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How To Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals

Losing weight is an incredible journey that's most often filled with periods of wins and occasional stagnancy. There's hardly a one size fits all protocol for losing a specified amount of weight within a set period for all individuals.

Katharine Tate
May 10, 202321 Shares664 Views
Losing weight is an incredible journey that's most often filled with periods of wins and occasional stagnancy. There's hardly a one size fits all protocol for losing a specified amount of weight within a set period for all individuals. This is due to the fact that our physiological and metabolic makeup varies.
However, a step in the right direction when it comes to weight loss is to have a consistent and scientifically backed regimen that is individualized. You should also have a set goal that's objectively assessed periodically. Read on to learn more about how to achieve your weight loss goal.

Diet and Eating Habits

Diet plays a major role in weight loss since food is converted into metabolic byproducts that can cause increased weight. The first point is to reduce refined carbs. Embrace whole grains instead of refined sugar and carbohydrates. Also, remember that the aim is to cut calories, not flavor.
You can garnish your meals with lots of veggies and fruit. Adequate proteins to help repair worn-out tissues should be abundant in the diet. In terms of eating habits, it's pertinent to have a meal plan as well as a grocery list and schedule. This will help you stay focused on your goal and prevent impulsive food buying or eating, which are most times unhealthy.
You should also ensure that you do not skip the most important meal of the day, breakfast. Eating promptly is as important during weight loss as selecting what to eat. When you eat, make it slow so that you do not end up consuming a large amount of unhealthy stuff due to a rush. Do not skip meals but ensure you have a calorie target per day. Lastly, always stay hydrated as water enhances metabolism, ensuring overall health.


Without a doubt, moving the body regularly helps to burn calories. It also helps to ensure that your body's metabolism runs at a healthy rate. Moreover, your skeletal muscles become toned over time which helps your overall appearance and burns some body fats.
There are quite a number of exercises that can help in this regard. Weight lifting or strength training a couple of times weekly is a proven method. You can enroll in a local gym where you can meet a professional trainer that can help draw out a regimented workout plan based on your goals. Other physical exercises that can help include jogging, brisk walking, and swimming. It's even better if you do certain sports periodically. However, ensure that you do not have preexisting health restrictions by visiting a physician before starting any exercise regimen.
Sleep also has a key role to play in achieving your weight loss goal. Sleep helps to rejuvenate the body and mind. Lack of sleep is one of the risk factors for weight gain and the inability to maintain weight loss. Having adequate sleep of at least six to eight hours daily will help you have a clear and energetic mind to carry out your daily regimen.

Medical Procedures

There are quite a number of invasive and non-invasive medical procedures that have been employed in achieving weight loss in various individuals. However, the gastric balloon system is one of the fastest-rising and most successful procedures. A classic example is Spatz3 by Spatz Medical.
The balloon is the only adjustable Gastric Balloon System available with numerous advantages over its counterparts. It has been used to achieve the highest success rates in weight loss all over the world. The process of gastric balloon insertion is done endoscopically under conscious sedation. This means that throughout an average of fifteen minutes that the procedure takes, you'll be awake and feel little or no discomfort. The balloon is passed down into the stomach and inflated with a fluid like saline.
The mechanism of action of the Spatz3 balloon is to change your attitude towards food. This is achieved by ensuring that apart from eating weight loss-inducing foods, you also eat enough not to harm your goals. The balloon is adjustable and can be deflated and re-inflated if you feel any side effects or discomfort. All the process of inserting and adjusting the Spatz3 balloon can be done on an outpatient basis with minimal discomfort.
In our website, you can find the gastric balloon costand the clinics that are able to do the procedure.

A Final Word

Other invasive options like gastric bypass surgeries have been employed in recalcitrant weight loss, but the aim of a weight loss journey should be more of maintenance than a quick success story with residual side effects. Hence, ensure that you have a consistent routine and attitude by considering gastric balloons, calorie counting, and moderate exercise.
Having a goal of losing one to two pounds weekly is satisfactory as rapid weight loss comes with several untoward effects. Lastly, having a method of ensuring accountability in your journey goes a long way in achieving success.
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