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What's Wrong with Health Care in America?

What's Wrong with Health Care in America?

Why the American infant mortality rate is higher than twenty other developed countries.

Amandeep Coleman
Dec 14, 2020

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In the cure and prevention of illness, sickness, and disease, medical research has completely, 100%, failed. Take the following surprising pieces of data into account:

  • More individuals than ever before get colds and flu
  • More individuals than ever before getting cancer.
  • More individuals than ever before have diabetes.
  • More individuals than ever before have heart disease
  • More individuals than ever have acid reflux, ulcers, and stomach issues.
  • More women than ever before have concerns with menopause.
  • More women than ever before have more frequent PMS and more serious PMS.
  • More adolescents than ever before have attention deficit disorder and hyperactivity.
  • More individuals than ever before have chronic fatigue.
  • More individuals than ever before have insomnia.
  • More individuals than ever have poor skin, acne, and dandruff.
  • More people are suffering than ever before from depression, stress, and anxiety.
  • More individuals than ever before suffer from asthma, arthritis, constipation, fibromyalgia, cold sores, and herpes breakouts.
  • More men are suffering than ever before from prostate problems.
  • More women are suffering than ever before from yeast infections. Nonetheless, oddly enough...
  • More individuals are going to see doctors than ever before.
  • There are more individuals having medical testing than ever before, such as blood tests and X-rays.
  • More individuals than ever before are taking non-prescription and prescription medications.
  • Not only do more people take drugs, but more drugs are taken by each person than ever before.
  • More surgeries are carried out than ever before.

What is this asking us?

This tells us that mainstream medical research is failing. More individuals are seeking medical services, taking more medications, undergoing more screening tests, and having more operations than ever before in history. Yet more people in history are getting sick than ever before. Science in medicine is failing!

We are losing the fight against cancer, according to Fortune magazine. Today's proportion of Americans dying of cancer is the same as it was in 1970 and even 1950! Since 1971, over $200 billion has been spent attempting to prevent cancer and cure it. Yet today, you're more likely to develop cancer than ever before in history, and you're as likely to die as you were in 1950. I'd call it a wretched disappointment.

Americans spend over $2 trillion a year on health care, and the child mortality rate in the United States is higher than 20 other developed nations. People live longer than Americans in thirty other countries, and Americans consume over half of all the drugs produced in the world. There are over 200,000 medicines on the market that are not prescribed; there are over 30,000 medicines on prescription.

Each year, physicians write over three billion prescriptions. In their medicine cabinet, the average American has over thirty separate prescription and nonprescription medications. Bottom line: The drug industry and the health-care companies themselves are the only winners in the cure and prevention of illness.

Diet Industry

The profits of the drug industry are at an all-time high. In the prevention and curing of almost any disease, medical research has failed unequivocally. Let's look at the "Diet Industry" as an example:

  • More individuals than ever before are on diets.
  • More individuals eat more diet items than ever before.
  • More people than ever workout.
  • Yet more people than ever before are obese. Of the people living in America, over 68 percent are overweight. Virtually every single year it has been growing. More people than ever before are not only fatter, more people are dangerously obese!

In the war on obesity, who are the winners? The companies selling diet food, diet pills, and other aids for weight loss make more money than ever before.

Never having to take a single drug and never being sick would be a perfect scenario.

Waking up in the morning full of energy and vitality, material, and feeling completely fantastic would be a perfect scenario. With vitality, a bounce in your step, a smile on your face, you go throughout your day.

You don't feel nervous, anxious, or depressed; you don't feel tired, you don't have any headaches or pain in your body; you don't get overweight, you don't get sick or flu or colds. You don't get sick, you don't have any pressure, you don't have a ravenous appetite, you eat what you want, and you have never so hungry.

You're not depriving yourself of the food that you want. You go to bed at night and you sleep soundly and happily and you have a great rest all night. Your sexual desires are safe and intense, and you are able to offer sexual pleasure as well as receive it.

Your skin, your hair, and your nails look radiant and balanced.

In your muscles, you've got strength and sound. Your body is flexible, graceful, and fluid. You are firm, you are powerful, you are vibrant and you feel fantastic!

This is a healthy person's description. It is never necessary for a healthy person to take a drug. A healthy person will never have to undergo surgery.

There's no cancer, diabetes, or heart disease in a healthy individual. A healthy individual lives without disease, sickness, or illness. Many individuals have no idea how good their body is designed to feel.

We were brainwashed to believe that getting colds and cases of flu, having aches and pains, and having major medical problems such as cancer, diabetes, and heart disease are natural for a human being. We are also brainwashed into believing that taking drugs is "natural"

In order to be healthy, we are programmed to believe it is normal and natural to take drugs and that we need" drugs.

Consider this: animals in the wild do not get sick, such as chimpanzees! Diabetes, cancer, heart disease, asthma, heartburn, arthritis, etc. do not get them.

Animals also do not take drugs in the wild. Animals in the wild do not go to work out at a health club. Yet animals in the wild have virtually no disease or illness and live three to five times longer than humans without drugs, medical visits, surgeries, or formalized exercise routines.

The point is it's not necessary for you to get sick. It is not "normal," to be sick, it is abnormal. Most people think they're healthy, but they don't really know how good they feel.

Is there a place for drugs and surgery?

The reply is absolutely yes! In addressing symptoms, medical science has done a very good job. There are two flaws in the treatment of symptoms, however. First, in general, the treatment itself causes more problems that will have to be treated later.

Second, it usually never addresses the cause of the symptom. You allow for problems later on when you do not address the cause. With this said, if you are in an emergency situation like that caused by a sudden accident of some kind, your life can be saved by drugs and surgery.

Drugs and surgery, however, have failed to prevent illness and do not address the cause of the disease. Nevertheless in emergency crisis situations, they do work well. The bottom line is you want to be rushed to the nearest emergency room and have a trained medical doctor use drugs and surgery to save your life if you fall off a ladder and puncture a kidney.

Drugs and surgery are not the answer if you want to stay healthy and never have a disease.

So if trillions of dollars in biomedical research have failed to generate solutions to prevent and treat disease and illness, and there are all-natural, affordable approaches and treatments for prevention, why don't we hear about them? The reply can surprise you.

Amandeep Coleman | Amandeep had never known a moment when she wasn't reading or making up stories, having been born into a family of readers. She took out a pencil and notebook during the now-famous blizzard and started writing down one of those stories. It was there that I began my professional life. Her first book was written after several rejections and manuscripts. She is a member of many writers' organizations and has received several accolades from her peers and the publishing industry. The New Yorker recently dubbed her "America's favorite novelist".


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