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How Many People Can Watch HBO Max At Once?

How Many People Can Watch HBO Max At Once?

To keep material distinct for each family member, each account may have up to five user profiles. It's tough to keep track of everyone's favorite programs, playlists, and recently viewed material when you have one HBO Max account and five family members or roommates. In this case, user profiles come in handy.

Darren Mcpherson
Last updated: Nov 17, 2021 | Nov 16, 2021

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To keep material distinct for each family member, each account may have up to five user profiles. It's tough to keep track of everyone's favorite programs, playlists, and recently viewed material when you have one HBO Max account and five family members or roommates. In this case, user profiles come in handy.

If they have several accounts, binge-watchers won't lose track of their last watched episode because someone else streamed many hours of other material on the same account. User profiles are constantly connected to a single account, and streaming is permitted on three devices. As a result, they can't be utilized as a backdoor to allow for additional concurrent streams.

Watching HBO Max On Multiple Devices

Although you may install the HBO Max app on as many devices as you like, all HBO Max subscriptions enable users to view or stream HBO Max content on three devices at once by default. Outside the house, it includes mobile devices as long as the overall number does not exceed three.

This three-simultaneous streaming restriction applies to both the $9.99/month HBO Max with an advertising plan and the $14.99/month HBO Max without an advertisements plan. Below is a summary of the main differences between these plans.

  • With the $9.99 plan, you'll have to view a maximum of 4 minutes of commercials each hour.
  • On the ad-supported $9.99 plan, movies aired on HBO Max during their theatrical release are not accessible to view.
  • The $9.99 package does not allow you to download material for offline viewing. With the $9.99 package, video quality is limited to 1080p. On HBO Max, there isn't much 4K video, to begin with.

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HBO Max Simultaneous Stream Limit Workaround

There doesn't seem to be a restriction to the number of logins you're permitted on your HBO Max account, contrary to what some people claim online. I personally tried this solution by logging into the same HBO Max account on several devices at the same time. When you're streaming video on more than three devices at the same time, you'll see this problem.

If your family needs to watch HBO Max on more than three devices at the same time, download a program or movie to a mobile device before the rest of the family starts streaming. (Please note that you can only download movies to HBO Max with the $14.99/month HBO Max without an advertising plan). Follow these procedures to download HBO Max content on your mobile device:

  • Open the HBO Max App on your mobile device.
  • Choose the material you want to download.
  • Select Download from the drop-down menu.
  • Your material will be accessible to view on the device after the download is complete.

You may still launch and explore the HBO Max app if your family is streaming an HBO Max program on three devices. Simply go to the Downloads tab in your HBO Max app profile (it's the down arrow sign), pick the downloaded program, and click play, and you're now viewing on more than three devices.

You may download material to up to 30 different devices if you have 30 downloaded videos on your HBO Max account. This technically implies you should be able to watch up to 33 devices at the same time (three on HBO Max, and 30 on mobile devices watching a downloaded program or movie).

HBO Max Simultaneous Stream Limit Workaround

How Many Devices You Can Stream On At Once?

Simultaneous streams are becoming an increasingly essential component of any subscription, and customers should be aware of this before signing up. Knowing about any concurrent stream limitations may help you prevent problems once your subscription begins and guarantee that everyone who shares an account can watch what they want, when they want, without having to pay for extra subscriptions or costly add-ons.

HBO Max debuted in the United States on May 27 and offers a wide range of movies and programs. A basic membership costs $14.99 per month, and unlike some other services, there is no way to upgrade or reduce an account at this time.

This also means that there isn't a lot of variety in terms of streams, with all customers having access to just three at a time. This guide discusses how this may affect the overall experience.

How Many Devices You Can Stream On At Once?

Streams Are Limited But Not Devices

Some services impose a variety of restrictions on the user's experience. While one of these restrictions is the number of simultaneous streams, some services also limit the number of devices in general.

For reference, the first refers to the number of streams that may be viewed at the same time, while the latter refers to the number of devices that can be signed into the same account at the same time.

Although the number of simultaneous streams on HBO Max is presently limited to three, the company has verified that there are no restrictions on the number of devices. As a result, a single account shared by many family members may be viewed and logged into on as many devices as required, including phones, laptops, home computers, and gadgets in the living room.

HBO Max Streams Through A Provider

One of the advantages of HBO Max is that customers do not have to sign up for the service via AT&T or WarnerMedia. Instead, customers may use their existing TV provider to watch HBO movies and programs.

This strategy not only results in payment consolidation, but it also generally implies that just one service and the app are required to access all video content. The addition of a provider, on the other hand, may have a good or negative effect on certain characteristics, and simultaneous streams are no exception.

Using Hulu as an example, here's an explanation of how this may impact the experience. HBO Max is available to Hulu subscribers who have either a basic Hulu subscription or the more comprehensive Hulu Live TV streaming service. Furthermore, HBO is tightly integrated with Hulu's website and applications, making it extremely simple to access all of HBO's original programs and movies via a single interface.

As a result, many Hulu customers who receive their HBO fix may discover that they don't need to download the HBO Max app at all. That also means they'll be restricted to Hulu's standard restrictions, rather than HBO Max's. A basic Hulu subscription and a regular Hulu Live TV subscription, for example, provide the option to watch on two devices at once.

Subscribers to Hulu Live TV have the option of adding more simultaneous streams through the 'Unlimited Screens' add-on, but they must pay an extra fee each month for the service.

The basic Hulu and Hulu Live subscriptions include a two-device restriction, which also applies to HBO programming watched via Hulu. As a result, these customers are only permitted to watch HBO on two devices at the same time.

They may also use their Hulu login credentials to view the material directly by downloading the official HBO Max app. HBO Max subscribers may log in using their provider's credentials. Subscribers will also get access to the three extra streams accessible to all users through the app and website.

In theory, this should not impact the 'HBO inside Hulu' streams, and it's possible that this will raise the total number of devices that may access the service at once to five.

The same reasoning applies to anybody who gets HBO Max via a third-party source, but the number of streams and devices available at any given moment may vary depending on the service.

How Many Screens Can Watch HBO Max?

On HBO Max, it enables you to watch on up to three devices at the same time. If you attempt to go above this limit, the service will notify you that you are "streaming on too many devices."

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Does HBO Max Limit Devices?

You may view a list of all of the devices that have been associated with your account (see steps below). There is no restriction on the number of devices that may be used with your account. However, there is a limit to the number of simultaneous streams that can be used.

How Can I Watch HBO Max On Multiple Devices?

Streaming on an excessive number of devices

  • Sign in to HBO Max on your phone, tablet, or computer using your user name and password.
  • Choose one of the following options:
  • The option to Manage Devices (which is only accessible for adult accounts) should be selected.
  • Make a list of all devices that have a recent Last Used time on them.

Can I Share My HBO Max With Family?

If you have several devices connected to HBO Max, you may view many programs at the same time, which is convenient for your family members in most situations. Yes, you may create up to five profiles for the children and adults in your immediate family or home under one account.

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