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Step Into The Roaring Twenties - Captivating Great Gatsby Costume Ideas

Dazzle at Gatsby's next bash! Dive into our Great Gatsby costume inspiration: sequins, feathers, & roaring 20s style secrets!

Tom Mohamed
Jan 25, 20243182 Shares67695 Views
No costume can exude more elegance than this one. Instead of opting for typical choices like dressing up as a ghost or other commonly seen characters, you can elevate your attire with a distinctive, vintage, and opulent white suit to embody the iconic Jay Gatsby. This character is featured in the 2013 film "The Great Gatsby," with Leonardo DiCaprioportraying him.
The movie also includes notable performances by Tobey Maguireand Daisy Buchanan, and their exceptional Great Gatsby outfits garnered them an Oscar Award. By following this guide, you can adopt The Great Gatsby costumesas your fresh and stylish new look.

The Roaring Twenties And The Cultural Shift

F. Scott Fitzgerald's creation, Jay Gatsby, stands as an emblematic figure of his era, with his legendary parties marking an unforgettable chapter in history. The 1920s witnessed a period of significant social transformation, boldly defying the Prohibition Era restrictions on alcohol in the USA.
Between the two World Wars, people embraced a newfound enthusiasm for partying, especially women who were breaking societal norms.
This era marked the first time women ventured into uncharted territories by cutting their hair short, attending unaccompanied parties, donning more practical attire such as trousers, engaging in traditionally male-associated activities like smoking and drinking, and reveling in the vibrant rhythms of jazz. These societal shifts also influenced fashion trends.
The 1920s saw the burgeoning popularity of Hollywood, as it began bringing movies to the masses. Being an entertainer became an esteemed position in society for the first time, with performers enjoying substantial financial success, and women taking center stage as stars.
The opulent costumes of showgirls and Broadway luminaries, showcased on the silver screen, became influential. Aspiring to captivate attention and embody glamour, many young women sought to emulate these iconic figures.

Why 'The Great Gatsby' Theme Remains A Pervasive Choice For Parties And Events

The portrayal of women in these scenes exudes a unique blend of elegance, beauty, and empowerment, setting an unprecedented standard. The allure of witnessing such scenes has played a pivotal role in reigniting the fascination with the roaring 20s and has consequently spurred a resurgence in the popularity of hosting events with a Great Gatsby theme.
The film's depiction of opulence, grandeur, and the transformative power of style has established a compelling precedent for those seeking to recreate the glamour and excitement of the iconic era at their own gatherings.

Great Gatsby Costume For Men

A detailed close-up of a Gatsby costume for men outfit
A detailed close-up of a Gatsby costume for men outfit
Embodying the persona of the extravagantly wealthy Great Gatsby holds immense allure. When in search of the perfect men's Great Gatsby costume, a few crucial considerations can ensure an authentic 1920s look.
While most attire is readily available online, meticulous attention to details becomes paramount, as they can either enhance or compromise the authenticity of your Great Gatsby appearance.
A helpful approach in capturing the quintessential Great Gatsby "look" involves studying images from the movies. Leonardo DiCaprio, in particular, offers a vivid portrayal of the affluent Jay Gatsby, serving as a valuable reference for your ensemble.
Additionally, Tobey Maguire's character, though not as opulent as Gatsby, presents another appealing style to emulate, contributing to the overall charm of the 1920s aesthetic.

Great Gatsby Suits & Men's Fashion From The Roaring 20S

The distinctive style of the Great Gatsby is most vividly captured in the suits he adorned, symbolizing the affluence and extravagance of the era. The quintessential Great Gatsby ensemble revolves around the dress suit.
Opt for a three-piece suit in lighter hues such as gray, light blue, or medium brown, featuring a 4 to 6-button coat with notched or peak lapels. Patterns like plaids, cross-hatching, window panes, and checks were highly popular during this time, offering a variety of stylish choices. Tweeds stand out as another excellent option.
For those aiming for a more mobster-inspired look, a dark suit with vertical stripes in a lighter color can be a compelling choice. Emphasizing a snug fit to the body, these suits not only embody the fashion of the roaring 20s but also channel the sophistication and charm reminiscent of the Great Gatsby himself.

Great Gatsby Trousers

In the case of purchasing a complete three-piece suit, the trousers are typically included. However, if bought separately, opt for flat-front pants with a single crease down the leg. Choose a suit pant featuring a classic cut with a higher waist or consider golf pants.
Suspenders, not belts, were the preferred accessory for men in the 1920s. Ensure the pants' color matches that of the jacket or goes one shade darker, and aim for a 2-inch folded cuff.

Great Gatsby Shirts

For an authentic 1920s men's shirt, the French cuff shirt, worn with cuff links, is highly recommended. Choose between a pointed or rounded collar. A standout look is a medium blue shirt with a white collar and cuffs.
If opting for a full suit, a solid-colored shirt in pastels or white complements the ensemble. Additionally, vertical stripes and subtle checked patterns were fashionable choices during this era.

Great Gatsby 1920s Men's Fashion - Vest

A notable luxury of wealth during the 1920s, exemplified by The Great Gatsby as portrayed by Leonardo DiCaprio, was the ability to indulge in coordinated outfits. This is particularly evident in the stylish vests worn either with or without the suit jacket.
Opt for a single or double-breasted V vest with a minimum of 5 buttons, ideally matching the hues of the pants or the entire suit. Patterned vests, featuring plaids, checks, and window panes, were popular choices.
For a more casual look, a well-coordinated sweater vest in cream or white, paired with golf pants, adds a touch of sophistication.

Great Gatsby Shoes

Emulating the Great Gatsby's penchant for the latest styles, two-tone wingtip oxfords are an excellent footwear choice. Depending on your suit color, consider either a gray and white or a brown and white wingtip Oxford shoe.
Alternatively, the classic cap-toe lace-up oxford boot, preferably in a fashionable orange-brown color from the 1920s, is another stylish option. The brown fancy wingtip brogue is a timeless choice. Pair these shoes with tall argyle, stripe, or dark-colored solid socks. For highly formal events, consider wearing spats with tuxedos.

Great Gatsby Ties

When embodying the Great Gatsby, maintaining a sense of 'coordination' is crucial. Ensure your tie complements the overall outfit. Both bow ties and neckties were in vogue during this era, featuring wide diagonal stripes, deco patterns, polka dots, and paisley as popular choices.

Great Gatsby Hats

Hats played a pivotal role in men's 1920s fashion, and the Great Gatsby himself would undoubtedly have been seen sporting one. Businessmen typically wore fedoras or bowler hats.
In warmer months, a straw fedora was the go-to choice, while colder seasons called for a felt fedora or bowler hat for Jay Gatsby. For a formal tuxedo look, a top hat was customary.
A linen newsboy cap, the latest trend, perfectly complemented casual outfits with pants, shirts, suspenders, or the golf pants and sweater vest ensemble. Another laid-back option was the straw boater.

Great Gatsby Accessories

Channeling the Great Gatsby's meticulous attention to detail is key when dressing in his style. Accessories serve as the fine details that authenticate your costume as that of a true 1920s wealthy man.
Cuff links, though easily overlooked, serve as a subtle detail that epitomizes the excessiveness characteristic of the 1920s. The Great Gatsby, with his penchant for opulence, would have chosen cuff links that subtly dazzled. Ideal options include Mother of Pearl or round gold monogram cuff links.

Shirt Collars And Accessories

Shirt collars underwent changes in the 1920s for enhanced comfort, resulting in a tendency to roll. To address this overlooked detail, the Great Gatsby would have adorned his shirt collar with a collar bar or collar pin.


For a touch of formality, spats in white or gray wool were donned by both gangsters and men in formal attire, such as those wearing tuxedos.

Walking Canes And Gloves

At more formal gatherings, walking canes featuring precious metals like gold or silver were a popular accessory. Gloves, whether white for formal events or colored cotton and leather for daytime use, played a crucial role in completing the Great Gatsby look.

Pocket Watches

Both the Great Gatsby and his guests likely flaunted pocket watches with chains, serving as another accessory to underscore their wealth.

Jay Gatsby's White Costume

Jay Gatsby White Costume
Jay Gatsby White Costume
A lavish ensemble inspired by Leonardo DiCaprio's portrayal, offers a glimpse into the extravagant world of Gatsby. This unique attire, including the famed Off-White suit, is designed for fans to embody the millionaire style in their own lives.
  • The Great Gatsby White Shirt - A signature element of Gatsby's wardrobe, the off-white suit is often paired with a distinctive white shirt. Recreate this iconic look effortlessly with a similar shirt available on Amazon.
  • The Great Gatsby Tie - Emulating Gatsby's millionaire style requires attention to detail, especially in the selection of accessories. The Orange tie he wore with the white suit is a standout piece that adds sophistication to the ensemble.
  • The Great Gatsby Cufflinks - While Gatsby adorned Gold Cufflinks in the movie, a more accessible alternative is the Gold Plated cufflink, available on Amazon. This accessory complements the overall look, capturing the essence of Gatsby's affluent style.
  • The Great Gatsby Ring - An exclusive addition to Gatsby's costume, the rare Gatsby ring exudes luxury. While it may be costly, dedicated fans will appreciate the opportunity to acquire this unique ring to complete their white suit ensemble.
  • Greyhound Walking Stick - A symbol of wealth and style, the Greyhound Walking Stick was a recurrent accessory in Gatsby's wardrobe. It served as a visual statement of his affluence and attention to style, a detail that contributed to the movie's costume design recognition.
  • The Great Gatsby Shoes - The finishing touch to your outfit comes in the form of the elegant Wingtip shoes, also known as two-tone footwear. These shoes, as featured in the movie, elevate your attire and contribute to the overall sophistication of the Gatsby look.
Now equipped with the essential components, you can craft your own interpretation of the white suit, inspired by Leo's iconic portrayal.

Jay Gatsby's Pink Costume

Jay Gatsby Pink Costume
Jay Gatsby Pink Costume
Introducing the next distinctive suit donned by Leonardo DiCaprio in the movie, the Pink Great Gatsby suit, which garnered significant attention and admiration from fans. This striking attire was prominently featured during a pivotal meeting with the entire Gatsby family, and its allure is evident in the unique props and details.

Items You’ll Need

Great Gatsby Pink Suit

This captivating pink suit, adorned with intricate detailing, captivated audiences with its unique charm. Standing out from the conventional, the Pink Great Gatsby suit became a notable element in the collection of menswear costumes celebrated with an Academy Award.
Available in a wool blend, this suit is accessible at, offering both quality and affordability.

The Great Gatsby Navy Tie

To perfect your Pink Costume Suit, the essential finishing touch is the Navy tie that Gatsby paired with the pink suit in the movie. Crafted from silk, this tie features a navy hue with delicate pink stripes, adding a touch of sophistication to the ensemble.

Other Items

The additional accessories for the Great Gatsby costume, such as the walking stick, cufflinks, shirt, watch, and ring, remain consistent with those mentioned above. These accessories can be acquired to complement and complete your Pink suit ensemble.

Gatsby Attire For Women

A woman in great gatsby costume
A woman in great gatsby costume

What To Wear To A Great Gatsby Party

Navigating The Great Gatsby dress code and deciding on the perfect attire for a 1920s-themed party is a common inquiry that frequently lands in my inbox. I consistently direct individuals to this post, as it proves immensely helpful to everyone seeking guidance!

Favorite Great Gatsby Costume Ideas For Women

Delve into a collection of my preferred Great Gatsby costume ideas tailored for women. With an abundance of choices available today, meticulous research is vital for curating the ideal outfit. The dress holds particular significance in embodying a character straight out of The Great Gatsby movie, so getting it right is paramount.

Key Tips

  • Opt for dresses that are shinier and more playful, as they enhance the overall look.
  • Remember, you're channeling the freedom, non-conformist, and rebellious spirit of the 1920s!
Select a 20s dress in the color of your preference—whether it's dark green, red, nude, black, or blue—let your favorite color guide your choice!

The 1920s Style Dress

In the fashion of the 1920s, most dresses leaned towards darker shades, and I particularly adore the elegance of dark green, red, or black when choosing my go-to Gatsby dress.
Opting for a dress adorned with Art Deco designs and embellished with beads is a surefire way to capture the glittering and glamorous spirit of the roaring 1920s.
For the fringe element, my preferred length is a long waterfall fringe that cascades down to the knee. This length not only adds a touch of flair but also ensures a captivating shimmy effect as you walk and dance—a perfect complement for a Gatsby-themed party.

Black-Tie Evening Great Gatsby 1920 Dress Long Style

A black and silver sequined dress with fringe, a headband, gloves, a necklace, and a cigarette stick
A black and silver sequined dress with fringe, a headband, gloves, a necklace, and a cigarette stick
A floor-length dress becomes indispensable for an elegant evening affair inspired by Gatsby. These dresses are my top choice for a sophisticated night out, whether it be a black-tie formal event or simply an evening when I desire to dress up, as the floor-length silhouette imparts a sense of timeless elegance.
What captivates me about 1920s floor-length gowns are the elongated Art Deco style lines that extend all the way down, featuring either a straight or subtly curved body-hugging fit. For a more contemporary twist, a mermaid hem offers a gracefully draping silhouette that elegantly extends to the floor.

Shoes - The Finishing Touch For Every Great Gatsby Costume

The 1920s marked a transformative period for women's footwear, coinciding with the trend of shorter dresses that brought attention to a lady's feet. This shift led to the emergence of various style-focused designs, prioritizing aesthetics over comfort.
In essence, contemporary evening-wear shoes are fitting for recreating the iconic look. However, for those aiming for absolute authenticity, opting for shorter heels than the ones commonly worn today would be the ideal choice!


For any sophisticated gathering, donning a hat is an absolute necessity, old sport.

Turbans & Headwraps

If you prefer not to trim your tresses, consider pairing any of these options with a short bob wig or a turban-style headwrap to effortlessly capture the desired aesthetic. RockMyVintage offers an excellent selection of 1920s-inspired ideas.

The Cloche Hat

The term 'Cloche' translates to 'bell' in French. Typically crafted from felt, this particular style of ladies' hat is indispensable for achieving the quintessential 1920s appearance.


Enhancing an outfit with accessories can truly elevate its overall appeal. Certain items play a crucial role in cementing a 1920s ambiance. In the 20s, nearly everyone adorned some form of hat consistently, with the exception of indoors, of course.
Consider adding the following accessories for an authentic 1920s touch: fascinators from Caprilite, headbands, tiaras, feather boas, scarves, beads (preferably pearls), hats, fur-trimmed shawls, dangling jewelry, gloves, hair nets, veils, and cigarettes with elongated holders.

Frequently Asked Questions - Great Gatsby Costumes

What Are The Key Elements Of Great Gatsby Costumes?

For women: Flapper dresses with dropped waists, beads, feathers, headbands. For men: Pinstripe suits, pocket squares, fedoras, bow ties.

Can I Create A Great Gatsby Costume On A Budget?

Definitely! Thrift stores, DIY projects, and vintage finds can help you achieve the look without breaking the bank.

What Kind Of Makeup Should I Wear With A Great Gatsby Costume?

To complement your Great Gatsby costume and capture the essence of the roaring 1920s, opt for a makeup look that exudes vintage glamour like Red lips, smoky eyes, dramatic eyeliner, pale foundation.


Crafting an authentic Great Gatsby Costume requires meticulous attention to detail, spanning opulent fabrics, embellishments, and iconic accessories. Whether opting for Jay Gatsby's white suit or dazzling flapper dresses, each element contributes to a timeless ensemble. To capture the true spirit of The Great Gatsby, embracing accessories like hats, gloves, and statement jewelry is paramount. Incorporating these key elements allows one to confidently step into the opulent world of this iconic era.
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