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Google Pixel Watch 2 Vs Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 And 5 Pro - Choosing The Best

Explore the ultimate showdown between technology giants with our in-depth comparison of Google Pixel Watch 2 vs Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 and 5 Pro. Discover the best in smartwatch innovation, empowering you to choose the perfect companion for your lifestyle. Dive into the world of wearables with our comprehensive analysis of these cutting-edge devices.

Tyrese Griffin
Oct 11, 20234786 Shares68370 Views
In the ever-evolving landscape of smartwatches, these giants are poised to clash - the Google Pixel Watch 2 vs Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 and 5 Pro. These wearables, each a flagship in its own right, promise to redefine the standards for smartwatch technology. As the anticipation builds, let's delve into the potential features and specifications based on the latest leaks and rumors from reputable sources.
With the release of the Pixel Watch 2, Google took its second shot at creating an excellent Wear OS smartwatch in recent years. However, the Pixel Watch 2 enters a segment that Samsung has long controlled with its Galaxy Watches.
The Galaxy Watch 5 and Galaxy Watch 5 Proare not the most recent models, but they are still available. Because of Samsung's great support, they are strong competitors on both sides of the Pixel Watch 2 pricing point.
Which one do you think is better? In this Google Pixel Watch 2 vs Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 and 5 Pro comparison, we test these smartwatches against one other.\

Quick Overview

  • The Galaxy Watch 5 comes in two sizes (40mm and 44mm), the Watch 5 Pro in one even bigger size (45mm), whereas the Pixel Watch 2 is only available in one size (41mm).
  • While the Galaxy Watch 5 and Watch 5 Pro employ common 20mm straps, the Pixel Watch 2 uses proprietary bands.
  • The Galaxy Watch 5 and Watch 5 Pro employ an older chipset, whereas the Pixel Watch 2 offers more storage and RAM.
  • The Galaxy Watch 5 and Watch 5 Pro both use Wear OS 4.0 with Samsung's One UI 5 Watch skin on top, which enables Samsung Pay and Bixby. The Pixel Watch 2 uses Wear OS 4.0.
  • The Pixel Watch 2 fully integrates with Fitbit, providing the ecosystem's dependable activity, stress, and sleep tracking. In addition to Google Fit, Samsung Health integration is a need for the Galaxy Watch 5 and Watch 5 Pro.
  • While the Galaxy Watch 5 and Watch 5 Pro employ a connecting pad for wireless charging, the Pixel Watch 2 charges using pogo pins.
  • Although the Galaxy Watch 5 40mm has the shortest battery, the Galaxy Watch 5 44mm and Watch 5 Pro both have much bigger batteries than the Pixel Watch 2.


The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 and Watch 5 Pro were released in August 2022, so they aren't Samsung's most recent smartwatches. If you want the most recent watch, compare the Pixel Watch 2 to the Galaxy Watch 6.
Nonetheless, Samsung continues to sell the Galaxy Watch 5 40mm and Galaxy Watch 5 Pro. They first debuted with Wear OS 3.5 with the One UI 4.5 Watch skin on top, but have since been updated to Wear OS 4 with the One UI 5 Watch skin on top. This allows them to compete with the Pixel Watch 2, which also runs Wear OS 4.
The Pixel Watch 2 takes a Google-centric approach to smartwatches, whilst the Galaxy Watch 5 and Watch 5 Pro show off their Samsung ecosystem connectivity with the One UI Watch skin.
The Pixel Watch 2 features strong interaction with the Fitbit ecosystem. Google promises that the Watch 2 will be able to give individualized insights thanks to AI. You will also receive a 6-month Fitbit Premium trial. Safety Check, which warns emergency contacts about your position if you haven't checked in by the end of a countdown, is another exclusive function.
The Galaxy Watch 5 and Watch 5 Pro function best with Samsung phones since they have access to exclusive features like ECG and blood pressure monitoring. You will also have access to Samsung Pay, which allows you to make payments directly from your watch, as well as Bixby, Samsung's voice assistant, which is a rival to Google Assistant.
The Qualcomm Snapdragon W5 (SW5100) chipset with a Cortex-M33 coprocessor powers the Pixel Watch 2. The Exynos W930 SoC powers the Galaxy Watch 5 and Watch 5 Pro. As a user, both of them will deliver a responsive experience, while the Pixel Watch 2's increased RAM and storage will give it an advantage over the Galaxy Watch 5 and Watch 5 Pro in the long run.
The Galaxy Watch 5 series shines in terms of battery life. The 44mm Galaxy Watch 5 has a battery life of nearly two days while the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro has a battery life of more than two days. The smaller 40mm Galaxy Watch 5 battery lasts a day.
Google also guarantees a one-day battery life on the Pixel Watch 2. We are doing extensive experiments to evaluate this claim.
Aside from these distinctions, all three watches contain a slew of health-tracking features. You may track your sleep, workouts and activities, heart rate, stress, and other factors. Many of the standard smartwatch functions, including as on-wrist phone calls, texts, notifications, voice assistants, changeable watch faces, always-on display, and more, are also available.


The styles of the Pixel Watch 2, Galaxy Watch 5, and Galaxy Watch 5 Pro differ, and as an end user, you may choose one over the other.
The Pixel Watch 2 is a single 41mm device with an exceptionally stunning curved display. The caveat is that protecting it will be difficult (screen protectors are the easiest to place on flat displays), and repairing it will be impossible (at least on the first-generation Pixel Watch). Gorilla Glass 5 is on top for protection, however, it will fracture under heavy force.
The Galaxy Watch 5, on the other hand, is available in 40mm and 44mm sizes (though Samsung no longer officially sells the 44mm version). These models feature a flat edge-to-edge display.
The Galaxy Watch 5 Pro comes in a single 45mm size with an all-around protected bezel. When combined with the MIL-STD-810H rating, the Galaxy Watch 5 series is easier to protect and repair. Sapphire Crystal protects the display, however, it can break if struck hard enough.
Samsung Galaxy Watch 5
Samsung Galaxy Watch 5
The Pixel Watch 2's unique size may not be suitable for all wrist sizes. Samsung, on the other hand, can support a wider range of wrist sizes, with casings up to 45mm.
The Pixel Watch 2 features a circular, pebble-like appearance. For a seamless aesthetic, Google uses custom straps, which means you can't use conventional straps. The silver lining is that both the straps and the watch casing are backward compatible with the original Pixel Watch. So, happily, you can use your old Pixel Watch 2 straps on the new Pixel Watch 2.
This year, Google released additional straps, and there are lots of third-party straps available, so you have options, albeit ones that won't work on non-Pixel clocks.
All three size variants of the Galaxy Watch 5 and Watch 5 Pro use standard 20mm bands. This is advantageous because you have fast access to a wide variety of third-party straps that also work with analog wristwatches. You'll never be short of options here!
The Pixel Watch 2 has a prominent digital crown that aids with device navigation. There is also a side button that complements the circular watch case.
On the Galaxy Watch 5 and Watch 5 Pro, there are two buttons that aid with on-device navigation. There is no digital crown on these watches, nor do they have a rotating bezel like some other Samsung watches.
The Pixel Watch 2, Galaxy Watch 5, and Galaxy Watch 5 Pro all have 5ATM water resistance and an IP68 dust and water-resistant classification. Water damage is not covered by the normal guarantee, so proceed with caution.

Health And Fitness

If you want to use your wristwatch as a health and fitness tracker, the Pixel Watch 2 appears to be the clear victor. Google effectively crammed a full Fitbit inside the Pixel Watch 2 this year. The original Pixel Watch's optical heart rate sensor, blood oxygen sensor, and multipurpose electrical sensor all return this year.
In addition, the Pixel Watch 2 has a new electrical sensor that monitors the conductance of your skin. Its goal is to examine how your body reacts to things like stress and caffeine consumption. The smartwatch can also monitor body temperature, which is combined with body response tracking and heart rate detection to provide a near-complete picture of your health.
This year, Google is integrating artificial intelligence techniques on the Pixel Watch 2 to ensure the accuracy of its readings, particularly heart rate tracking. Overall, the Pixel Watch 2 is the most capable Fitbit wristwatch yet, yet it has advantages and disadvantages.
While the technology and software are excellent, the Fitbit and Google ecosystems may become complicated. For example, while measuring your heart rate is possible with a pre-installed app, recording an ECG necessitates the download of the Fitbit ECG app.
Managing your watch's settings will also necessitate the use of both the Pixel Watch companion app and the Fitbit app on your smartphone. If you don't mind a little disjointed experience, you'll appreciate the Pixel Watch 2's health and fitness capabilities.
Samsung's Galaxy Watch 5 contains some excellent health and fitness functions of its own. It offers its own type of stress monitoring, but it lacks the Pixel Watch 2's sensors. On the Galaxy Watch 5, you get continuous heart rate monitoring, which allows you to see your heart rate readings down to the minute in the Samsung Health app for Android. There's also detailed sleep tracking data and tools tailored to specific activities like jogging.
You can even get tools like blood pressure monitoring in certain regions, but this isn't officially available in the United States. Both devices can record an electrocardiogram, which is useful for detecting signs of atrial fibrillation before they become a more serious problem (though you should always consult your doctor if you suspect there is a problem).
Some of these services, such as ECG and blood pressure monitoring, will be specific to Samsung phones. However, the majority of Galaxy Watch 5 services are compatible with any Android smartphone.
The Galaxy Watch 5 Pro also varies from its predecessor in that it supports GPX (GPS Exchange Format File). GPX files include visual data for routes, trails, tracks, and waypoints. However, there are two important caveats.
The first is that GPX on the Watch 5 Pro currently only works for hiking and cycling. It will not work for walking, jogging, mountain biking, or other route-based physical activities until Samsung updates the watch to add support.
Another limitation is that you can only import GPX routes from Samsung Health, Strava, or other GPX-supported apps, the majority of which are subscription or fee-based. To transfer the GPX files from Samsung Health to the Watch 5 Pro, you must first load them into the phone with which you have paired it. When you tap and choose the Route tile, they will display on the watch.
Samsung Health on the Watch 5 Pro can track over 90 different forms of activity. However, it can only recognize a few types of workouts automatically: walking, running, swimming, elliptical training, rowing machines, and dynamic workouts.
If the Watch 5 Pro detects steady movement for 10 minutes, it immediately tracks it as a workout and continues to track you until you stop moving. The feature is highly useful for the modes that support it, but for all other exercises, you must manually start and stop them on the watch in order for the activity to be tracked and logged.

Price And Color

The Google Pixel Watch 2 is available in both Wi-Fi-only and LTE-only configurations. The Wi-Fi model is $350, while the LTE model is $400. Both models are available in Matte Black, Polished Silver, and Champagne Gold finishes. Google couples these case colors with Obsidian, Porcelain, Bay, or Hazel active bands.
The prices listed above for the Galaxy Watch series are the starting pricing. Since the smartwatch has been on the market for a year, Samsung has discontinued some models and reduced the price of others.
Samsung is presently selling the Galaxy Watch 5 in a single 40mm LTE model in Pink Gold for $198. At this pricing, the Galaxy Watch 5 provides amazing value and is difficult to argue against.
The pricing of the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro has also been reduced. The Wi-Fi variant is now $400, and the LTE variant is $430. The price is slightly higher than the Pixel Watch 2, but you get a larger smartwatch that can easily last two days.
Light blue Google Pixel Watch 2
Light blue Google Pixel Watch 2
The Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is available in Black Titanium and Gray Titanium, with band options including Gray D-Buckle Sport, Navy Sport, Sand Two-Tone Sport, and Navy Two-Tone Sport.

Which One Should You Buy?

The Galaxy Watch range has a fantastic history, and Samsung's market dominance is understandable to anyone who has used these watches. The Galaxy Watch 5's present availability status is the only thing holding it back, as Samsung only sells one variant for now.
If you have a tiny wrist or like smaller smartwatches, the Galaxy Watch 5 in 40mm LTE is a good alternative at this low price. However, supplies may be limited, thus the Pixel Watch 2 will become the de facto pick unless you prefer the Galaxy Watch 6.
The Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is an excellent alternative for folks with larger wrists or who prefer larger smartwatches. It has an excellent battery life and all of the functions anticipated of a smartwatch. There's plenty here to justify the modest price premium over the Pixel Watch 2.
The Pixel Watch 2's distinct design and the pure Wear OS experience with Fitbit integration work in its favor. The allure of AI findings is also appealing. If you own a Google Pixel smartphone, the Pixel Watch 2 will work in tandem with it.
Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro
Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro

Google Pixel Watch 2 Vs Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 And 5 Pro FAQs

Is Watch 5 Pro Better Than Watch 5?

The Galaxy Watch5 Pro is slightly tougher than the Galaxy Watch5, thanks to its titanium shell, making it more suited to outdoor excursions. The battery life of the Galaxy Watch5 Pro is also longer than that of the Galaxy Watch5.

Does The Google Pixel Watch Work With Samsung Galaxy?

Yes, the Google Pixel Watch is fully compatible with any Android device.

What Is The Difference Between Samsung And Google Watches?

Samsung takes first place in terms of size diversity, display size and brightness, and durability. Google wins in terms of fashion, fitness, and storage. With its newest smartwatch, Google has doubled down on Fitbit, adding new health sensors such as a multi-path heart rate sensor to provide more precise readings for sleep and fitness tracking.

Are Galaxy Watch 5 And Galaxy Watch 5 Pro Waterproof?

The Galaxy Watch 5 and Galaxy Watch 5 Pro are both dust and water-resistant, with an IP68 rating. Furthermore, both watches are certified to 5ATM standards, making them waterproof to a depth of 50 meters.


As the smartwatch arena awaits the unveiling of these titans, the choice between the Google Pixel Watch 2 vs Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 and 5 Pro will likely hinge on individual preferences and priorities.
Whether it's a seamless Android integration, a preference for a particular operating system, or a specific set of health features, users are in for a treat with these upcoming releases. The battle for supremacy in the smartwatch realm is poised to redefine the wearable technology landscape, offering consumers cutting-edge features and a glimpse into the future of wrist-worn technology.
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