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Guide To The Outlaw Rogue In World Of Warcraft Dragonflight

The main advantage of the class is the ability to deal damage to several targets at once, which means speeding up your leveling and earning more gold. This is the only variation of the Rogue class with a mass upgrade option.

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The main advantage of the class is the ability to deal damage to several targets at once, which means speeding up your leveling and earning more gold. This is the only variation of the Rogue class with a mass upgrade option.
Gold is needed to obtain epochal and legendary equipment, jewelry and consumables - potions and healing potions.
You can earn it by farming by collecting a lot of monsters and killing them with mass attacks, completing story and secondary quests, and doing gathering and manufacturing professions.
An alternative option is to buy WoW Gold SkyCoach. The service can provide the World of Warcraft currency in any amount, subject to all measures of disguise and anonymity, so that the game administration does not even have a formal reason to impose game sanctions. In the event of a dispute, the money can be returned.
World of Warcraft
World of Warcraft

Outlaw Specialization Changes in the Dragonflight World of Warcraft Update

Since the transition of the Shadowlands phase to the Dragonflight update, many skills and mechanics have become talents.
This means that the effect of some skills has changed.
Long rebuke - deals damage to the enemy, pulls out the emina and prepares a ready-made technique for a subsequent attack on the enemy.
Calculated risk - Sudden strike and Elimination. It has a 10% chance to roll the dice and grant the player a bonus for 5 seconds if they are not already affected by this effect.
Zelenyaksa's Wick - Between the Eyes skill for each combination of tricks can increase the attack from Pistol Shot by a significant amount.
Despite the changes, Cutthroat is still a dagger class, with consistent and predictable multi-target damage.
The class also leads in terms of the number of skills that it can potentially use per minute of game time. Skills mean not only attacking skills and cooldowns, but also defensive skills and the ability to disappear from the battlefield.
Outlaw is a specializationthat relies on buffs and buffs, cooldowns and chance to form the basis of the class and make it especially interesting for adventurous and random lovers to succeed.
The main power-up skill that the Thug uses all the time is Roll the Dice. It allows you to receive a random bonus every 30 seconds. The skill has a cooldown of 45 seconds.
Most skills and combos of Rogue Thug do not have a static cooldown - this is due to the presence of a passive effect - Blades that do not know tired. The skill allows you to reduce the cooldown time of each skill from cooldown moves. Gradually, you will learn how to play so that the main cooldowns do not stand idle in vain and are always in use, and resources are not wasted.
Outlaw Game
Outlaw Game

Main stats for the Outlaw specialization of the Rogue class

  • Versatility - Increases outgoing damage to the enemy and evenly reduces incoming damage to the character himself.
  • Critical hit - deals critical damage with a certain chance, which doubles the damage done to enemies. It is necessary to pump not only the chance, but also the power of a critical attack so that the damage is not only strong, but also as effective as possible.
  • Mastery - increases attack power when using skills, affects the overall effectiveness of each potential skill that deals damage to the enemy.
  • Speed - increases all parameters related to speed. Overall attack and movement speed.
Outlaw class main rotation
Always use Rapid Poison - it allows you to inflict a poison effect on all targets you attack with a certain chance.
Use the adrenaline rush - it allows you to constantly accumulate and generate energy to use skills and increase the character's attack speed.
Use Blade Flurry to extend the effect of attacks to more than one target while dealing damage to a key target.
Use Roll the Bones to get a random bonus, but don't do it if you managed to catch the Skull and Crossbones or Great Battle effect.
Use Killstreak or Dreadblade on cooldown - this is a combination of jumping behind your back and delivering a strong attacking skill.
Use Between the Eyes - it is advisable to use the skill if you have 6 or more combo points.
Always activate the Meat Grinder skill - it allows you to constantly increase your attack speed and deal more damage per minute of time.
Use Eliminate as a combo-final after Mincer and Between the Eyes.
Use Shadow Danceif you have learned this skill.
Sudden strike will also be useful if you have it in your arsenal. It deals spontaneous heavy physical damage.
If the Great Opportunity effect is triggered, apply the Pistol Shot effect. The skill will work with minimal energy costs and deal increased damage.
To generate combo points, use Sinister Strike.
Drink Quick Thistle Tea to restore energy. It has a refill time of one minute and has three charges.
Try to complete series and moves on the maximum number of combo points, this will help you land the most effective combinations for particularly strong damage to the target.
The Thug specialty is popular in raids, as it can quickly group and destroy multiple targets, removing the damage from the tank and the healer. Fast attacks combined with critical damage make him one of the best damage dealers for attacking enemies in raids and for farming. It is better to use skills against other players.
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