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How To Change Your Home To Increase Your Well-being

Your well-being is one of the best measures we have to gauge whether we are living a happy, fulfilled, and contented life.

Paolo Reyna
May 01, 202333 Shares632 Views
Your well-being is one of the best measures we have to gauge whether we are living a happy, fulfilled, and contented life. If we are not living our best quality of life, then we are generally plagued by negative thoughts and feelings, we may be unfulfilled, discontented, and have a low level of mental and physical health. This is clearly something that should be remedied as best it can be. The good thing is that well-being is far easier to improve than focusing on something like contentment or happiness. It is a far more tangible thing to change. There are many methods to increase our well-being, and one of them is to focus on the home. It doesn't matter how large, or small your home is; what matters is what you do with it, and whether you want to be there. So, to help you find ways to change your home to improve your sense of well-being, here are a few ideas:

Start with What's Wrong

Most homes have a snag list. The trick is to reduce the snag list over time rather than let it fester and grow. Having broken things like a tap that doesn't work, or drips all the time, or a light that needs a new bulb are extremely annoying. You have that moment where you forget, then as soon as your try the thing, it doesn't work, and then you are back at the beginning with that downheartedness that accompanies the thing not working. So get proactive and create a list of things that need doing. It doesn't matter how long the list is, just that you can see everything on it. Then start fixing things. Start with the easy things, like changing a light bulb, then work your way up to the more difficult things. If your home has some serious issues, like structural issues, then these need to be resolved as a priority. Things like water damage too will need a water restoration service too. You can't let water seep into the woodwork and undermine the home. Eventually, you'll have nothing but rubble. Homes need maintenance, and it is up to you to get this sorted. If you can keep up with your snag list, then you will feel a lot better. The home will work as it is supposed to, and you will no longer have as much annoyance, downheartedness, and stress.


Clutter causes so many issues in a home. Not only does it fill the home up with junk upon junk, but it can also be dangerous. It causes trip hazards for one, and it can make the home difficult to clean, which means that the home fills with an undue amount of dust. Mold and mildew begin to grow, and pests, like rodents, can hind in amongst the junk and poo everywhere; this dries out and then begins to contaminate the air you and your children breathe. Clutter is very bad for children's health as they are far more prone to respiratory illnesses. Another way junk in the home can affect you is by causing you a lot of stress and anxiety. In fact, clutter can prevent you from having a good night's sleep. So if you suffer from insomnia, why not try declutteringand see if that helps? Clutter can also affect your mentality by keeping you trapped in the past, unable to move in your life. If you have a lot of memorabilia from your past, such as old items, even pieces of rubbish, that you are emotionally attached to due to the connotation that you have with your past, then you need to sever this tie. If you can start eliminating the past in terms of clutter and wipe the slate clean, as it were, you will find that you are happier and live in the moment a lot better.


You can take the decluttering process a little further and go for an entirely minimalist home. Minimalism is good for your well-being as it is a way of helping you live more in the moment and be free from the past and the things that bind you to it. To have a minimalist home then you need to have only the essentials. Don't have more than you need or anything, even furniture. Don't cover the walls in pictures, ensure all your surfaces are clear, focus on quality over quantity, and only buy things if you really need them. A minimalist home is a way of inducing calm and peace. There is nothing about it that can overstimulate the senses. The world outside the walls is a wasps nest of stimuli. So many adverts and images etc., all trying to get you to part with your money and make you feel bad about yourself in some way. The home should be the opposite, a space apart. Minimalism is a great doctrine to follow if you are stressed and anxious and need a home that is calming.

Your Kitchen

A kitchen is the hub of the home. It is where you go to cook, have meals, and socialize with friends and family, it is where you have coffee in the morning. It is the central part of the house, which gives a focus and direction to the household. If your kitchen is not a place you want to be, then the whole feeling of the house could be falling by the wayside. You need to give special attention to your kitchen. A kitchen being a place you want to spend time, also encourages you to cook home meals - which are healthier than oven or microwave meals, as well as fast food, and this fact can increase your sense of well-being by nourishing your body more. However, what you want is a hub of the household as, somewhere pleasant, so how do you do this? Clearly, you can spend a lot of money to get a designer in and create a stunning brand-new kitchen with all the mod-cons and a seating area built in. But if you are on a budget, you can jazz up what you already have. If you don't have a seating area and are struggling for space, you could get a table that folds out from the wall, with fold-away chairs, which give you the choice to eat in the kitchen, and sit and have a coffee with your friends. Consider the lighting. Is it bright enough to cook, get dimmed enough to enjoy an evening meal? Dimmed lighting or different spotlighting on switched can work here. Can you play music in there to give it a bit of an atmosphere? If you want to cook more, then think about the layout of the utensils. Can you add hooks and hang saucepans and other cooking utensils somewhere within reaching distance of the stove? Maybe you could add some kitchen art to the walls? Or maybe you just need to give everything a bit of TLC. If you are on a budget, you can buy stick-on tiles and lino that look like marble flooring. There are a lot of great tricks if you look hard enough. But if you spend a little on your kitchen and transform it into a place you want to be, then you will find that your whole house runs more smoothly.

Add More of Your Personality

A home that is bland and looks as if it is straight out of a catalog may have initially made you think it is amazing, but after a while, you begin to wonder about it; that's because you have missed the personality. We are all so different, and using the same colors and the same patterns and textures as the magazines means that what you are creating is missing something and that something is you or your soul. A home that is going to heighten your sense of well-0being is one that enhances your inner self. It is a place that makes you feel safe, calm, and relaxed. It s a home that inspires you to be your best self and do something with your life. It is somewhere that uplifts you that reminds you of who you are. So that means you need to look inwardly and really think about what you can do in your home to add your personality, which means the home will connect with you on a deeper level. One way to do this is to add wall murals, a wild forest, a living room, or the sky at night on the bedroom ceiling, perhaps. You could even consider having a mural painted outside on a fence or shed. How about hunting the second-hand market for unusual ornaments and sculptures for a unique feature in a room? You can try using reclaimed materials or reupholstering things, such as sanding down a wardrobe and staining it a new color, or putting the stunning fabric you love over an old sofa. The more creative you can get, the more of your personality will shine through, and this will really make you feel at home and at peace.
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