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Ditch The Boring Case - How To Put On Cell Phone Charms On Any Device

Forget boring phone cases! Unleash your personality with charming accessories! This guide shows you how to put on cell phone charms - even without dedicated holes!

Elisa Mueller
Jan 25, 20246 Shares6369 Views
After eagerly anticipating the arrival of your latest phone accessoryand receiving it, the next step is incorporating it into your phone's collection. But the question remains: How exactly do you connect a Phone Charm to your device? We'll address that shortly and tell you how to put on cell phone charms. Before diving into the attachment process, let's explore what a Phone Charm is and the various ways you can utilize it. Given that you'll be using it regularly, understanding the versatile ways to incorporate it into your phone routine can be quite beneficial!


A multi color phone charm attached to a phone
A multi color phone charm attached to a phone
A mobile phone charm is a petite decorative ornament that can be fastened to a mobile phone, enhancing it with a hint of personalization and flair. This trend is well-received among mobile phone enthusiasts aiming to distinguish their devices and make them stand out.
Available in diverse shapes, sizes, materials, and designs, cell phone charms provide users with the means to showcase their personality and interests. Cell phone charms can fulfill both visual and functional roles.
In terms of aesthetics, they have the potential to introduce vibrant colors, sparkle, or texture to your cell phone, enhancing its visual appeal. Additionally, these charms offer a means to express your personal style, hobbies, or fandoms through symbols, logos, or characters that hold significance for you.
In terms of functionality, cell phone charms can enhance the ease of locating your device, particularly if you tend to misplace it. The charm serves as a visual indicator, aiding you in swiftly identifying your phone within a crowded purse or bag. Moreover, certain cell phone charms come with practical features, such as a stylus tip or a screen cleaner.
The process of affixing a cell phone charm is uncomplicated and easy. Typically, these charms are equipped with a small jump ring or lanyard hook, allowing for straightforward attachment to a designated hole or loop on your cell phone case.

How To Put On Cell Phone Charms - Different Ways

Securing Phone Charms Onto A Phone Case With An Opening

  • Remove your phone from its case. Dealing with an empty phone case enables you to properly affix the charm and guarantees that your phone remains unharmed during the process. Therefore, take your phone out and place it aside.
  • Find the opening for the mute button on the phone case. If your phone case lacks a mute button opening, don't worry! Check for other available openings in the case where you could attach a charm, such as the audio jack or charging port.
  • Insert the looped section of the phone charm into the mute button opening. Draw the looped string at the charm's end through the mute button hole until it emerges on the opposite side. Ensure that the beads or charm itself do not pass through the opening.
  • Create a knot using the loop of the phone charm. Use the hand holding the case to open the string loop of the charm. Gather the charm or beads with your other hand and thread them through the loop. This will form a basic knot, securely attaching your phone charm or strap to the case.
  • Insert the phone back into the case. That's all there is to it! Your phone should smoothly fit into the case.

Adapting A Phone Case Lacking An Opening

  • Choose the desired location for the phone charm. Take your phone out of the case and use a fine-tip permanent marker to mark on the case where you want the charm to be.
  • Create two holes in a soft or hard plastic case using a needle. Heat the pointed end of a sewing needle with an open flame. Hold the needle over the flame briefly, then promptly press it onto the marked spot on the case.
  • Apply gentle pressure to make the initial hole and repeat the process for the second hole. The number of attempts required may vary depending on the case's thickness.
  • Position the two holes approximately one centimeter apart, ensuring they are close but not touching.
  • Utilize a 5/64 drill bit to bore a hole in a plastic case. Place a piece of cardboard on the inner back surface of the phone case. Align the drill with the mark you made earlier and drill at a 45-degree angle.
  • This technique carries more risk, especially if your hand isn't steady, as the drill may scratch the case. However, it is recognized to be effective on more robust cases, such as those manufactured by OtterBox.
  • Thread the string of the phone charm through the hole(s) you made. Pass the loop of the phone charm through the hole. If the loop is too large, no problem! Connect the loop to a string and needle, then pull the needle through the hole.
  • Fasten the phone charm to the case using a basic knot. Thread the charms or beads through the loop, and there you have it! You've successfully affixed a phone charm to a case without a hole.

Connecting Phone Charms To The Audio Jack Of The Phone

  • Identify the audio jack on your phone, which is the port where you insert your headphones. It's important to note that newer phones may not have audio jacks, so this approach is more suitable for older models or Android devices.
  • Insert a pre-made phone jack charm. Numerous ready-made audio jack charms are available in the market. Just insert the base of the charm into the audio jack.
  • Insert a phone jack charm holder. If you wish to affix a dangling charm or bracelet to your phone, use an audio jack plug equipped with a lobster claw or ring. This allows for the seamless connection of any charm, and all you need to do is fasten the charm to the end of the plug.

Removing The Charm

To detach the charm, follow the steps in reverse:
  • Loosen the knot around the phone case opening.
  • Thread the charm back through the string loop.
  • Pull the string out of the phone case opening.
Changing or removing phone charms is a straightforward process, allowing you to switch them easily and match them to your mood!

Creating Phone Charms

A box overflowing with a jumble of colorful beads in various shapes and sizes and some threads
A box overflowing with a jumble of colorful beads in various shapes and sizes and some threads
  • Decide on the length you want for your phone charm.
  • Utilize a ruler to measure the desired length, determining how long your bead pattern needs to be. If you're creating a phone charm strap, employ a cloth measuring tape to measure around your wrist.
  • Arrange your beads and charms in a line. Create a pattern of your preferred length to get a visual representation of the final product.
  • String a stretchy cord or elastic thread through the beads. Begin with the bead at the top of your pattern, as it will be the uppermost part of your charm. Follow the sequence of your pattern until all the beads are threaded onto the cord.
  • Opt for a transparent string to highlight the color of your beads, or choose a colored cord for an extra playful touch.
  • Fold and tie the ends of the beaded string together to form a phone charm strap. Cut the string from the roll, leaving approximately 4 to 6 inches (10 to 15 cm) of excess string, and secure the beads with a double knot.
  • With the leftover string, tie another double knot to fashion a smaller loop of about 1 inch (2.5 cm) in length.
  • Reinsert the string through the beads to create a single-stranded charm. Pass the end of the string through the last bead you threaded, repeating this process until you reach the top of the pattern.
  • Once completed, cut the string from the roll, and you'll have two string ends protruding from the top bead. Leave approximately 2 inches (5.1 cm) of excess string.
  • Attach a jump ring and lariat to the single-stranded phone charm. Ensure the beads are firmly in place by tying a surgeon's knot. Trim away the excess string from the knot, and thread an open jump ring through it. Connect the lariat to the jump ring, and use pliers to secure the jump ring.
  • Connect the phone charm to your phone case. Well done! You've crafted your own stylish and on-trend phone charm.

Frequently Asked Questions - How To Put On Cell Phone Charms

Could Cell Phone Charms Harm My Phone?

When used appropriately, cell phone charms should not result in any damage to your device. Nevertheless, it is crucial to consider the size and weight of the charm. Sizeable or heavy charms might exert pressure on the attachment point or potentially block ports or buttons on your phone.

What Is The Mechanism Behind Light-up Phone Charms?

Illuminating phone charms generally operate by employing a small LED light in conjunction with a power source, often a small battery.

Who Initiated The Trend Of Phone Charms?

The vibrant and nostalgic strands from String Ting, reminiscent of the early 2000s, carry a nostalgic vibe. However, Steed-Middleton underscores that the accessory brand has progressed beyond being solely ornamental, emphasizing that phones in that era lacked the functionality and utility they possess today.


Now that you know how to put on cell phone charms, you can transform your phone into a personalized accessory. You've unlocked the door to endless customization. Whether you're rocking a sleek iPhone, a rugged Android, or anything in between, you can now express your unique style with every dangle and bead. Remember, creativity thrives on limitations, so get out there, experiment, and let your phone become the charming masterpiece it deserves. Now go forth and charm!
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