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Do Halex Hockey Table Versions Available In The Market?


Although Halex was once one of the leading manufacturers of hockey tables, the company is no longer active in the industry. Since Halex appears to have gone extinct, there is very little information about the brand available online.

As a result of Hedstrom's acquisition of Regent Sports' Halex brand in 2012, along with Diamond, Regent, MacGregor, and Mitre, these brands are now under the control of Hedstrom. Sports equipment, fitness gear, and licensed toys are all part of Hedstrom's business in Ashland, Oregon.

A variety of tables were available from Halex in the past, including cheap tabletop air hockey games and larger tables that measured 7 feet in length. There were a lot of tables that were simple and aimed at children.

Here are a few of the most iconic Halex hockey table versions from the company's heyday.

Halex NHL Air Hockey Table

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On the Halex NHL air hockey table, there was a 6.5-foot-long playing field and manual and electronic scoring. From a distance, it appears to be a standard wooden table with an air hockey surface.

The Halex tabletop air hockey game for smaller children was only 2 feet long, making it easy to transport and light.

Despite the fact that this air hockey table has a motor, the size of the table makes it unsuitable for playing. To keep kids occupied with a beginner's version of the game, it worked just fine.

The straightforward design of Halex air hockey tables is one thing to keep in mind. If you've never owned a Halex air hockey table, you haven't missed out on much in terms of modern air hockey table features.

Halex NHL Elite Rod Hockey

Halex NHL Elite rod hockey

This Halex NHL Elite Rod Hockey Table lets you bring your favorite cool sport's excitement home with you. It comes with two pucks, two goalies, and two easy-grip handles for the most intense table hockey games ever. With the included NHL sticker sheet, you can decorate the table to your heart's content. from Regent's School of Arts and Sciences. A hockey table, two pucks, and an NHL sticker sheet are included. An NHL Elite Rod Hockey Table made of fiberglass rods with easy-grip handles and goalies that move quickly requires some assembly. It's 45-1/2" wide by 33-1/2" deep.

Halex NHL Open Ice Rod Hockey Table

Rod hockey table with incorporated corner electronic scoring and features hollow black fiberglass rods, comfort-grip handles, and full end panel support
Rod hockey table with incorporated corner electronic scoring and features hollow black fiberglass rods, comfort-grip handles, and full end panel support

Incorporated corner electronic scoring is a standard feature of the Halex NHL Open Ice Rod Hockey table. Plexiglass that resembles tempered glass, allowing you to play like a hockey player. This halex rod hockey table also features hollow black fiberglass rods, comfort-grip handles, and full end panel support.


Powerful air motors, overhead scoring arches, eye-catching graphics, sleek designs, LED lighting, and sound effects are all standard features on modern gaming tables. However, the Halex hockey table versions were mediocre, even though they were more cost-effective than other options on the market.

There are still a wide variety of air hockey tables to choose from, whether you're on a tight budget or looking to splash out on a high-end model.

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