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How to Organize and Clean your Garage


If you think garages are only meant for vehicles and junk items, think again.

You can add shelves on the walls that can serve as extra storage spaces, have plants on the side to ensure the ambiance is nice, use the space as your personal studio or have it decorated for dinner parties and date nights.

Yes, cleaning and refurbishing it can make the space look lively. But how do you do that?

This is where we step in.

We have come up with the best garage cleaning tips to guide you through cleaning and organizing this often neglected space.

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Take a look.

Remove Everything

Getting everything out of the garage can help you evaluate what you've got. It is crucial to keep yourself focused on preventing too many unnecessary items from returning to their original locations. If you have old furniture that you don’t require anymore, consider Furniture removal in Grand Rapids to get the job done seamlessly.

Sort, Remove, Sell Or Donate

After removing everything from the garage, sort all of it.

Categorize all the items on the basis of how often you use them. When doing so, consider letting go of things instead of storing them in the hope that you'll use or repair them one day.

Be real and honest. These are items that cause clutter. Sell, donate or get rid of them.

Numerous shops buy old, secondhand, used items. You can use this money to purchase something that the entire family will appreciate. Call a recycling or waste management company or municipal office to find ways to dispose of chemical waste safely.

Are you holding onto your rollerblades in the hopes that your children will use them one day, or that broken tennis racket that is almost useless?

Items like these usually add to the clutter. There are numerous sports stores that will purchase used equipment for a reasonable price.

So, you can make some quick cash from selling your old stuff. Don’t let your emotions get in the way.

Repair Hazards And Seal Cracks

Repair Hazards and Seal Cracks
Repair Hazards and Seal Cracks

Garages are among the most used places in the home. Fluctuations in temperature and moisture levels can lead to cracking leaks, mildew, and other problems. Since you didn’t spend much time in the garage earlier, you could have easily overlooked these problems which can turn into expensive repairs in the future.

After removing everything from the garage, thoroughly inspect the areas that may require repair or clean up. Fill any cracks you find with spray-in sealant or foam, and apply a protective coat.

Don't miss examining the wires to ensure that fire hazard is always kept at bay. Clean gutters around the garage, and remember to check for any indications of water-related damage. It is crucial to make sure that you have protection from severe weather and burglars.

Dust, Wash, Clean, And Paint

Clean all corners thoroughly and wash the walls to ensure that everything is dust-free.

You can consider putting in an affordable flooring protector, a rug or even a carpet to guard the floor against damage that could occur in the future. A quick coat of black and white latex paint can keep walls looking fresh and prevent mildew too.

Organize Everything

It's time to put everything back into the garage and sort your space—place tools, sports items, car repairs, and gardening items in clearly labeled bins.

If you keep your garbage and recyclables within your garage, make sure to keep everything in tightly sealed and secured bags to avoid the odor. Also, consider placing a mat underneath the trashcan and get it cleaned out every month.

Final Word

Your garage is the underrated home space that takes care of the bulk of your storage and still doesn't get any appreciation. That’s sad.

Make sure to transform your garage into an easily accessible and well-organized space by implementing the tips mentioned above.

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