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How to Recover From Losses Using Bitcoin Tracing and Recovery?

How to Recover From Losses Using Bitcoin Tracing and Recovery?

Experience has shown that wrongful transfers from debtor's bankruptcy court to non-disruptive judgment-and-arbitration awarding creditors via debt collection agencies are avenues of malicious Cryptocurrency fraud.

Daniel James
Nov 05, 2021

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Experience has shown that wrongful transfers from debtor's bankruptcy court to non-disruptive judgment-and-arbitration awarding creditors via debt collection agencies are avenues of malicious Cryptocurrency fraud. The Cryptocurrencies industry can only tread upon the safe path of accelerated growth via public adoption of well-regulated and ethical techniques for private dispute resolution, forensic asset tracing, and recovery, and timely outcomes. When the industry learns to operate within and not against these principles there is a path that can lead to the growth of trust and confidence.

Recently there have been cases of exposing the wrong owners behind unverifiable balances and missing funds in multiple Blockchains. This exposes the encryption of Crypto assets to misuse. A recent article by Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin Recovery Expert, Mark Griffiths describes the new work of reviewing recovered data from major outbreaks of Cryptocurrency malware. The analysis exposed several major network worms in circulation.

This flaw was found during a review of eight different forks of Bitcoin, each with its own digital asset storage system. This means that any of these forks could have had multiple owners and track records, in multiple countries. Not only does this allow for fraudulent activity, but it is also an act of Treason. Treason is a serious crime and has penalties for those who knowingly help steal public or private information.

Digital Assets

Many people may not be aware of how this kind of theft affects their ability to legally maintain their digital assets. Many people do not realize that if there is a dispute about who owns an asset whether or not it is secure in their country, they must prove ownership to protect that asset. Assets can be traced and recovered with specialized technology that can reveal all sorts of information about the owner. However, in many countries, especially those located in Asia and Europe, proof of ownership of assets is not required before certain assets are automatically seized by the authorities. Asset tracing and recovery become useless then. Asset tracing and recovery become nearly impossible.

Legal Action against Theft

Unfortunately, there are many people that believe that if you do not know about your situation, you will not take action. In other words, it is better not to know about it, than to take action later and potentially lose thousands of dollars worth of assets. If you want to recover money that you have invested in your own savings account, you should not have to worry about how to legally take action against someone that you just met. The first thing that you need to do is to contact your local authorities and learn about the process.

For those who have lost large amounts of investment worth tens of thousands of dollars, the process of Bitcoin tracing and recovery is not as complex as one would think. Most of the time, the only thing that is required is a computer that has internet access. This is very easy to achieve. All you will need to do is create an online account with a service that offers this service. There are several different types of digital currencies that you can choose from.

Different Methods of Investigations

Digital currency tracing services are a great way for you to find out about the person that owns the asset that you think might be stealing from you. There are several different methods of investigation that are available to private detectives and investigators. These services are usually free of charge. Of course, if you are dealing with a legal problem that involves corporate crime or embezzlement, you may need to hire the services of a professional investigator. Even if you are just trying to determine whether or not someone is using your accounts in a malicious manner, you may still wish to consult with a professional investigator.

Even if you are not a legal professional, it should not be difficult to perform a bit of research on your own. Even if you know nothing about digital assets, you will probably be able to find lots of information on the internet. As you become more educated about the world of currencies, you will likely come across some of the tools that you can use for successful Bitcoin tracing and recovery activities. You may also come across new opportunities for using your skills for personal benefit.

Daniel James | Daniel James is an author, keynote speaker, and entrepreneur who is a professional coach and gerontologist. Daniel holds a bachelor's degree from Georgia Tech, a master's degree from UCLA, a diploma in gerontology from the University of Boston, as well as a Professional Coaching Certification.


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