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Ten Great Ways To Feel More Secure


If there is one thing that every single person - regardless of gender identity - feels, it’s insecurity. We get insecure about our careers, our social lives, our relationships and mostly, our looks. We worry about our hair, our teeth, our clothes, our bodies - and it’s the rise of the ‘beauty standards’ out there that makes us feel more insecure than ever before. The constant fear of trying to live up to these expectations is hard to live with, and feeling insecure is often tough to handle. You want to feel more secure than ever and that means figuring out some of the best ways to make that happen.

Before we jump into them, it’s important to know that you deserve to feel secure and confident no matter where you are in your life. It’s okay to want skin tightening but also love your body. It’s okay to want to lose some weight but also love how your curves look in a wraparound dress. You are allowed to love yourself while finding opportunities to grow and that doesn't make you a hypocrite! Now, we’ve got ten great ways that you can feel more secure about yourself, and you can take any of these and run with them, or you can use them all. Either way, you deserve confidence and security - here’s how to get them.

Get Some Help

You don't need help to fix your issues, you need help to understand how you can fix them yourself. Noone else is going to make you feel confidence that you don't currently feel. Your friends and family can’t control your emotions but they can definitely support you in yours as you feel them. Find friends and family you can trust in your expression and make them a part of your journey into changing and accepting yourself.

Trust That You Know What You’re About

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If you think you can be different, you can. If you think that you can’t be different, you can’t. Whatever You think you can or can’t do will be true. If you affirm your disadvantages, you’re going to live to those. You are as advantaged as you want to be!

Look After Your Body

The body you have is your temple. If you want to feel secure and happy with yourself, it’s by looking after your body. Eating well, moving more and making sure that you enjoy self-care is important and you can look after your body with all of these methods. If you can identify what you’re feeling about yourself, you can work on it. You are allowed to feel good about yourself whatever it takes.

Work On Smiling

People who smile more are more confident and receptive to positivity. You also make others around you think of you as a positive individual. You can come across as friendly and positive when you smile more and even if you don't feel like it, you can release chemicals in the brain that make you feel better. You can even quell your own nerves with how you feel.

Be A Good Person

You don't have to believe that karma is going to bite you just to be a good person. Having integrity and honesty in your life is going to help you to do the right thing in any situation, and you can be a good person and feel more secure that no matter where you are in life, at least you’re good to the people around you.

Be a good person
Be a good person

Look After Your World

Your friends, your family, your career, your social life - all of these things should be looked after by you. The majority of people in the world focus far more on what isn't working rather than what is working. Instead of focusing on the things that don’t work, start looking after the things in your own world and focusing on the things that do work. The more you put emphasis on positive things in your life, the better off you’ll be.

Offer Eye Contact Where You Can

So many people are insecure about how they look that they won’t hold the gaze of others around them, trying to hide away. Instead of hiding who you are, make a point of offering eye contact and holding the look of those around you. Get comfortable with it and you'll be able to convey emotion much more clearly.

Be As Optimistic As Possible

You have to be at peace with your insecurities. Whether they are in your career or the blemishes in your skin, be at peace with them. If there are things that you can change and you want to change them, do it! Make a plan and make a list of goals that you want to achieve. Put any failures into your positive light, too, and make them work for you. You are going to be more optimistic when you do this.

Sit Up Straight

Sometimes, your security and confidence comes directly from your posture. If you sit and stand straight, you’re going to look happier, feel better and you’re going to show the world that you are eliminating your insecurities one at a time.


You should take the things that make you feel insecure in your life and fight for security. Don't resign yourself to a life of believing you look ugly or aren't particularly stupid. You get to be whoever you want to be in your life because you are the director, the main star and the writer of every chapter that you write for yourself. You are wise enough to work through your discomfort, you just have to believe that you are.

Every single day, you can work on your confidence if you have the drive to do it. You will find that the more you believe in yourself, the more everyone else will believe in you, too. Work on eliminating your security and don't be afraid to demand more. You deserve more and you should strive to get it where you can.

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Karan Emery - I'm a research scientist interested in learning more about how neural activity influences and shapes human behavior. Project design and management, data analysis and interpretation, and the creation and implementation of testing tools are among my specialties. I enjoy coming up with new ideas and coming up with practical solutions to issues that are widely applicable. My colleagues would describe me as a driven, resourceful individual who maintains a positive, proactive attitude when faced with adversity. Currently, I’m seeking opportunities that will allow me to develop and promote technologies that benefit human health. Specific fields of interest include data analytics, biotechnology, and pharmaceuticals.

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