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How Much Do You Need To Invest In Crypto?

How Much Do You Need To Invest In Crypto?

When you're determining how much of certain crypto to acquire, your query should not be: ‘How much can I actually invest? ’ It should be: ‘How much risk should I be undertaking on this crypto?'

Katya Ryder
Last updated: Dec 30, 2021 | Dec 24, 2021

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When you're determining how much of certain crypto to acquire, your query should not be: ‘How much can I actually invest? ’ It should be: ‘How much risk should I be undertaking on this crypto?'

A normal trader could assume, ‘I’ve got £10,000 to invest, so I’ll be wise and diversify my risk by putting £1,000 in each of ten different cryptos.’

Diversification is absolutely a good thing. It’s typically safer to have your money in 10 cryptos than in just one, but just dividing your money evenly between them is not a very effective plan.

Equal Portfolio

There is one strategy that you can afford to apply in your trade, even as a beginner. That's putting your money in different cryptocurrencies.

The difficulty with this strategy to investing is it means that regardless of the varied volatilities of each cryptocurrency. Some of them tend to climb or decrease by only a few percentage points every day, whilst others bounce up and down rapidly. A more rational strategy is to put more money in the calmer cryptos and less in the wild ones, in an effort to equalize your amount of risk on each crypto investment.

Risk Parity Allocation

In the beginning, it may have seemed like trading cryptocurrencies would be all about adrenaline-fueled triumphs and Lamborghini victory laps around your own estate in the Lambo. The good news is that I'll simply offer you one simple strategy that will make a huge impact on your trading results.

In this strategy, you will still experience thumping great loss, but it’s not quite as bad as before. This is because the cryptos that were the most volatile in the past and were therefore allocated the smallest investment amounts also turned out to be the cryptos that fell most dramatically during the crash. This is not a coincidence. Prices that rise the fastest also tend to fall the hardest, that’s why it’s so important to adjust position sizes according to volatility.

investing in crypto


There is a possibility of selling a portion of my investment in crypto to earn some money while keeping the remainder open. Once you've amassed a substantial amount of cryptocurrency, it's important to keep an eye out for changes in your risk tolerance.

Let's pretend that you purchase the same quantity of four different cryptocurrencies, all of which have the same price and ATR. After that, the ATRs for the two stocks that gained quickly became much higher, while the ATRs for the two stocks that fell rapidly shrank. This is due to the fact that a crypto's volatility tends to rise in proportion to its overall value.

When things are out of whack, you need to rebalance your portfolio. As a result of the need to have one, it is a difficulty.

In order to maintain a well-balanced portfolio, you need to keep your winning cryptos in your portfolio for as long as the trend lasts.


Portfolio rebalancing principles are at odds with the common practice of pyramiding. Instead, it's a strategy of increasing your stake while things are going well. You may often utilize part of the unrealized profit from your position to trade other cryptos or expand your position in the lucrative crypto if you are trading on margin.

As the price rises, you'll contribute less and smaller sums to your original investment, creating the form of a "pyramid".

As a price falls toward zero and begins to resemble a pyramid, it becomes more logical to utilize pyramiding as a short-term strategy. One week it may decline from $8 to $4, the next it may fall to $4, and so on. However, your short position gains just half as much money as a result of this 50 percent decline each week.


There is no limit as to how much you can invest. You can invest for as low as $100 or you can go up as high as $10,000. It will all depend on how much risk you can tolerate and how much you are willing to afford. As long as you have the right strategies to make your portfolio as profitable as possible, you will make money from your investment no matter how much is your starting capital.

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