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How To Pack A TV? - The Advantage Of Packing Your Television


It's not always easy to pack your belongings while relocating to a new apartment or anywhere else, especially if you have larger items like a television. It is vulnerable, which is why you must find an excellent technique to pack and transport it safely. In this article, I'll show you how to pack your television and what to consider while packing.

But first, what are the advantages of packing your belongings?

Advantages Of Packing A TV

Less Damage

You are a genius for deciding to pack your belongings! All of our valuables require securing. We buy a cellphone case to protect our phones from scratches, so why not your television? It will also make you feel complacent because you are confident that it is already safe from harm.

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More Organize

When you've finished packing your belongings, you can now label them according to their type. If your television is packed, you can set it aside and wait for the carrier to deliver it. You are now free to do the other things.

Now that you've seen the two benefits of packing your belongings when moving, let's move on to the actual process.

How To Pack A TV For Moving

Follow these easy steps to pack your TV properly.

Disconnect All Cords And Accessories

TVs should be taken out of their sockets before they are packed. If you can, remove the power cord from the TV, too. Remove the cords that connect any extras, such as streaming devices or DVD players, and then do the same thing. They should be rolled up and tied together with a rope or ribbon.

  • Dust the back of the TV to create a clean working environment.
  • Unplug each device one at a time and use masking tape and a marker to label the cord.
  • Each cord should be velcroed to its corresponding electronic or stored in a ziplock bag.

Clean It

Before you pack up your TV, take the time to clean it of all dust and debris. Not only will this help keep you clean as you move the TV, but dust and dirt left on the screen during moving may scratch it.

Put The TV To Its Original Box

If you can, try to find the original box that the TV came in when you bought it. For the most part, people usually throw away the original box after they hook it up and try it out. Boxes of that size take up space, even though you have a garage or a storage room in your house.

Keep the original box if you plan to move soon after getting the TV. Otherwise, you'll need to use one of the other ways to pack. It's a good idea to put your TV in its original box and packaging if you still have them. Then put it in the box before you move.

  • Check to make sure that all of the box's edges are properly sealed with packing tape, so that they don't open while it's being moved.
  • Do not put the TV's cords or other accessories in the box with the TV itself. These things should be put in a separate box and marked with the correct name.

What should you do if you don't have the original box of your TV? Here's how to pack your TV without using a box.

How To Move A TV Without The Original Box

How to Pack a TV | The Home Depot

Make your own TV moving box by following these steps on how to move the TV to properly pack and transport without the original box.

Step 1: Wrap the TV in packing tape, with the sticky side facing out. Do not put the sticky side toward your TV.

Step 2: Wrap the TV in bubble wrap. This will stop bubble wrap from sliding around. The bubble wrap should stick well to the tape.

Step 3: It might be better to use two moving blankets if your TV is big. Wrap the TV in a moving blanket to protect it. Wrap the TV in the blanket and tape it down. Make sure to cover the whole front of the TV so the screen is safe.

TVs are easy to move. When you move a flat-screen TV, put the TV in your DIY box and make sure there is no space for it. To fill in the gaps, add more bubble wrap. Putting your TV stand in the box is important so you don't lose it.


How exciting is it to move into a new apartment without any hassle? We all want our steps to be as smooth and organized as possible, and packing your television will make your life easier because you will be able to use it in your new home in the same way you did before. Follow the steps outlined in this article and complete your task carefully.

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