The Share Icon

Once you've found the desired video, tap on the share icon located below it. This icon resembles an arrow pointing to the right.

Select Duet

Among the options presented, choose "Duet." This action will redirect you to the recording screen, with the original video appearing on one side.

Record Your Contribution

Use this opportunity to record your response or contribution to the original video. You can react, provide commentary, or even collaborate creatively.

Finalize And Post

After recording your duet, the platform provides editing options. Add text, effects, or filters to enhance your content. Once satisfied, click on the checkmark icon to proceed. Add a caption and relevant hashtags, then click on "Post."
The Duet feature is an excellent way to repost content while adding your unique touch to it. It fosters interaction and engagement within the TikTok community.

Screen Recording - A Method For Reposting On TikTok

If the Duet feature doesn't suit your reposting needs, screen recording is another effective method. Follow these steps to use screen recording for reposting:

Enable Screen Recording

Ensure that your device supports screen recording and that the feature is enabled. Most smartphones have this option in the control center or settings.

Start Recording

Play the TikTok video you want to repost and initiate the screen recording feature on your device.

Stop Recording And Edit

Once the video is recorded, stop the screen recording. Access the recorded video and use built-in editing tools or third-party apps to trim or edit as needed.

Upload To TikTok

Open TikTok, create a new post, and upload the recorded video. Here, you can further customize the video by adding captions, effects, and hashtags before posting.
Screen recording provides a more flexible approach to reposting, especially if the Duet feature isn't available or suitable for the specific content you want to share.
Tiktok videos
Tiktok videos

Download And Upload - A Method For Reposting On TikTok

Downloading and uploading TikTok videos is another method for reposting content on the platform. While TikTok doesn't have a built-in repost feature, using this method allows you to share videos that have caught your attention. Here's a detailed guide on how to use the download and upload method:

Use A Video Downloader

Begin by finding a reliable third-party video downloader. Many websites and apps allow you to download TikTok videos. Ensure that you are using a trustworthy source to avoid any potential security risks.

Save The TikTok Video

Copy the link of the TikTok video you want to repost. Paste the link into the video downloader and follow the instructions to save the video to your device.

Open TikTok And Upload

Launch the TikTok app and click on the '+' icon to create a new post. Select the downloaded video from your device's gallery.

Edit And Customize

Before posting, you can edit the video within the TikTok app. Add captions, effects, filters, and any other elements you want to enhance or personalize the content.

Add Captions And Hashtags

Write a caption that complements the video and includes relevant hashtags to increase its discoverability on TikTok.

Post Your Reposted Video

Click on "Post" to share the edited video on your TikTok profile. The reposted content will now be available for your followers to see.

Ask For Permission Before Reposting On TikTok

Before reposting someone else's content on TikTok, it's essential to obtain permission to respect the original creator's rights and ensure ethical reposting. Here's a guide on how to ask for permission:

Comment Or Direct Message

Engage with the original content creator by leaving a thoughtful comment expressing your interest in reposting their video. Alternatively, send a direct message to their TikTok account.

Be Polite And Specific

In your comment or message, be polite and specific about your intentions. Clearly state that you appreciate their content and would like to repost it on your profile, providing a brief explanation of why.

Wait For A Response

Allow the original creator some time to respond to your request. Not everyone may see or respond to comments or messages immediately, so be patient.

Respect Their Decision

If the creator grants permission, express gratitude and make it clear that you will credit them appropriately in your repost. If they decline, respect their decision and refrain from reposting without permission.

Give Credit When Reposting

If you receive permission, always give credit to the original content creator when reposting. This can be done through tags, mentions, or a clear acknowledgment in the caption.

Follow TikTok's Community Guidelines

Ensure that your reposting activities align with TikTok's community guidelines. Avoid reposting content that violates copyright or any other platform rules.

Utilize TikTok's Remix Feature For Reposting

TikTok's Remix feature is an engaging and interactive tool that allows users to collaborate and create side-by-side videos with existing content. Here's a detailed guide on how to utilize TikTok's Remix feature for reposting:

Understand TikTok's Remix Feature

TikTok's Remix feature enables users to create collaborative videos by using the original video as a canvas for their own content. It's a unique way to engage with others and add your creative touch to existing videos.
Tiktok repost button on a Tiktok video background
Tiktok repost button on a Tiktok video background

Find A Video With Remix Enabled

Not all TikTok videos have the Remix feature enabled. Look for videos that display the Remix icon, a pair of interlocking squares, indicating that the creator has allowed others to use the Remix feature.

Tap On The Three Dots

Once you've found a video with Remix enabled, tap on the three dots located on the right side of the screen, usually below the caption and number of likes.

Select "Remix"

From the menu that appears after tapping the three dots, select the "Remix" option. This action opens the Remix recording screen.

Record Your Contribution

The original video will appear on one side of the screen, and you can record your part on the other side. This can include reactions, commentary, or any creative addition you wish to make.

Edit And Enhance

After recording your Remix, you can use TikTok's editing tools to enhance your contribution. Add text, effects, filters, and any other elements to make the collaborative video more engaging.

Caption And Post

Write a caption that complements the Remix, add relevant hashtags, and click on "Post" to share the collaborative video on your TikTok profile.

Benefits Of Utilizing TikTok's Remix Feature

  • Creative Collaboration - The Remix feature promotes collaboration and creativity, allowing users to build upon each other's content and create unique, blended videos.
  • Interactive Engagement -By using Remix, you actively engage with the TikTok community, contributing to the dynamic and interactive nature of the platform.
  • Building Connection - Collaborating through Remix can lead to connections with other TikTok users. It's a way to participate in the community and showcase your creativity to a broader audience.

Considerations And Etiquette

Before reposting any content, ensure that you have the right to do so. Respect copyright laws and, if necessary, seek permission from the original content creator.

Credit The Original Creator

Whether using the Duet feature or screen recording, always give credit to the original content creator. This can be done through tags, mentions, or captions.

Engage With The Community

Reposting is not just about sharing content but engaging with the TikTok community. Respond to comments, collaborate with others, and contribute positively to the platform.

How To Repost Something On TikTok? - FAQs

How Does Tiktok Repost Work?

Select the TikTok video you want to repost. Right-click the "Share" button (an arrow icon) and select "Repost." If you choose, you can add a comment to your repost that will appear as a caption above the original owner's TikTok username.

How To Repost A TikTok Video On Google?

You can't repost directly on TikTok using Google. Instead, try using the Duet feature, screen recording, or downloading and uploading methods within the TikTok app.

Is There A Built-in Repost Feature On TikTok?

Yes, TikTok have a built-in repost feature. It was offered in 2022.

What Is TikTok's Remix Feature?

TikTok's Remix feature allows users to create collaborative videos. Users can enable Remix for their videos, and others can record their side of the video, creating a collaborative piece.

Can I Ask For Permission To Repost On TikTok?

Yes, it's a good practice to ask for permission before reposting someone else's content on TikTok. You can do this by commenting or sending a direct message.

How To Give Credit When Reposting On TikTok?

You can give credit by mentioning the original content creator's username in your caption or using the tag feature when posting.

Are There Third-party Apps For Reposting On TikTok?

While there are third-party video downloaders, it's recommended to use in-app features like Duet or Remix to repost content on TikTok to avoid potential copyright issues.
Reposting TikTok videos is generally allowed if you have the permission of the original content creator. However, it's essential to respect copyright and intellectual property rights.

Can I Edit A Reposted TikTok Video?

Yes, after using methods like Duet or screen recording, you can edit the recorded video before posting on TikTok. Add captions, effects, and other elements to make it your own.


How to repost something on TikTok? Reposting on TikTok may not be as straightforward as on some other platforms, but with the Duet feature, screen recording, downloading and uploading, asking for permission, and utilizing Remix, you have several options to share content within the TikTok community. Always remember to respect the original content creator's rights and give credit where it's due.
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