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Heidi Gardner Movies And TV Shows - From Saturday Night Live To Hollywood

Heidi Gardner shines in movies and TV shows, from SNL hilarity to standout roles on the big screen. Explore her comedic brilliance!

Tyrese Griffin
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Heidi Gardner is an American actress and comedian best known for her work on the popular sketch comedy show "Saturday Night Live" (SNL). Born on July 27, 1983, in Kansas City, Missouri, Gardner has become a prominent figure in the world of comedy, showcasing her talent in both movies and TV shows. In this article, we'll look at Heidi Gardner movies and TV shows.
Gardner joined the cast of SNL in the show's 43rd season, making her debut on September 30, 2017. Her unique comedic style and versatile performances quickly garnered attention, and she has since become one of the standout cast members. Before her breakthrough on SNL, Gardner honed her comedic skills with various improv and sketch comedy groups, contributing to her success on the iconic late-night show.
While Heidi Gardner is primarily known for her work on SNL, she has also ventured into other projects, including both movies and TV shows. Let's explore some of the notable Heidi Gardner movies and TV shows:

Life Of The Party (2018) - Heidi Gardner's Comedy Debut

"Heidi Gardner made her mark in the film industry with her role in 'Life of the Party,' a 2018 comedy directed by Ben Falcone. The movie stars Melissa McCarthy as Deanna Miles, a middle-aged woman who decides to enroll in college, and Gardner plays a supporting role that adds a delightful touch to the comedic ensemble."
The film follows the life of Deanna, who, after her divorce, decides to join the same college as her daughter. The premise sets the stage for various comedic situations as Deanna navigates the challenges of university life. Gardner's character contributes to the humor, showcasing her knack for delivering comedic performances on the big screen.
In 'Life of the Party,' Heidi Gardner plays a supporting role that complements the film's humor. Her performance adds a unique flavor to the ensemble cast, and her comedic timing aligns seamlessly with the overall tone of the movie. The chemistry between Gardner and McCarthy contributes to the film's charm, making it an enjoyable comedy for audiences.
'Life of the Party' received a mixed but generally positive response from audiences and critics. While the film's plot may follow some familiar comedic tropes, Gardner's presence and performance stood out as a highlight. The movie's success further established Heidi Gardner as a comedian capable of making a memorable impact on both television and film.
Life Of The Party scene
Life Of The Party scene

Otherhood (2019) - Heidi Gardner In A Comedy-Drama Gem

"Heidi Gardner continued to showcase her versatility in the 2019 comedy-drama film 'Otherhood.' Directed by Cindy Chupack, the movie explores the dynamics between three mothers and their adult sons, with Gardner playing a significant role in the ensemble cast."
'Otherhood' revolves around the lives of three mothers, played by Angela Bassett, Patricia Arquette, and Felicity Huffman. Feeling neglected by their adult sons, the trio embarks on a trip to New York City to reconnect with them. Gardner's character is woven into the fabric of the story, adding comedic elements to the heartfelt exploration of mother-son relationships.
In 'Otherhood,' Heidi Gardner contributes to the film's humor with her portrayal of a character within the trio of mothers. Her comedic prowess is evident as she navigates the complexities of the plot, providing moments of laughter amid the more poignant aspects of the narrative. Gardner's performance aligns seamlessly with the film's overall tone, highlighting her ability to balance humor and emotion.
'Otherhood' received favorable reviews for its exploration of familial relationships and the performances of its cast, including Heidi Gardner. The movie allowed Gardner to showcase her acting skills in a more nuanced setting, demonstrating her ability to bring depth to a character within the realm of comedy-drama.
Otherhood poster
Otherhood poster

Hustle (2022)

A down-on-his-luck basketball scout brings a once-in-a-lifetime player with a troubled past to the United States without getting permission from his team. Even though it doesn't look good, they have one last chance to show that they can make it in the NBA.
The Hustle cast would be an all-star NBA team if they were real people. Even though they might not win any games (the movie has a lot of real NBA players, and Adam Sandler is a great pick-up basketball player), there is no doubt that they are great actors. With both new and old names, and even a few real athletes, these Hustle stars are the best.
The star of Saturday Night Live steals the show as Vincent's sister, Stanley's friend who never seems to have time to help the team. She has also been a judge on the show Is It Cake? She always has a great time playing "Every Boxer's Girlfriend from Every Movie About Boxing Ever" on Saturday Night Live.
Hustle movie scene
Hustle movie scene

Saturday Night Live (2017-present) - Heidi Gardner's Sketch Comedy Triumph

Heidi Gardner's journey to comedic stardom reached new heights when she joined the cast of "Saturday Night Live" (SNL) in 2017. SNL, a long-running and iconic sketch comedy show, has been a platform for many legendary comedians, and Gardner quickly carved her place among them with her unique characters and impeccable comedic timing.
Heidi Gardner's debut on SNL marked the beginning of a remarkable chapter in her career. Premiering on September 30, 2017, Gardner's comedic prowess immediately caught the attention of both viewers and critics. Her diverse range of characters and the ability to transform into various personas showcased her versatility, making her a standout member of the ensemble cast.

Notable SNL Characters

  • Bailey Gismert -One of Gardner's most notable characters is Bailey Gismert, a quirky and enthusiastic teenage film critic. Bailey's reviews, filled with adolescent energy and humor, quickly became a fan favorite, highlighting Gardner's ability to capture the essence of eccentric personalities.
  • Angel -Gardner also portrays Angel, an odd office worker with a penchant for making unusual and unexpected remarks. Angel's offbeat humor and eccentric behavior add a distinctive flavor to SNL sketches, showcasing Gardner's versatility in creating memorable characters.
In addition to original characters, Heidi Gardner has demonstrated her skill in celebrity impressions and parodies. Her impressions, including those of Brandi Chastain and Kelsey Grammer, display her ability to capture both the physical and vocal nuances of well-known figures, adding an extra layer of humor to SNL's satirical sketches.
Heidi Gardner's contributions to SNL have been met with critical acclaim, and her sketches have resonated with a broad audience. The show's ability to adapt to current events and societal trends, coupled with Gardner's comedic talent, has solidified her place as a key player in the SNL legacy.
Saturday Night Live scene
Saturday Night Live scene

Superstore (2018) - Heidi Gardner's Guest Appearance

A funny workplace comedy about a strange family of workers at a huge giant store. From the fresh-faced newbies to the seasoned pros who've seen it all, the clueless summer hires to the in-it-for-life managers, they all deal with the daily grind of crazy bargain hunters, sales that make people riot, and training sessions that make you want to take a nap.
In 2018, Heidi Gardner made a notable guest appearance on the popular sitcom "Superstore." Created by Justin Spitzer, the show revolves around the daily lives and misadventures of employees at the fictional Cloud 9 superstore. Gardner's presence added a dose of humor to the series in an episode titled "Forced Hire."
Colleen Wisniewski used to work at the Cloud 9 Bel-Ridge Store and the Cloud 9 Ozark Highlands Store. She is now the Assistant Manager at the Cloud 9 Crestwood Store. Until she shows up in the episode Forced Hire, Dina is the only one who talks about her because she thinks of Colleen as her worst enemy. Heidi Gardner plays the part.
As Colleen, Heidi Gardner brings her comedic flair to the Superstore universe. The character's eccentricities align with Gardner's signature style, and her guest appearance contributes to the show's comedic rhythm. Gardner's chemistry with the regular cast members enhances the episode, making it a memorable installment in the series.
Heidi Gardner's guest appearance on Superstore was well-received by both fans of the show and those familiar with her work on SNL. The episode highlighted Gardner's ability to seamlessly integrate into different comedic settings, showcasing her adaptability as a performer.
Heidi in Superstore
Heidi in Superstore

The Other Two (2019) - Heidi Gardner's Impactful Recurring Role

Heidi Gardner made her mark on the television landscape with her recurring role in the 2019 comedy series "The Other Two." Created by Chris Kelly and Sarah Schneider, the show explores the lives of two struggling siblings whose world is turned upside down when their 13-year-old brother suddenly becomes an overnight sensation.
"The Other Two" revolves around siblings Cary (played by Drew Tarver) and Brooke Dubek (played by Heléne Yorke), who find themselves overshadowed by their younger brother ChaseDreams' newfound fame. Heidi Gardner enters the scene with a recurring role, adding another layer of comedic dynamics to the show's exploration of the entertainment industry and sibling relationships.
Gardner portrays Shuli Kucerac, ChaseDreams' ambitious and eccentric manager. Shuli is a representation of the entertainment industry's quirky and relentless side, and Gardner's portrayal of the character brings both humor and depth to the series. Shuli's interactions with the Dubek siblings contribute to the comedic and satirical elements of the show.
"The Other Two" combines humor with social commentary, offering a satirical take on the entertainment industry and the challenges of fame. Heidi Gardner's character, Shuli, serves as a comedic lens through which the show explores the dynamics of talent management and the pursuit of stardom.
Heidi Gardner's involvement in "The Other Two" received positive reviews, with critics praising her comedic timing and the show's ability to balance humor with insightful commentary. The series resonated with audiences for its sharp wit and relatable themes, making it a notable addition to Gardner's television portfolio.
The Other Two poster
The Other Two poster

Bill Burr Presents "The Ringers" (2020) - Heidi Gardner In A Comedy Showcase

Heidi Gardner showcased her comedic talents in the 2020 comedy showcase "Bill Burr Presents: The Ringers." Hosted by the renowned comedian Bill Burr, the series provides a platform for emerging comedic talents to deliver stand-up performances and comedic acts.
"Bill Burr Presents: The Ringers" is a comedy showcase that features a lineup of stand-up comedians and comedic performances. As the host, Bill Burr introduces and highlights the talents of each comedian, creating an environment for humor and laughter.
Heidi Gardner appeared in one of the episodes of "The Ringers," bringing her unique comedic style to the stage. The showcase format allowed Gardner to shine as she delivered her stand-up performance and engaged with the audience in a setting that emphasized raw and unfiltered comedy.
Gardner's participation in "The Ringers" further demonstrated her ability to excel in various comedic formats. From sketch comedy on SNL to stand-up in a showcase setting, Gardner's versatility as a comedian was evident, earning her recognition among both fans and fellow comedians.
Heidi Gardner's appearance on "Bill Burr Presents: The Ringers" contributed to the show's success in highlighting emerging comedic talents. The series, with its diverse lineup of comedians, offered audiences a glimpse into the evolving landscape of stand-up comedy, and Gardner's presence added to the overall appeal of the showcase.
Bill Burr Presents "The Ringers" poster
Bill Burr Presents "The Ringers" poster

Heidi Gardner Movies And TV Shows - FAQs

What Are Some Heidi Gardner Films?

Heidi Gardner has appeared in movies such as "Life of the Party" (2018) and "Otherhood" (2019).

What TV Shows Is Heidi Gardner Known For?

Heidi Gardner is best known for her work on "Saturday Night Live" (SNL), where she has been a cast member since 2017.

Which SNL Characters Does Heidi Gardner Portray?

Heidi Gardner has portrayed characters like Bailey Gismert and Angel on SNL, showcasing her comedic versatility.

Did Heidi Gardner Appear In "Superstore"?

Yes, Heidi Gardner made a guest appearance in an episode of the sitcom "Superstore" in 2018.

What Is Heidi Gardner's Role In "Life Of The Party"?

In "Life of the Party," Heidi Gardner had a supporting role alongside Melissa McCarthy, contributing to the film's humor.


Heidi Gardner's movies and TV shows continue to flourish, with her work on "Saturday Night Live" serving as a cornerstone of her success. As she continues to explore diverse roles in both movies and TV shows, audiences can expect to see more of her unique comedic style and versatile performances in the entertainment industry. Gardner's ability to bring humor to different platforms has undoubtedly cemented her status as a notable figure in the world of comedy.
Heidi Gardner's contributions to her projects reflect her rising status in the entertainment industry. In these projects, she not only brings her comedic brilliance to the forefront but also demonstrates her versatility as an actress. As Gardner continues to navigate both movies and TV shows, audiences can anticipate more laughter and memorable performances from this talented comedian.
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