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Headset Detachable Cable - The Key To Enhanced Durability And Longevity

Owning wired headsets often comes with various problems related to the audio cable. One effective solution to address this common issue is to make the cable detachable. With a headset detachable cable, you no longer need to buy a new pair when faced with cable problems.

Kaleem Kirkpatrick
Jul 04, 202312797 Shares376374 Views
Owning wired headsets often comes with various problems related to the audio cable. One effective solution to address this common issue is to make the cable detachable. With a headset detachable cable, you no longer need to buy a new pair when faced with cable problems. Instead, if the cable gets pulled or damaged, you can easily replace it and continue using your trusted headsets. This approach ensures protection and longevity for your headsets while also saving you a considerable amount of money.

Importance Of Detachable Cable Headset

Detachable cables for headsets offer numerous benefits that make them a favorable choice. These advantages include:

Fit And Comfort

Considering the comfort provided by headphones is crucial, particularly for extended use or intense workouts. Several factors influence headphone comfort, including design and ergonomics.
It is recommended to choose headphone models that offer various sizes of ear tips to ensure a better fit and prevent discomfort or pain during prolonged usage. Some models are specifically designed for night use, functioning as noise-canceling replacements for traditional earplugs, and are extremely compact in size.


Portability is another important factor to consider, especially if you plan to use headphones during workouts or on the go. Lightweight and compact headphones are preferred for increased portability.
Size and weight are key features to look for when purchasing headphones. Opting for lightweight options ensures better stability and ease of carrying. Many headphones nowadays come in compact packaging, and foldable designs are common, making them ideal for travel.

Connector Life And Length

Headphones come with different connector types, including wired and wireless options. Some models have removable short and extension cables, allowing you to adjust the cable length according to your needs.
For longer cable requirements, using the extension cable can help connect your headphones to a hands-free kit without worrying about excessive length. Aim for a cable length between 1.2 to 1.6 meters. Most headsets feature a 3.5mm mini-jack connector, which can be straight or angled, suitable for portable audio players. Some also provide a 6.35mm jack adapter for connecting to Hi-Fi systems.

Audio Quality

Sound quality is a crucial factor when selecting headphones. Whether for music enjoyment or phone calls, balanced bass and treble are essential for optimal listening comfort. Some Bluetooth headphones perform exceptionally well and can rival the quality and performance of wired headsets.

Battery Life

When considering wireless headphones, battery life becomes a significant differentiating factor compared to wired models. Many wireless headphones, including high-end options, have fast charging times of under two hours, making them suitable for on-the-go use during long trips or regular workdays.
To address battery life concerns, manufacturers often equip wireless headphones with a dedicated charging case containing a larger lithium battery that can be recharged via USB. This extends the total battery life, providing up to fifteen hours of usage. Additionally, the case serves as a convenient storage solution, protecting the wireless earbuds from damage while keeping them secure.
A white headset without a cable
A white headset without a cable

How To Select Detachable Cable Headsets

When selecting headphones with detachable cables, certain factors come into play. These factors include:

Cable Quality

Opting for a high-quality cable ensures clearer sound reproduction and increased durability. Look for cables made from robust materials like braided copper or Kevlar. Additionally, consider the cable's length and thickness, as these factors can impact both sound quality and cable longevity.

Connector Type

The connector type is another essential consideration. Various connector types, such as 3.5mm, 2.5mm, and 6.35mm, exist. Ensure compatibility with your devices and contemplate obtaining additional cables with different connector types for added versatility.

Brand Reputation

It's advisable to consider the reputation of the brand. Look for well-established brands known for producing headphones with detachable cables of superior quality. Sony, Audio-Technica, and Sennheiser are among the renowned brands. However, remember that brand reputation alone should not dictate your purchase decision.


Finally, consider the price range. Detachable cable headphones can vary in price, ranging from under $50 to several hundred dollars. While price is not always an absolute indicator of quality, it's important to evaluate your budget and determine the amount you are willing to invest. Keep in mind that more expensive headphones may offer enhanced sound quality and durability, but exceptions can exist.

Best Headsets With Detachable Cable

We have carefully reviewed and evaluated numerous headphones with detachable cables to assist you in selecting the best headset for your needs. Our rigorous testing focused on aspects such as sound and build quality, comfort, battery life, and additional features. After thorough consideration, we have identified the top 5 headsets with detachable cables that excel in various categories.

Audio-Technica ATH-M50x

The Audio-Technica ATH-M50x headset sitting on a wooden platform
The Audio-Technica ATH-M50x headset sitting on a wooden platform
The Audio-Technica ATH-M50x is widely regarded as one of the top-rated wired headphones available on the market. Originally designed for professional use, they have gained popularity among all types of users due to their impressive sound signature and relatively affordable price.
In terms of design, the ATH-M50x may not be the most visually striking or modern-looking headphones, but they have a decent and presentable appearance. They are offered in black, gunmetal, and white color options. The headband is well-padded for comfort, and the ear cups are thickly cushioned, ensuring a pleasant fit. Additionally, their foldable design allows for easy transportation, and they come with a convenient carrying bag.
When it comes to sound quality, the ATH-M50x delivers a neutral and balanced sound signature. The bass is present and enjoyable, the mids are well-tuned, offering clear and accurate vocals, and the treble is engaging without being overly harsh. Furthermore, the headphones provide a high level of detail, resulting in a rich audio experience.

OneOdio A70

A black OneOdio A70 headset with a cable plugged into it
A black OneOdio A70 headset with a cable plugged into it
The OneOdio A70 headphones are an affordable option for Bluetooth DJ headphones. They offer a lightweight design, excellent comfort, and compatibility with both wired and Bluetooth devices. With decent battery life and a bass-enhanced sound signature, these headphones also support Shareport technology, allowing you to connect and share music with another person using another pair of A70 headphones.
In terms of aesthetics, the A70 headphones have an appealing design. The thickly padded headband and spacious cups contribute to their comfort. The cup covers are inspired by the design of old vinyl records, giving them a stylish look, particularly fitting for DJ headphones. The A70 headphones are available in black, red, and silver variations.
The controls and ports of the headphones are conveniently located on the cups. On the left side, there is a 6.3mm input and a micro USB charging port, while the power and volume buttons, along with a 3.5mm AUX port and an LED indicator, are positioned on the right side.
The A70 headphones offer notable features such as dual audio inputs, dual connectivity, a twist-and-lock cable mechanism, and Shareport technology. They come with a dual-duty cable, featuring separate 3.5mm and 6.3mm audio ports. This eliminates the need for adapters when connecting to different devices and allows one pair of headphones to be simultaneously connected to two different devices, providing added convenience and versatility.

Bose QuietComfort 25

A black Bose QuietComfort 25 headset with a black cables plugged into it
A black Bose QuietComfort 25 headset with a black cables plugged into it
The Bose QC 25 headphones are known for their exceptional comfort, impressive sound quality, and suitability for commuters. While they may not be budget-friendly, dedicated Bose enthusiasts will appreciate the value they offer.
With a sleek and minimalist design, the Bose QC 25 comes in black and white color options. Despite their simplicity, they have an attractive appearance enhanced by a matte finish. The headphones feature a thin yet adequately padded headband, along with generously cushioned and spacious ear cups, ensuring a comfortable fit during extended use.
The sound quality of the Bose QC 25 headphones is considered more than satisfactory for most users. The sound signature is relatively neutral and well-balanced, catering to a wide range of musical preferences. Additionally, the active noise cancellation (ANC) feature performs exceptionally well, effectively blocking out a significant amount of ambient noise for an immersive listening experience.
To utilize the ANC feature, it's important to manage the battery life. The headphones require a single AAA battery, which can provide up to 32 hours of playtime. It's worth noting that the headphones can still be used without the battery, but the ANC function will not be available in that case.

Philips Audio SHP9500

A black Philips Audio SHP9500 with a cable plugged into it
A black Philips Audio SHP9500 with a cable plugged into it
The Philips Audio SHP9500 headphones are an affordable option designed specifically for critical listening. While they may not carry the same price tag as some higher-end models, they offer exceptional value for their cost. These headphones provide comfort, durability, and a pleasant, well-balanced sound signature. It's important to note that being open-back headphones, they are best suited for indoor use and not recommended for outdoor use.
In terms of design, the Philips SHP9500 headphones adopt a simple yet effective and attractive aesthetic. They feature a matte black color scheme with a metal frame and the Philips logo on the ear cups. The adjustable headband is nicely padded for comfort, while the spacious ear cups provide a comfortable fit. However, it's worth mentioning that the cushioning on the cups may feel slightly cheaper compared to other parts of the headphones.
Despite a somewhat plastic-like feel, the SHP9500 headphones are surprisingly durable. The headband is reinforced with a metal frame, ensuring sturdy construction that can withstand occasional drops. Additionally, the headphones come with a detachable 9.84ft long cable, allowing for easy replacement if the cable happens to break.

Sony Noise Cancelling WHCH700N

A black Sony Noise Cancelling WHCH700N
A black Sony Noise Cancelling WHCH700N
The Sony WHCH700N headphones are Bluetooth-enabled and offer noise-canceling capabilities, making them suitable for both wireless and wired use. They are an improved and redesigned version of the previous MDR-ZX77BN model, offering better customization options. These headphones can be used in various settings such as commuting or in offices, but they are not particularly suitable for sports activities.
In terms of design, the Sony WHCH700N headphones feature a sleek and appealing full-size design. They are available in dark gray and blue colors with a matte finish. The hinges are slightly wider, and the ear pads are softer compared to their predecessor, enhancing overall comfort. The control buttons are located on the bottom of the ear cups, providing easy access to playback control, call management, volume adjustment, and track skipping. Additionally, there are dedicated buttons for power on/off and activating the active noise cancellation (ANC) feature.
The WHCH700N headphones support Bluetooth 4.1 with an impressive signal range of 180ft, and they also offer NFC pairing for seamless connectivity. The battery life lasts up to 34 hours, with a recharge time of approximately 6.2 hours. Sony provides a user-friendly app that is compatible with both iOS and Android devices, allowing users to control ANC settings and playback. The app features an excellent equalizer, enabling users to customize the sound settings and adjust performance according to their personal preferences.
Furthermore, the sound quality delivered by the WHCH700N headphones is excellent. The sound profile is slightly V-shaped, meaning it emphasizes both the lows and highs while maintaining clear mid-range frequencies. They are well-suited for everyday use and perform admirably across a wide range of music genres. The bass presence is notable, but it does not overpower the mid-range frequencies, providing a balanced audio experience.

People Also Ask

What Does Headset With Detachable Cable Mean?

Detachable cables are cables that have connectors on both ends. One end goes into your headphone cups/earpieces, while the other end is inserted in a source device. Some of them have a twist-and-lock mechanism, while the others feature an easy-pull-out system.

Do Headsets Sound Better With Cable?

Generally speaking, most wired headsets provide better sound quality than wireless. But with the latest advances in wireless technology, sound quality has improved quite a bit with wireless headsets.

How Long Do Headset Wires Last?

If they cost you $10 and you use them roughly every day, you might find that the cable frays stops working after just six months. However, if you spend upwards of $50 on wired cables and look after them, they could last as long as five years.


The inclusion of a headset detachable cable in modern headsets provides users with increased durability, portability, customization options, and simplified maintenance. This feature has undoubtedly revolutionized the way we interact with our headsets, offering a more versatile and user-friendly experience. Whether for gaming, professional audio work, or everyday use, detachable headsets with their detachable cables have become an essential choice for discerning users.
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