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How To Block Someone On PayPal

Paypal is a well-known software platform that enables users to send and receive money from people all over the world. On this platform, there are a variety of techniques to block unwanted people.

Jaya Mckeown
Jan 07, 2022350 Shares349983 Views
Have you ever wondered if it is feasible to ban someone on PayPal based on their IP address? It's true that PayPal is a really dependable platform, particularly when it comes to doing transactions with unfamiliar individuals. However, there may be instances in which you do not want to accept money requests or payments from a certain person. "How to block someone on PayPal?" is a subject that is commonly asked on the PayPal website, and we will be addressing it in this article.

How To Block Someone On Personal Paypal

Currently, there is no method to ban a user instantly on a PayPal Personal account. As a result, there is no formal way to prevent the user from sending you money requests, payments, or engaging with you.
One method is to ignore the sender's payment notes. If you continue to get payment notes or payments from the same user, you will need to contact PayPal support and discuss this issue.

How To Block Someone On PayPal For Business Account

To begin, go to your business PayPal account and log in. Then go to settings and pick selling tools from the drop-down menu. Under "Getting paid and managing my risks," choose the "Update" button and then the "Block payments" option.
A page will appear on your screen once you select the "Block payments" option. Afterward, change the currency settings for which you wish to receive money on this page. Using the "Allow payments transferred to me in a currency I do not possess" option, you may keep this procedure under control.

How To Block Money Requests On PayPal

Unfortunately, PayPal does not have a tool that enables you to block money requests. This is a feature that should be included since many customers continue to get payment requests from persons they don't know.
Removing individuals from your contact list is one approach to prevent them from sending you money requests. Sometimes people sending you money requests aren't even on your contact list, so this isn't really useful.
However, if the person is on your contact list, you may prevent them from sending money requests by selecting Send and Request from the drop-down menu. After that, at the top of the page, choose Contacts. Remove this contact after selecting the contact you want to get rid of.
Screenshot of paypal account showing how to switch off money requests
Screenshot of paypal account showing how to switch off money requests

How To Block PayPal On EBay

To deactivate PayPal on eBay, you must unlink your PayPal account from the eBay site/app. Follow these procedures to unlink your PayPal account:
First sign in to your eBay account. From the drop-down option, choose Account. After choosing the PayPal Account, click "Remove." As a consequence of this action, PayPal will be deleted from your eBay account.

How To Block Someone On PayPal Mobile

If you want to block someone from your iPhone or Android phone, first select the Send option from the drop-down menu. After that, locate the contact you want to block and click on it. Select "more options" from the drop-down menu (three dots). Finally, click on the Block option from the drop-down menu.
Paypal account showing different options including my account and send or request money
Paypal account showing different options including my account and send or request money
If you just want to send money to individuals you know and want to prevent spamming unknown contacts, you may utilize the Venmo app and then transfer your money from Venmo to your PayPal account. You'll have greater control over who gives you money this way.
The information in the preceding article explains how to block someone on PayPal. You'll be able to prevent having people spam you for money on Paypal if you follow the above-mentioned procedure.
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