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Look Good, Feel Good: 9 Grooming Habits Every Man Should Follow

It’s a common stereotype that the average man has poor dress sense and doesn’t know the first thing about personal hygiene.

Rian Mcconnell
Aug 24, 202246 Shares760 Views
It’s a common stereotype that the average man has poor dress sense and doesn’t know the first thing about personal hygiene. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. 57% of menclaim to take pride in their appearance and the male grooming marketis estimated to exceed 81.2 billion dollars by 2024.
Personal grooming is not about vanity. It’s about taking care of yourself. Not only does it ensure good hygiene and health, but it also makes you feel happier and more confident. Taking pride in your appearance can be a great boon to your mental health and it’s something everyone, no matter their gender, can benefit from.
If you want to feel more comfortable in your own skin while also looking immaculate and stylish, here are nine grooming habits that every man should follow.

Maintain your beard

Beards are very much in fashion right now, so if you’re lucky enough to be able to grow one then you should display it with pride. But not any old face fuzz will do. If your mane is unkempt, patchy, or worse - unhygienic - then it’s not doing you any favors. You need to know how to care for it and keep it looking its best. A good quality beard trimmer will help you maintain its shape and texture, while keeping any unsightly stray hairs at bay. A beard oil will moisturize and condition your beard hair, helping it to look soft, fuller and more attractive.
Alternatively, if your facial hair is not sufficient to grow it out, or you prefer the clean look, you should know how to shave properly. Improper technique or a poor quality razor can lead to skin irritation and red blotchy patches. Make sure you use a sharp blade and keep it clean and well oiled. Shave in the direction that the hair grows and apply a shaving cream that works for sensitive skin.

Visit a barber

Your hair is one of the main aspects of your appearance, so you should take pride in it. Picking the right place to get it cut will make a big difference. Perhaps you tend to opt for a budget hairdresser to save money. These can be hit and miss, as your stylist may not be an expert in mens’ hair. Your best bet is to visit a proper barber who has experience in a range of different male hairstyles and facial hair. Once a month may be enough for most people, although if your hair grows particularly fast you might need a more frequent appointment.

Trim your body hair

It’s not just the hair on your face that is important. If you are somewhat hirsute below the neckline, you might want to give your body a tidy up. There’s nothing wrong with a hairy chest, but you don’t want it getting out of control. Use a trimmer or a razor to maintain your torso and other areas you want to make smoother. If it’s looking like a big job, you could get a professional wax or visit Infinity Laser Spafor a complete hair removal treatment.

Use the right hair products

Some people have naturally lustrous hair that doesn’t need any work to look great. But most men would benefit from the application of a styling product. Some wax, mousse, or gel can add texture to your hair and keep it looking neat and tidy all day. Different products will work better for different people, so you may wish to experience to see which one is right for you. Just be careful not to overdo it, as there is nothing worse than a greasy head of hair. A little can go a very long way.

Look after your teeth

A great smile is one of your best assets, so don’t let poor hygiene ruin it. Caring for your teeth will ensure you maintain your pearly whites for years to come. Get yourself an electric toothbrush if you don’t already, as these are considerably more effective in removing plaque and avoiding gum disease. Floss in between your teeth to access those hard to reach areas and finish off with a good quality mouthwash. Establishing and sticking to a thorough dental hygiene routinewill pay dividends when it comes to your personal appearance.

Find your scent

Smell is one of the most powerful senses, and you can use your scent to create any impression you like. A cheap deodorant can be overpowering, and not in a good way. It’s best to use organic deodorants with minimal odor, while finding an aftershave or eau de cologne that enhances your natural scent. It should compliment, not overwhelm. Again, it may take some experimentation before you land on the perfect choice, and take a trusted friend with you for a second opinion.

Clean your face

Your facial skin is incredibly sensitive and needs to be looked after. Neglecting your cleansing routine will lead to clogged pores, oily complexion, and imperfections such as acne. Choose a natural facial scrub to clean away dead skin and keep your pores clear. This will hydrate your skin and keep it looking fresh and radiant.

Use sunscreen

You may think a rich tan is the cornerstone of an attractive appearance, but it’s very easy to overdo it. Too much time spent in the sun exposes your skin to harmful radiation that can prematurely age your face and potentially lead to serious issues like melanoma and cancer. Lightly apply at least an SPF 30 sunscreen before heading outside in good weather and keep it topped up throughout the day. Limit the amount of time you spend in direct sunlight and wear sunglasses to protect your eyes.

Dress the part

Dressing well is not about following the latest fashion trends and spending excessive amounts of money on designer labels. It’s about wearing the clothes that best accentuate your body and features. All it takes is a few staple items that never go out of style, such as well-fitting jeans, button-up shirts, close-fitting tees, and bomber jackets. Work out which colors best suit your complexion and start filling your wardrobe with the right pieces.
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