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Great Dresses For Pregnant Bridesmaids 2022


Pregnant bridesmaids are a special group who are often left out of the planning of a wedding.

The dresses these women wear are both a sign of their support for the bride and a reflection of who they are and how they look.

There are many great dresses for pregnant bridesmaids, and it's easier than you might think to find one that works for you.

Bridesmaids who are pregnant should be able to feel as beautiful on their best day as any other woman.

This article will tell you how to dress them well so that they feel special and sure of themselves at your wedding.

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Get The Best Style And Fit

A bridesmaid poses in a long gray gown while clutching a bouquet
A bridesmaid poses in a long gray gown while clutching a bouquet

It used to be that if you were pregnant, you couldn't be a bridesmaid at a friend's wedding. Every day, we work with wedding groups that have bridesmaids who are expecting.

No matter if you just found out you're pregnant or will be 8 months along at the wedding, our style consultants are here to make sure you get the best style and fit.

You know your body better than we do, but there are a few things to think about when choosing a bridesmaid dress for a body that will change as the wedding gets closer.

We don't like shapeless maternity dresses very much, so we'll just tell you how to make regular bridesmaid dresses work.

Choose A Higher Waistline

As your belly grows, you should avoid styles that are too tight. Empire-waist bridesmaid dresses are perfect for this because they sit comfortably above your growing belly.

Choose A Soft Fabric

You want a fabric that flows away from your body, like chiffon or bobbinet, so you can move and sit with ease. Also, the further along you are, the more comfortable lighter fabrics like chiffon were, according to former bridesmaids.

Choose A Size Or Two Up

By the time you order your bridesmaid dress, your body will have changed quite a bit. In fact, if you will be in the third trimester, we suggest that you go up two sizes. If the wedding is right after you have the baby, you should order a dress that is one size bigger than you usually wear.

Bonus Tip

When you're ready to order, whether you chose a long or short style, ask your Brideside style consultant about extra length. As your belly gets bigger, you'll need more material to fit it.

Other Best Maternity Bridesmaid Dresses

  • Maya Maternity Bridesmaid Tulle Dress.
  • Mother Bee Maternity ¾-Sleeve Ruched Maternity Dress.
  • Ever-Pretty Women's Plus Size Evening Party Maxi Dress.
  • Molliya Maternity Long Stretchy Maxi Dress.
  • KOH KOH Formal Short Sleeve V-Neck Gown.
  • Maya Maternity Off-Shoulder Floral Dress.

What Makes The Best Dress For A Pregnant Bridesmaid?


At a wedding, a pregnant bridesmaid is one of the most important guests. She needs to find a dress that makes her look and feel good.

We suggest that she choose a dress that has a stretchy material, is not too tight around the chest, and has an empire waistline to fit her growing bump.

People Also Ask

Can Pregnant Ladies Be Bridesmaids?

Don't say no to being a bridesmaid just because you're expecting. Talk to the couple about your worries, and then make a decision that is best for you and your health, but also let the bride honor your friendship at her wedding.

How Do Bridesmaids Deal With Pregnancy?

Talk to her and ask her what works best for her. With everything going on the day of the wedding, make sure she pays attention to her body and takes good care of it. As a pregnant bridesmaid, the most important thing she can do on the day of the wedding is to make sure she gets some rest.

Does The Bride Pick The Bridesmaid Dresses?

You, as the bride, should choose the color and material of your bridesmaids' dresses, but you can let them choose the shape of their dresses. If you want a dreamy, bohemian wedding, tell your bridesmaids that they should all wear full-length A-line dresses.


There is more to consider than simply their own outfit when a bridesmaid is pregnant, however. They have to make sure that the dress they choose will look wonderful not only on them but also on the future mother-of-the-bride when she is pregnant.

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