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Are Harvard Hockey Table Models Worth It?


If you are one of those people who enjoy playing air hockey, you must have considered purchasing your own table at some point. Given the variety of brands that manufacture air hockey tables, many people find it difficult to choose the right one.

Harvard, which is owned by Escalade Sports, is one of the most popular manufacturers of air hockey tables. Additionally, Escalade Sports is the parent company of Atomic and American Legend. While Harvard does not manufacture tournament-level tables, it does offer a variety of tables that are ideal for home gaming. Some of the best worth it Harvard hockey table models are as follows.

Harvard 7ft Action Arena Air Hockey Table

Air hockey table with a sleek black design
Air hockey table with a sleek black design

If you're looking for an air hockey table for your man cave, the Harvard model is quite nice. As seen in the image, the table features a sleek black design with a few silver accents. The playing surface is white, resembling a real ice hockey field, and I like how the pucks and pushers are red, making them easy to spot on the field during a fast-paced match. Due to the table's size, it is not recommended for children under the age of ten.

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The table's playing field is made of PVC, which ensures a smooth ride for the puck when pushed, and the 110V motor keeps the puck moving at all times. The frame surrounding the playing field is large enough to prevent the puck from flying off the table, and the electronic scoring system makes keeping score simple. The table's legs are large and sturdy, and they include leg levelers to ensure that the playing surface is perfectly straight. You can easily play hockey with your friends on this Harvard hockey table, as it comes equipped with four pushers and four pucks.

Harvard Arctic Ice Air Hockey Table

An entirely black with a black and white playing surface air hockey table
An entirely black with a black and white playing surface air hockey table

Arctic Ice is another unique Harvard air hockey table model that looks quite similar to the Action Arena model above. It is entirely black with a black and white playing surface that does not resemble an ice hockey field in the same way as the Action Arena model. The table is even more masculine than the model above, making it an ideal fit for a man cave or game room.

The table is larger than the model above, which means it includes four pucks and four pushers. Because the powerful 110V electric blower maintains a constant airflow for the puck, you must mentally prepare for a fast-paced game. There is a rail around the playing field to keep the puck in place, as well as leg levelers that make it easier to play.

Harvard Pool Table Air Hockey Combo

Air hockey pool table, which combine two game tables into one and constructed with high-quality materials
Air hockey pool table, which combine two game tables into one and constructed with high-quality materials

The best proof that Harvard air hockey table models are intended for families and hobby players is that they are also available as Harvard air hockey pool table models, which combine two game tables into one. Both games are constructed with care and use high-quality materials, but do not expect the same level of quality found on tournament game tables.

This Harvard pool table air hockey combo includes those two game tables, which can be easily converted from one to the other. All that is required is to flip the tabletop. The entire frame construction is made of steel, and both game tables can be locked to prevent accidental flips. The Harvard air hockey table portion of the table is large enough to accommodate four pushers and four pucks, making it a large Harvard air hockey pool table.


Due to the difficulty in locating available Harvard hockey table models, I recommend that you read this post about Artic Wind air hockey table, as this hockey table are very similar to Harvard air hockey tables.

You can find additional combo game tables in this article on air hockey multi-game tables.

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