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How To Post A Video To Reddit? Visual Storytelling On Reddit

Unlock the secrets of successful video sharing on Reddit with this comprehensive guide on how to post a video to Reddit. Elevate your Reddit experience by mastering the art of sharing videos and connecting with diverse audiences through compelling visual content.

Kaleem Kirkpatrick
Jan 13, 20241518 Shares60719 Views
Reddit, a bustling online community, allows users to share a variety of content, including videos. If you're looking to share your videos on Reddit, here's a comprehensive guide on how to post a video to Reddit, engage with the community, and maximize visibility.
Would you like to post a video to Reddit? Reddit is a well-known online discussion forum featuring subreddits for every topic, interest, and category. Reddit users can submit text, images, and videos, and they can now upload video as well.
Prior to 2017, users could not upload videos directly to Reddit. You were required to include a link to a third-party website or platform. After 2017, Redditors have been able to directly capture films or submit pre-recorded videos to their favorite communities in order to increase the number of views, comments, and karma.
However, only a few videos can be properly placed on Reddit because it has stringent limits on video uploads, much like it does on ordinary posts. As long as your video fits the standards, you may now effortlessly submit it to Reddit using the mobile app or a computer.

Find The Right Subreddit

Subreddits are specialized communities, each with its unique theme and rules. Finding the right subreddit ensures your video reaches the intended audience. Use Reddit's search function to find subreddits related to your video content. Check community guidelines to ensure your content aligns with the subreddit's theme.

Create A Reddit Account

To post content on Reddit, you need an account. Having an account allows you to engage with the community, upvote, and participate in discussions. Visit the Reddit website or use the app to create an account. Verify your email to unlock all features.

Understand Posting Rules

Subreddits have specific rules regarding content, formatting, and frequency of posts. Adhering to these rules ensures a positive posting experience.
Before posting, carefully read the rules of the chosen subreddit. Find them in the subreddit's sidebar or pinned posts.

Understanding Reddit's Video Requirements

Uploading movies to Reddit can be difficult if you are unfamiliar with the criteria. But don't worry, we're here to help! The first step is to determine what video formats are supported, as well as the maximum file size and video length needed for successful uploads.
Once you have all of this information, your article will have no trouble reaching millions of Reddit users.
By following our instructions and understanding video format/size specifications as well as length constraints, you'll discover that uploading video to the platform isn't so difficult after all!

Video Formats

When attempting to upload videos to Reddit, it is vital to understand the acceptable video formats. The platform accepts both MP4 and MOV files, so they will function with a wide range of devices and editing applications.
Make sure your video is in a compatible format before clicking the submit video option since this will assist in eliminating any complications while putting a clip onto Reddit.

Maximum Dimensions And Length

When publishing films to Reddit, it is critical to keep them under 1GB in size and 15 minutes in length. This ensures a flawless submission process as well as content that conforms to what Reddit users desire, brief clips that are easy to absorb.
Remember that any videos that surpass these parameters will be rejected by the platform. If you want your movie to be successfully posted, make sure the video length does not exceed either!
Once you've learned about the various Reddit video hosting requirements, it's time to learn how to post your movies from both desktops and phones. This article will walk you through the procedures you need to do in order for the Reddit community to view your films, whether they were captured on a PC or a mobile device.

Using A Computer To Upload Videos

It is simple to upload videos from a computer to Reddit. Log in, navigate to the community where you want your video to be shared, and then select the "Image & Video" tab. If you want to add a file straight from your device, select "Upload" when requested.
This will bring up a menu where you may select your video file. After that, double-check that the title has all of the relevant details and click "Post."
It is also important to verify that the supplied footage fits specified criteria such as being within acceptable codecs (such as MP4 or MOV), size limitations, and length restraints - by adhering to these guidelines, successfully publishing clips onto Reddit will be no problem!

Using A Mobile App To Post Videos

  • It's just as simple to upload videos to Reddit from a mobile device. To create your video post, launch the Reddit app and select the 'New Post' option.
  • Choose 'Video,' then choose the subreddit where you want to share your video from the camera roll or library.
  • Give it an intriguing and fascinating title, then hit 'Post' - and voilà! It will be distributed to everyone on Reddit.
  • Make sure to follow their constraints, such as only utilizing MP4 and MOV files, and to check length/size boundaries as well; in this manner, things should go well for sharing among Reddit users.

Reddit YouTube Video Sharing

It is possible to share YouTube videos with the Reddit community without having to download them or wait for them to load. This post will go over two methods for getting these visuals onto Reddit: linking links and embedding players.
There are extra benefits to posting video material on Reddit. To upload it directly because there is no buffering during uploads.
  • Sharing a YouTube video to Reddit is simple with simply a link. To do so, click the "+" sign and then choose your preferred community or subreddit.
  • Switch to the "Link" tab, where you must add an appropriate title as well as the accompanying YouTube video URL.
  • Once everything is finished, click the 'Post' button and you're done! Your freshly shared content should now be visible to others inside your selected subreddit - no need to upload any actual videos, saving time and resources by leveraging their 'video-to-Reddit' option!

YouTube Player Embedding

Here's how to include a YouTube player directly in your new Reddit post below.
  • Make a new thread on the Reddit platform. Change to Markdown editing mode and copy the Embed code from the video, which can be found by clicking 'Share' underneath it.
  • Users who utilize the Reddit mobile app will be able to watch the YouTube video without having to navigate to another page, providing a continuous viewing experience within Reddit.
Reddit post option screenshot
Reddit post option screenshot

Craft An Engaging Title

Titles are crucial for grabbing the attention of Reddit users. Craft a title that accurately represents your video and entices users to click. Be descriptive, use relevant keywords, and consider adding an element of curiosity or intrigue.

Include Relevant Information In The Body

The text field allows you to add context, share stories, or ask questions related to your video. This information enhances the overall viewing experience. Write a brief description in the text field, providing additional information or context for your video.

Select The Right Post Flair

Flairs help categorize content and provide additional information to users. Some subreddits have mandatory or recommended flairs for posts. Choose a flair that best fits the content and theme of your video. This helps users understand the nature of your post at a glance.

Preview Your Post

Previewing your post allows you to see how it will appear to other users. This step helps catch any potential formatting issues or errors before submission. Click on the "Preview" button to view how your post will be presented.

Submit Your Post

Submitting your post makes it visible to the community. This is the last step in the video-sharing process. If everything looks satisfactory in the preview, click on "Submit" to share your video with the chosen subreddit.
Reddit logo
Reddit logo

Maximizing Visibility And Engagement For Reddit Video Posts

Posting a video on Reddit is just the beginning; maximizing visibility and engagement requires strategic efforts. Here are key tips to help your video stand out and connect with the Reddit community effectively.

Engage With Comments

Responding to comments on your video post fosters a sense of community. Engaging with your audience encourages more interactions, including upvotes and additional comments.
Regularly check for new comments and respond promptly. Address questions, express gratitude for positive feedback, and participate in discussions related to your video.

Use Descriptive Thumbnails

Thumbnails serve as visual previews of your video. Using a descriptive and attention-grabbing thumbnail can significantly increase the chances of users clicking on your post.
Design thumbnails that accurately represent your video content and provoke curiosity. Ensure they are clear, visually appealing, and aligned with the video's theme.

Share Your Video On Relevant Subreddits

Identifying additional subreddits related to your video's content can expand its reach. Sharing in relevant communities increases the likelihood of your video reaching a diverse audience. Search for subreddits that align with your video's topic or theme. Read the rules of each subreddit to ensure your post complies with their guidelines.

Be Transparent About Content

Clearly communicating the content of your video in the post title and description builds trust with the audience. Transparency helps users understand what to expect when they click on your video.
Craft titles and descriptions that accurately represent your video's content. Avoid clickbait or misleading information, as this can lead to negative feedback.

Respond To Feedback

Responding to both positive and constructive feedback demonstrates your engagement with the community. Acknowledging comments and feedback contributes to a positive atmosphere. Be open to feedback and criticism. Respond graciously, thank users for their input, and consider incorporating constructive suggestions into your future content.

Experiment With Posting Times

The timing of your post can impact its visibility. Experimenting with different posting times helps you identify when the subreddit's user activity is at its peak. Post at various times and on different days to gauge when your target subreddit has the highest user engagement. Use this information to schedule future posts strategically.

Utilize Relevant Hashtags

Adding relevant hashtags to your post increases its discoverability. Users searching for specific topics or themes may come across your video through hashtag searches. Incorporate hashtags related to the content of your video. Use common and specific hashtags that align with the subreddit's focus.

Participate In The Community Before Posting

Actively participating in the community before posting establishes your presence. Regular contributions create a positive reputation, making users more receptive to your content. Engage with other users' posts by commenting, upvoting content you find interesting, and contributing to discussions. Establish yourself as a valuable member of the community.
Incorporating popular trends or challenges into your video posts can increase their visibility. Users often seek and engage with content that aligns with ongoing trends.
Keep an eye on current trends and challenges within the subreddit. Participate when appropriate, aligning your content with what the community finds popular.

Use Descriptive Captions

Captions provide an opportunity to add context, share stories, or ask questions related to your video. Descriptive captions enhance the overall viewing experience.
Write clear and concise captions that complement your video content. Share relevant information or personal anecdotes to engage viewers and encourage comments.

How To Post A Video To Reddit? - FAQs

Do I Need A Reddit Account To Post A Video?

Yes, you need a Reddit account to post a video. Creating an account allows you to engage with the community, follow subreddit rules, and participate in discussions.

What Are Some Tips For Creating An Engaging Title For A Video Post On Reddit?

Craft an engaging title for your video post by being descriptive, using relevant keywords, and adding an element of curiosity or intrigue. A compelling title increases the chances of users clicking on your post.

How Do I Choose The Right Post Flair When Posting A Video On Reddit?

When posting a video on Reddit, choose the right post flair that best categorizes your content. Some subreddits have mandatory or recommended flairs to organize posts effectively.

How Can I Engage With The Reddit Community After Posting A Video?

Engage with the Reddit community by responding to comments on your video post. Participate in discussions, answer questions, and be open to feedback.

What Are Some Common Mistakes To Avoid When Posting A Video On Reddit?

Common mistakes to avoid when posting a video on Reddit include not understanding subreddit rules, using misleading titles, and neglecting to engage with the community. Always be transparent and respectful in your interactions.


How to post a video to Reddit? Sharing videos on Reddit involves navigating subreddit rules, creating engaging posts, and choosing the right hosting platforms. By following this comprehensive guide and incorporating tips for visibility and engagement, you'll enhance your ability to connect with the diverse Reddit community through compelling video content.
Always prioritize transparency, adhere to subreddit guidelines, and actively participate in discussions to make the most of your video-sharing experience on Reddit.
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